Jonas was a lovely and “bubbly” down syndrome child.
His parents felt that have been blessed by god to be given such extraordinary child.
“Down syndrome (DS), also called Trisomy 21, is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in the way a child develops, both mentally and physically.”
Jonas parents have other siblings (two boys and two girls),, so Jonas was the special “little” brother who was loved spoiled and adored by his loving parents and his siblings.
Jonas family are an ordinary family whose parents are excellent parents having raised 4 children .
There was an incident where the mother seek help and advice by the social services .
The social services  told the mother that they will help the family by placing  temporarily in respite care (foster care) all 4 children.
None of the parents have caused harm to any of their  children.
Jonas was healthy boy before he was taken to respite foster care (March 2013).
Suddenly the social services decided to detach Jonas from his parents.
The child was getting ill in foster care.
In October 2013 Jonas father noticed bruised similar to burns, and he alert the social services, and the hospital. The father  took photos of his child (Jonas) injuries.
onas1                   onas2  jonas 3
Amazingly the hospital consultant failed to identified the injuries and investigate the cause of these injuries.
Jonas the 4 years old syndrome child , died in foster care in December 2013
What was the cause of the death of this child?
How these bruising was caused, by whom, and why?
The social services have covered up the appalling mistreatment of Jonas, and this s a case reminiscence to BABY P case.
Jonas 1 unwell 20th November 2013
Jonas 2 unwell 20th November 2013
This was an unnecessary loss of life.
This child may was a down syndrome child but there was not any serious concerns regarding his health, whilst Jonas was in care of his parents.
This case should raise concerns and alarm all ministerial departments.
This is one death to many  in foster care,
Social services once again, have failed to safeguard the child’s welfare ignoring the alarm bells by his loving parents, leading to the death of the child Jonas.
An angel who has been treated well by his parents but was mistreated and neglected by the social services and the foster carer.
We need an inquest and NOT a cover up.
Like the BABY P  case, the doctors covered up the bruising and the failing of the child’s health.
The doctor in his report tries to praise the foster carer by stating that the child was “well dressed”.
Doctors are there to assess the child’s health and not the child’s fashion appearances.
The child had bruising . How these bruises appeared?
Why the child was bruised? Was they burns?
The doctor in his report fails to adress these bruising and answer to the parents concerns.
The child looked very ill. This child was healthy when he was living with his parents.
The government should order an inquest ASAP for this child’s death , and make the facts public.
Children are in danger under the local authority care, and in foster care.
The state should intervene to stop such abuses leading to the death of our innocent and vulnerable children.
Jonas parents are distraught, and our hearts and thoughts  goes to these loving parents.
R.I.P. Little angel Jonas.
An angel that lived for a short time in this cruel world but he is now in a safer place amongst other angels. 
Take a look  how this child unfortunate child  Jonas was looked after by his parents:
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