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Monday, 31 March 2014


                                                                                              by Barry Chamish                      
           Please differentiate me from the Jew haters spreading the story on the Internet that because Israel parked an old Boeing 777 in its territory that it, naturally, was behind the still-to-explained disappearance of an Air Malaysia passenger jet. A very pro-Israel writer sent me the text of Lenni Brenner's book, 51 Documents-Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis,  and I pass it on to you.
           I have known about Brenner for years but I chose not to publicize him, doubting his motivation. In simpler terms, I believed he was driven by Jewish anti-semitism, a version of the Israel-Behind-Air Malaysia mentality.
           The problem is, whatever motivates him, his basic facts are not wrong. Only his conclusions are, and they lead to deceptive reasoning. For instance, he cites the murder of Chaim Arlozorov in 1933 at length, as a crime of the righteous opposition to Labor Zionism, the Herut. Here is my accurate history:
           In 1932, there were three branches of Zionism; Labor, Herut and the Orthodox. In the same year, over 250 organizations represented the Jews of Germany. That same year, Labor presented a deal to the Nazis that by 1934, would see the Herut and Orthodox removed from the Zionist shadow government of Israel, and reduce the number of organizations representing German Jews to one: Labor Zionism.
          The deal became The Transfer Agreement. The Labor Zionists promised the Nazis to end worldwide sanctions and boycotts against their regime, in return for making life impossible for German Jews, forcing them to emigrate to Palestine. Herut got wind of the atrociously immoral agreement and fought it tooth and nail. To nip revolt in the bud, the Labor negotiator of the agreement, Chaim Arlozorov was murdered in Tel Aviv, and Herut was blamed for long enough to provide an excuse to remove them from power.
          This misconception led to the very misguided deduction that all Jews were working with their soon-to-be murderers. Allow me to elaborate:
         Those who have read Perfidy by Ben Hecht know that Kastner was the Jewish Agency employee sent to Hungary to "save" Jews. Working hand in hand with Adolph Eichmann, Kastner saved 3,000 friends and family and aided the Nazis in the extermination of the other 400,000.

          As Eichman proudly acknowleged:                

           In 1955, hiding in Argentina, Eichmann discussed Palestine and Kasztner on
tape. After his capture in 1960, Life magazine published excerpts. On the
kibbutz in 1937, he;

"did see enough to be very impressed by the way the Jewish colonists were
building up their land. I admired their desperate will to live, the more so since
I was myself an idealist. In the years that followed I often said to Jews with
whom I had dealings that, had I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical
Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the
most ardent Zionist imaginable." ("Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story," Life
[28 November 1960], p. 22).
He described Kasztner as;
"a fanatical Zionist. He agreed to help keep the Jews from resisting
deportation -- and even keep order in the collection camps -- if I would close my eyes
and let a few hundred or a few thousand young Jews emigrate illegally to
Palestine. It was a good bargain. For keeping order in the camps, the price of
15,000 or 20,000 Jews -- in the end there may have been more -- was not too high
for me. And because Kastner rendered us a great service by helping keep the
deportation camps peaceful, I would let his groups escape." ("I Transported Them
to the Butcher," Life [5 Dec. 1960], p. 146).
          And within that observation is the reason Adolph Eichman, locked in a sound-proof box, was the only Nazi ever convicted by an Israel court.
          Yes, the peace-loving Labor Zionists who brought Israel the suicidal Oslo Accord with the PLO in 1994, were up to same tricks that murdered the "useless" religious and right-wing Jews in the '40s. I am not alone is this reaching this sad conclusion. There exists a school of proud Jews that won't let this determination disappear from our history, and as unlikely as it seems, are fighting to save us from the next massacre.  
          Read my book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, or Rabbi Marvin Antelman's, To Eliminate The Opiate, add the newest contribution to the disaster reportage in David Livingstone's, Black Terror White Soldiers, and never forget the classic tragedy as movingly told in Perfidy by Ben Hecht, for more awful details.
          In the meantime, here is the Brenner misreading that all Zionists conspired with the Nazis to utterly and cruelly destruct those Jews who disagreed with their dastardly scheme, including most of my family. I will never forgive Labor Zionism. Ever.
          Below is Lenni Brenner. Learn from the raw facts and not from the unprofessional conclusions.

"Agreement for Transferring Property
from Germany to Palestine: Details of the
Three Million Mark Agreement"
The Zionist Record
South Africa, September 20, 1933
The World Zionist Organization's collaborationist policy came to full frail in
its Ha Avara or Transfer agreement with the Nazis.
The conditions of the pact changed over the "30s, always in favor of the Hitlerites,
Berlin, August 31st
The Ministry of Economic Affairs has today published the full text of the decree providing
for the transfer of Jewish property from Germany to Palestine.
The decree, which is numbered 54, and is dared August 28th, states that an agreement was
concluded "with the Jewish bodies concerned," for "promoting Jewish emigration to
Palestine by releasing the necessary sums without putting excessive strain upon the foreign
currency funds of the Reichsbank, and at the same time for increasing German exports to
The Reichsbank is for this purpose opening two special accounts for the Bank of Temple
Society, it states, in favor of the Anglo-Palestine Bank.
Special account No. 1, which is limited to three million marks, may be used for paying in
investment sums of more than fifteen thousand marks for buying German goods, and the
amount paid in will be credited to the emigrants in Palestine pounds by the Anglo-Pales
tine Bank.
Special account No. 2 is designed for payments by German Jews who wish to invest in
Palestine now, but are not intending to emigrace there until later.
Anyone is allowed to pay in up to fifty thousand marks, also for the purpose of buying
German goods, the amount being payable in Palestine.
It is explicitly emphasized that these accounts cannot be used for other purposes than for
investment in Palestine. A special Trustee Corporation has been founded for advising

prospective emigrants.
Berlin, September 1st
The full text of the decree issued by the federal Minister of Economic Affairs setting outthe terms of the agreement said to have been concluded "with interested Jewish quarters"
to make possible the Transfer abroad of property belonging to German Jews,
mainly to Palestine, is published here by the Boersen Courier and reads as follows:
(1) Transfer of property to Palestine.
(a) Transfer of amounts exceeding 15,000 marks necessary for establishing a means of existence.
In order to promote the emigration of German Jews to Palestine by allocating the requisite sums, without unduly straining the exchange reserves of the Reichsbank, and at the same time to increase German exports to Palestine, an arrangement has been concluded with the
participating Jewish bodies on the following lines:
Emigrants who have obtained the sanctions of the Emigration Advisory Office that they require sums in excess of the minimum amount of £1,000 necessary for the admission to
Palestine to enable them to establish themselves in Palestine may within the limits of this
sanction obtain permits to pay an amount in excess of this sum of 15,000 marks into a Special Account No. I to be opened by the Reichshaupthank in the Bank of Temple
Society, Ltd., in favor of the Jewish Trust Corporation to he established in Palestine (andpending the establishment of this Trust Corporation, in favor of the Anglo-Palestine Bank,Ltd.).
This Special Account No. 1 for which, together with a second Special Account No. 2 a total amount of three million marks is envisaged, will be administered by the Temple Bank as a trust account for the Jewish Trust Corporation referred to. The account will be used for the purpose of paying for exports of German goods to Palestine..

"The New Jewish Statesmanship"
Labor Palestine
February 1934

Labor Zionist Moshe Beilinson had previously represented Italian Zionism in
pledging loyalty in the '20s to Mussolini's new Fascist regime. Now the editor
of the daily Davar could soar to new heights, defending the pact with the head

The meaning of the new policy is: the transfer of the Jews of Germany to Palestine. It is only for the sake of this that all those painful renunciations were made; it is only for the sake of this that the delegates to the Eighteenth Congress repressed their natural feelings.


"Between the Lines"
The Daily Bulletin
March 8, 1935
Many Zionists opposed the ZVfD/WZO collaborationists. Boris Smolar, chief
European correspondent for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Zionist news
service, spoke for them.
Zionist Overtures to Nazism
Die Juedische Rundschau,
official organ of the Zionist Organization in Germany, has more than once been criticized for its overtures to the Nazi government. It has been
pointed out more than once that this organ, while expressing the views of the Zionists in Germany, acts in contradiction with the interests of the general Jewish population in the Reich and with the attitude of world Jewry towards the Nazi regime.
The overture, which this official organ of the Zionists in Germany has just made,
demanding from the Nazi government economic equality only, at a time when world Jewry demands the restoration of full rights for German Jews, will again give ground for anew criticism of the German Zionist Organization, which is responsible for the views expressed in the Juedische Rundschau...The Zionist organ in Berlin has long been criticized for its overtures to the Nazi regime. It has been suspected that these overtures are made merely in order to prevent any persecution of Zionism in Germany. Whether this suspicion is correct or not is actually not of importance. The important thing is that the Nazi government takes the Zionist overtures quite seriously, especially since the barter agreements were concluded between Palestine and Germany...

Tel Aviv, 1936
Gustav Krojanker, an editor at the oldest European Zionist publisher,
emigrated to Palestine in 1932, and continued to advocate full collaboration
with Nazism for the Hitachduth Olei Germania, the German Immigrant Association.

What is the process achieved through "Haavara"? (Transfer)  Jewish property—houses, factories, shops—takes the form of possessions which cannot readily be packed up and brought to Palestine. It is essential to realize them in cash, and in turn to convert the cash into movables, e.g., merchandise. A Jew owning a house may exchange its value for the purchase of machinery so as to establish a factory in Palestine. That is the only method of transferring property and, as explained above, the sole possibility at a time when transfer of assets is proceeding on a larger scale. But the individual cannot always choose this
method. The house may belong to a widow who needs no machinery, or the owner may be unable to predetermine a safe economic pursuit in Palestine, and so forth. That is where "Haavara" steps in. It is the intermediary which takes Jewish funds paid over in Germany and purchases for cash the merchandise anybody needs in Palestine. The proceeds are then paid over to the recipients who went to Palestine and they invest the money in Palestinian enterprise. In effect, "Haavara" arranges for the conversion of Jewish houses, factories, and shops in Germany into new Jewish property in Palestine: not necessarily in the form of houses, factories, and shops once more, but as Jewish land, Jewish settlements, Jewish labor...To include oneself within the transfer process, to open new possibilities, to guide that transfer to Palestine, are political tasks of first-class magnitude. It is the political task of Zionism today. ..Under these circumstances there would be no sacrifice of honor in securing an agreement between Germany and Jewish institutions whereby opportunities would be created for transferring capital and a large- scale immigration enabling a practicable and speedy liquidation of the Jewish problem in Germany. Moreover, Zionism can approach Germany  as a claimant, since contrary  to other countries Palestine is proposing a mass migration in which there are numbers of people without means, and establish a healthy proportion between capital and human material..Under these circumstances there
would be no sacrifice of honor in securing an agreement between Germany and Jewish
institutions whereby opportunities would be created for transferring capital and a large-scale immigration enabling a practicable and speedy liquidation of the Jewish problem in Germany. Moreover, Zionism can approach Germany as a claimant, since contrary to other countries Palestine is proposing a mass migration in which there are numbers of people without means, and establish a healthy proportion between capital and human material.... The choice lies within
our grasp: Destruction in Germany, and hard abnegation for Palestine; that is what they
call "honor"—or redemption from Germany and a flourishing Jewish homeland—the "national treachery" of which we are being accused...

Call of Youth
January 1936

The Havorah has thus established a credit with the Reichsbank. It then obtains orders for
the German merchandise in Palestine and arranges to pay for these orders with its
Reichsbank credit, thus obtaining cash in Palestine and satisfying the merchandise clause
of the agreement. The Transfer Agreement prevents the country from being flooded with
German merchandise, since goods come in only as there is need for them. It is the only
method whereby a German Jew can withdraw more than £1000 of his fortune. Besides, it
provides (through Account I) moneys which are invested in the national funds of Palestine...

There is still another aspect to the question. Because so many German products enter
Palestine the market is flooded. New markets are needed. So the German consul in Egypt
is approached by the "Havorah" to help sell "Havorah" goods to the Egyptians and is
thereby promised especially low prices. The same is done in other countries neighboring to Palestine. Palestine thus becomes the official scab-agent against the boycott in the Near-East.

Palestine Post
January 15, 1936

Berlin. Tuesday—A bold demand that the German Zionist Federation be given recognition
by the Government as the only instrument for the exclusive control of German Jewish life
was made by the Executive of that body in a proclamation today.
All German Jewish organizations, it was declared, should be dominated by the Zionist spirit...
The Congress Bulletin
January 24, 1936
American Jewish Congress, a
leading pro-Zionist organization.

Once a leading Zionist, and President of the Berlin Jewish Community, Kareski
discovered the "compatibility" between Hitlerism and Zionism and then voluntarily joined
the Secret Service of the Reich. He became the Jew who made Hitlerism his Jewish
nationalist faith. He openly declared—in Goebbels' "Angriff"—the Nuremberg Laws to be
a "blessing to the Jews." Who but Kaieski was to be entrusted with implementing the
Nazi-made cultural autonomy for Jews?

The New Palestine
September 17, 1937
It should be known that during the last four and a half years, not even one Jew was seen or
received by any member of the Nazi Government to consider a political question. We dealt
only with the officials of the ministries and the police, with the Gestapo, the Jewish
department of Goebbel's ministry or with the ministry for economic affairs (on the
problems of transfer)...

It was very difficult for the Zionists to operate. It was morally disturbing to seem to be

considered as the favored children of the Nazi Government, particularly when it dissolved
the anti-Zionist youth groups, and seemed in other ways to prefer the Zionists. The Nazis
asked for a "more Zionist behavior."

Prinz (1902-1988)head of the AmericanJewish Congress, definitely thought that Zionism could and should come to an accommodation with Nazism.

Oh, we thought, in our discussions with intellectuals in the SS movement, that the time
would come when they would say, "Yes, you live in Germany, you are Jewish people,
you are different from us, but we will not kill you, we will permit you to live your own
cultural life, and develop your own national capacities and dreams." We thought, at the
beginning of the Hitler regime that such a very frank discussion was possible. We found
among the SS intellectuals, some people were ready for such a talk.
David Yisraeli,
The Palestinian Problem in German Politics 1889-1945
(Hebrew), Bar-Ilan University, Appendix (German):
The Zionists were always more eager to extend their relationship than the
Nazis. It was therefore the Haganah, the military arm of the Jewish Agency
(de facto the Labor Zionist militia), that obtained permission to negotiate
directly with the SS. A Haganah agent, Feivel Polkes arrived in Berlin on
February 26, 1937 and was assigned Adolf Eichrnann as his negotiating
partner. Their conversations were recorded in a report by Eichmann's
superior, Franz-Albert Six, found in files captured by the Americans after
World War 11.
In 1983, I met Yoav Gelber, a scholar at Jerusalem's Yad Vashem Holocaust
center. I asked what he knew of Polkes: "The Haganah archives refuses to let
me see his file."
On October 3, I went there and asked custodian Chaim Zamir to see the file:
"There is no file." "But Yoav Gelber says that you would not let him see the file." "There is no file because it would be too embarrassing..."
The above-mentioned Jew, Feivel Polkes, who is active as a central figure in the Jewish
intelligence service, Haganah, was known here while visiting Berlin between February 26
and March 2, 1937, as referred by DNB correspondent Dr. Reichart.
In connection with the contact made with him at that time, it was found that Polkes is well
acquainted with all important matters occurring in the Jewish world. A plan, in
coordination with Gestapo (II/B 94), was formulated to enlist Polkes as a steady source of information for the Security Service.
He stated that he is ready to serve Germany and supply information as long as this does
not oppose his political goal. Among other things, he is ready to stand by the interests of
German foreign policy in the Middle East. He will try to find the German Reich the oil
sources without affecting British spheres of influence, all on the condition that Germany
will assist Jewish immigration to Palestine, and on condition that Germany also ease the
monetary regulations for these Jewish emigrants.
In connection with other queries, he let it be know that he knew the men and the background of the Gustloff murder...
For the work of contacting him, we especially suggest SS Group Leader Eichmann of
Department 11/112, who was in charge of the previous discussion with Polkes in Berlin, and was invited by the latter to visit the Jewish colonies in Palestine as his guest...Polkes can be given the following assurances.

1) Pressure can be put on the Reich Representation of the Jews in Germany in such a way that those Jews emigrating from Germany will go exclusively to Palestine and nowhere
else. Such a measure lies entirely in the German interest and is already prepared thru
measures of the Gestapo. At the same time, Polkes' plans to create a Jewish majority in
Palestine would be aided through this measure.
2) Those Jews arrested under suspicion of working for the Haganah would be freed.
3) Additionally, money could be made available to Polkes for his services.
After talking with Assessor Wilmanns of the Reich Economic Ministry, who is an expert
on Palestine Transfer affairs, 1,000 Reichmarks for 3/4th of a year would be available thru
the Transfer service, so that the Gestapo Security Service would not have any further costs...

The Holocaust,
John Mendelsohn (Ed.)
On October 2, 1937, the liner Romania arrived in Haifa with two "journalists," aboard, Herbert Hagen and his junior colleague, Eichmann.
They met Feivel Polkes, who showed them Haifa from Mount Carmel and took them to visit a kibbutz.

Jewish Frontier
March 1942
Labor Zionist Greenberg details the development of Zionist internalized anti-semitism.

The fashion for Zionist speakers (including the writer) is to declare from the platform that "to
be a good Zionist one must first be somewhat of an anti-Semite." One can sense this
attitude in some of Pinsker's writings: there is a great deal of it in Syrkin and in Borochow,
the two main theoreticians of the Labor Zionist movement; A. D. Gordon, the author of
the idea of the Religion of Labor (Dat Ha-Avoda) wrote, in a spirit of extreme contrition,
about the national sins of the Jews which must be atoned for by manual labor; I. H.Brenner, the nearest to Dostoyevsky in Hebrew literature, indulged in a masochistic self-
flagellation. To this day Labor Zionist circles are under the influence of the idea that the
Return to Zion involves a process of purification from our economic uncleanliness.
Whosoever does not engage in so-called "productive" manual labor, is believed to be a sinner against Israel and against mankind.

Der Angriff (The Attack)
Berlin, September 27, 1934
A Zionist convinced the Baron, to write a pro-Zionist piece for the Nazi press.
He visited Palestine as the six months guest of the WZO and wrote a 12-part
series for Der Angriff,
the Nazis' chief party organ. To commemorate his
expedition, Propaganda Minister Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side
the swastika, on the other the Zionist star...
Jewish Chronicle
London, January 3, 1936
Georg Kareski joined the German Revisionists after Hitler came to power,
seeing them as the potential equivalent of the successful Nazis. Indeed the
Nazis allowed only the "State Zionists" the right to wear uniforms, indoors.

The American Hebrew
February 21, 1936
The ZVfD bitterly fought the Revisionists for the Nazis' patronage.
The Nazi Commissioner for Jewish Cultural Affairs, Herr Hinkel, has given an important
interview to the official Nazi newspaper,
Rote Erde.
Herr Hinkel began by enumerating
the many "favors" which the Nazi regime has done for the Jews by establishing the special
Jewish "Kulturbund" to look after their cultural interest. He then explained that owing to
the shortage of special Jewish dramas, the Kulturbund was obliged to produce also non-
Jewish dramas. It was unfortunate that this was necessary, but the Nazis were "generous"
and did not make unnecessary difficulties for the Jews.
The most important part of the interview, however, dealt not with the Kulturbund, but with
Zionism. Towards the end of the interview, Herr Hinkel said: "I have consciously allowed
the Zionist movement to exert the strongest influence upon the cultural and spiritual
activities of the Kulturbund because the Zionists as the 'Racial Jews' have at least given us
formal guarantees of cooperation in acceptable form."
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