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Saturday, 19 April 2014

C2C AM RADIO: 04-11-14 - Brown Mountain Lights & Alien Abduction - Joshua P. Warren, Matty Beckerman, Open Lines

Host:George Noory
Guests:Joshua P. Warren, Matty Beckerman, Open Lines

For decades, alien abduction has been reported around Brown Mountain in Burke County, North Carolina. Now the phenomenon is dramatized in the new film, ALIEN ABDUCTION, produced by Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction) and Mike Fleiss (Hostel) and directed by Matty Beckerman. In the first half of the program, Beckerman discussed how real events were tied into the film and Joshua P. Warren explained the true paranormal backstory as well as the role he played in the film.
 For at least a century people have been seeing multi-colored illuminated spheres floating around the ridge at night, Warren said. "I've seen the lights myself... it's very real and very freaky," Beckerman added. According to Warren, the mysterious lights remain unexplained even though they have been investigated numerous times by various agencies of the US government. Beckerman suggested that the phenomenon is more significant than alleged events surrounding Area 51 and Roswell because people can actually go to Brown Mountain and observe the lights for themselves.
Beckerman described his new film as a fast-paced sci-fi thriller about a family who witnesses three lights in the sky during a camping trip. The movie includes actual interviews with real investigators, including Warren, he noted. Both men shared strange purportedly authentic accounts from the area. Beckerman reported on a husband and wife who recalled being lifted toward the ceiling and finding out from their daughter that they had been missing for an entire day. Warren recounted legends of Native Americans, as well as a plantation owner and his servant, who vanished from Brown Mountain. He also talked about abductee Ralph Lael, who claimed to have been repeatedly taken from the area by intelligent beings.

News segment guests: James Sanders / Peter Davenport

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Photo: Brown Mountain LightPhoto: Brown Mountain Light
This photo (top: original; bottom: enhanced), taken in 2009 by Bob Ashmore and Bill Fox, shows a strange light rising into the sky near Brown Mountain. To read a free PDF of Joshua P. Warren's new book on the lights, complete with great photos, visit joshuapwarren.com.


pt. 1 + pt. 2 Brown Mountain Lights & Alien Abduction 


pt. 1 + pt. 2 Open Lines

source:  http://zfirelight.blogspot.ca/2014/04/04-11-14-brown-mountain-lights-alien.html


Relating to the last quarter of video 4 above - "Open Lines" - where "Mad Martian" calls in - see these posts relative to  what he was saying in the above show:

Interview w/ The Mad Martian Hoagland Fired from NASA for ...

"Interview w/ The Mad Martian Hoagland Fired from NASA for Spying for the Soviets

Jeffery Pritchett
Marianna Paranormal Examiner

November 21, 2011 

This was originally written by me after speaking to The Mad Martian on the telephone. I felt it was so much information that I handed it over to The Mad Martian to make it right. So this article has been written by the both of us. Prepare yourselves for astounding revelations!

Gary Leggiere use to be practically Hoagland's right hand man. Known also as MARS REVEALER, Gary used to be a radio show host on the space coast of florida, with a radio show called THE MARTIAN REVELATION RADIO SHOW. He also had his show online.

Inside a controversial documentary, called Ufo Diaries, we can see Hoagland in more than a 3rd of that video. Plus the important fact or of that video is old yet new image data the public has never seen before, showing what appear to be OTHER Faces of Mars, & not in the same locations.

This is amazing & controversial itself, yet Gary says there is more to this than meets the EYE!(pun intended). Because Gary claims that inside that documentary, embecded within the script itself, is a hidden secret code Gary claims to have found. He even studied into it, with Hoagland's blessing & Hoagland's wondering what Gary could, or would see or find.

Gary continued looking into that code he claims he found, because it seemed important to Hoagland for Gary to keep doing so. What was he anticipating in gary's search of information from this code? Gary not believed what he was seeing, Yet Hoagland seemed to believe it enough, to encourage Gary to keep looking into it & reporting his findings to Hoagland.

So as Gary continued looking into this code of Cydonia, from Ufo Diaries, Gary however thought it was crazy for him to keep pursuing that code as he thought to himself, it must be impossible. It must be insane. It just cannot be. Was Hoagland just trying to throw him off the investigation & the hunt into those Faces of Mars images? He was not sure. Yet Gary would continue looking into that code Gary calls as being likened to a crystal ball. Showing him things & leading him to see about things, & things about certain people! Plus some secret history.

It led Gary as he claims, ultimately to see Hoagland, in showing information & secrets of what must have been from Hoagland's own secret past. Gary could not believe what he was seeing or finding. What were the odds?? How can this be real? This was very confusing for Gary, yet as the more he studied & kept looking deep into this code he found, it only led him further on to see deeper things connected to Hoagland, describing his past.For instance, who he was, what he was doing then, who he really is, what he is doing now, even up to today that Gary claims this code has been spot on about. Is he mistaken? Yet Hoagland as Gary claims keeps running to the hills & will NOT confront Gary or anyone else to answering about the issues Gary brings forth, for the demand of Hoagland in his need to address & answer for Gary's claims.

That in itself is consistent to things Gary says about Hoagland, from the code point of view, as well as from what many today are also seeing. He is avoiding Gary & also the Ufo Diaries & avoiding answering about those secret Faces of Mars images seen in that video, that the producers told Gary on his radio show in 2006, that Hoagland provided them.

Gary speaks of Hoagland using a code to relay ideas across from his superiors who he is possibly being fed scripts from. A code that is used to relay information in his insider info sharing schemes regarding so many shill thrills like Comet Elenin and Asteroid YU55. This story takes bizarre twists and turns that would make a mini series that would make the Twilight Zone tv show seem rather sane.

A funny thing to notice also is that though Gary found it, he believes it was not, nor could be an accident, or a coincidence. But intended for him, to find it, & to bring it forth to Hoagland's attention. It seems by some intelligent design or will or by some weird technology Gary thinks they have that can see through time, or possibly interact through time, to create possible alternate future/s.

Gary claims that this code inside of it, when seeing enough, he says it is like someone inside that code, is communicating with him. That leads him on further to see into this all & make him think it is all real, by slowly guiding him as like following bread crumbs, & he as being like a person being taught methods of like being a detective to pick up those bread crumbs & put it together, & as being like putting together a case to weigh the evidence being shown & told to him, by something Gary claims is from the twilight zone! Information that led him coincidentally?,.. to see Hoagland!

Gary could not believe even more the things he was seeing, what gary knew had to be connected to Hoagland. gary claims the code then led him to the name of the individual he was gleaning information about. His name was.. RICH! It led him to see that this Rich, used to work as a media person, & a consultant to a government program(NASA/Viking). This code led Gary to see this Guy now named RICH, was doing those jobs as a cover job. In other words, his job we know he worked for NASA as a consultant, & a media person, was in fact his cover duties. As he was described in code as being an intelligence operative who had access to secret imagery & information at the same time.

It seems this RICH, one day decided to get some secret images out to some EARTH SCIENTISTS, which are geologists, of the Viking mission. Showing some interesting things. But RICH was not being an angel or a whistle blower one would respect of him doing this. NO. This code states he got information to some certain earth scientists (Mollenarr?... DiPietro? Brandenburg?) using them as it were for scapegoats to have his co-intelligence workers look to those scientists, as the wrong doers & finding images in their files. Hey, all eyes off Hoagland as it were? For a reason this code described this was done. So Hoagland could do a deal,.. WITH THE SOVIETS!!! Getting them info & images it seems.

It also is historical fact that it was the Soviets, who did tout the famous face of Mars to the world to rub in the USA's face! Intelligence went in high gear to make it public yet squashing it & theatening NASA if they even hinted at intelligent life as reason for the Face at Cydonia, NASA will have no more funding! The soviets had a picture that surfaced in the United States! But they (the soviets) received a print out image from a copy machine of the image! This was the era of the cold war between America & the Soviet Union & the KGB were deeply infiltrated in our government trying to snoop & steal secrets. Secrets The Soviets wanted. For instance MARS was a top priority. They sought out this code states people that can HELP THEM acquire information.

One of the Soviet probes,apparently made it to Mars. (The Viking Mission) Made a connection to Hoagland & done deals of ILLEGAL International co-operation. Most likely for money. Gary claims the code showed him that as the wall came down & the 2 sides met time to time, to reminiss, & speak about things that happened amongst each other. It seems Hoagland's old Soviet buddies ratted him out to Hoaglands intelligence team.

This code states that Hoagland had to answer to these crimes, & described to Gary about a secret hearing he went to, to answer for the charges brought against him. This is when Gary really thought he was just seeing things, unbelievable things & confronted Hoagland for a weekly report of his findings. Hoagland flipped out on Gary, when he told Hoagland what he was seeing & finding! In fact, Gary claims he tried to calm Hoagland down & said he was not going to keep looking into this spooky code, & agreed it was nuts, but that is when Gary claims Hoagland connected to the information he was being told in this code, as a reality that happened! This flipped Gary out & he began shaking, some out of fear of this code, & also making Gary think maybe, just maybe, there is really something to this code after all.

Because Hoagland connected a reality to the info Gary seen & gave Hoagland. Gary claims Hoagland though connecting reality of his past to it, was yet not the same,... As Gary says Hoagland changed the story!! Of the info Gary was getting & it's story, Hoagland connected to as being true, yet not the whole story. Gary claims Hoagland instead changed the story to answer to Gary about it, which woke Gary up. How can this be true any of it? Or real???

Much was said in code about that hearing & the goins on & the findings of that hearing. This secret hearing was done in front of a secret judge that we are also aware of who that was! The code described to Gary that he was a Governor at that time, who was a candidate to be president! A name was attributed to this identity being described as this special judge,...NEW ENERGY BILL!!

Gary claims he told him much of that hearing descriptions in what went on etc. gary claims Hoagland freaked out on the phone to him, yelling, screaming, hanging up on him, & calling him back a couple few times. Then Hoagland said...LOOK GARY... I NEVER MADE IT THERE!!!! Gary claims he was like WHAT THE F@#%???? Before Gary could say anything, Hoagland then said "I NEVER MADE IT THERE. WE WERE ON OUR WAY TO IT, ME & 'DICK MORRIS',..& WE NEVER MADE IT THERE".

So Gary at this point seeing & knowing the code he was seeing was probably real, & yet spooking him, he took a breath & asked Hoagland.. Ok...WHY Rich didn't YOU make it there? To that hearing this code says you were at & YOU are now connecting reality to? He said simply.. "I DECIDED TO GO TO A PROTEST...INSTEAD"!!!!

This blew Gary away. How can this be?? FROM WHO CAN THIS BE?? This was made in the past this Ufo Diaries, this SECRET SPACE PROGRAM of Hoagland's. Yet as scared as Gary was, he continued on looking deeper into that code. You need to hear from him about that whole story. But gary pointed out a connection that cannot be coincidence,.. Dick Morris Gary found out, was in fact, the very guy that helped BILL CLINTON,... BECOME PRESIDENT!!!

Gary decided to test Hoagland again, when Hoagland was more calm & Gary asked him about the guy Hoagland claimed he was with. gary said he forgotton but really did not, as he wrote the name down the 1st time. yet this 2nd time, Hoagland says he not remembered the name of who was with him. Little did he know that Gary was testing him. Hoagland was NOW LYING!! THIS CODE.. WAS REAL!!!

Gary thought to himself though, if the information he was getting is real, can it all be true?? he was convinced a code was there speaking to him as it were, but what about their story? because although Hoagland connected reality to his findings that he thought was insane to keep looking into, in fact turns out to be valid?? BUT, Hoagland at 1st when he flipped out,... though connecting reality to the information, changed the story. WHICH SIDE DO WE BELIEVE?? Which does Gary believe?

Anyway you have to hear about that court case from Gary about things he seen about it from the CODE OF CYDONIA. But it was well clear that Hoagland was to appear there, & did appear there according to the code by the way, that states Hoagland by the end of that hearing, Hoagland signed some documents declaring his innocence & yet was a declaration of guilt, because in those documents he signed, he was ordered to supply & play a part in helping to do something & some things. Ufo Diaries, Gary is convinced, was one of the things amongst his punishments as it were. He was ordered to provide those secret faces of Mars, & ordered also to play his role in part to them.

Engaged in a deal with a TV show (Ufo Diaries) and selling short the producers and THEM, losing tons of money, by conning from them money, (the code says Hoagland demanded a years worth of salary that will help him do his secret job), to provide the images he was ordered to supply without any strings! And all the time & effort into the script Hoagland was supposed to play in his role, was screwed up, because after & as he provided them, the code says that he ran out the door. To NOT play his part in his role. The code claims he said he NOT wished to be photographed!! So this messed everything up,cost the producers money, time, & so much effort to make a really good show, to one of the producers who told Gary that this script all of a sudden had these big holes in it, all these things that Dr. Hoagland was supposed to say! The funny thing here?? HE WAS THE ONE SUPPOSED TO BE SEEN NEAR & IN CONNECTION WITH & EVEN HOLDING,.. THOSE IMAGES!!! Hoagland NOT wanted that at all.

So Hoagland, to a point of ruining everything & their plans, thinks he was getting over on 'THEM'! Who?? THOSE BEHIND THE PROGRAM! So this code stated that the producers came together to try to fix & salvage that episode. But adding a new twist,.. since Hoagland NOT wished to be photographed now with those images, (in the past around 90-93) They said to themselves & to Hoagland, that they were going to make a code, that one day will be found, & would be used to call Hoagland back INTO COURT! THIS TIME... THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION!!! THAT INDEED, HE WAS WARNED, TO PREPARE HIMSELF FOR, HIS PHOTOGRAPH IN THE FUTURE BEING SEEN CONNECTED TO THESE IMAGES!! In other words,.. THEY FIXED HIS ASS!!!!

Hoagland in obviously remembering all that in his secret past, still does NOT wish to give Gary any more ammunition of vindicating the code Gary was seeing, & instead Hoagland then went after Gary's radio show, his work, & his family, because of Hoagland's antics of his past & present he is still working to prevent Gary or anyone else from discovering the truth! A bizarre story of Hoagland selling the famous Mars face pictures to the Soviets and being caught red handed which lead to his dismissal from NASA. Can any of this be true?? Yet look at Gary now, where he is, what he went through & still is going through to get us all the truth!Look also who it is who is running as Gary says, with a dust cloud running into the hills, away from this & from Gary.

Upon speaking to Gary on the phone for the upcoming January 7th The Church Of Mabus Radio Show where we will delve into this story even further regarding Hoagland's treachery in 2012. Surely starting the year off with a badda bing badda bang, badda boom, that only a quick keen eyed person from the streets of New York can see & match Hoagland, in this fight, that Gary feels he was chosen to be used by the codes designers in the past, to fight Hoagland in this,in our future. That future is now Gary claims, & it in the least as weird all of this sounds, does seem to fit the shoe regards to his claims there anyway.

Hoagland is running from him & any who gary can find or get also with radio shows, to address these issues to Hoagland. So far, amazingly clarifying, & spooky,Hoagland is & has been ignoring these others attempts also. Now you all must realize that gary when he brought this video forth to Hoagland's attention, that he not just crept out from a hole under a rock someplace, as he was an honorary member of the Enterprise Mission, Hoagland has been on & apart of his Martian Revelation Radio Show many times for a few years in fact. Spoken many hours many times, & Hoagland was in fact very close to Gary. Hoagland calling Gary on more than one occasion as Gary like being a son to him. Gary even slept at Hoagland's house before and ate dinner with him and apparently learned all he could about Hoagland.

The Mad Martian then deciding to come clean and here we are to share the tale at first here in glimpses but on the show January 7th prepare yourselves for something that could be a spy espionage movie of James Bond like proportions.

Yet Gary also says he believes that even this in what he was going through, may be still part of a plan of acclamation. He claims this because of much of Hoagland's own words from many radio shows & speeches etc, that Gary claims is coded, even to this day & can still yield information. That gary in this sense, is part of a larger acclamation program, to bring about disclosure UNOFFICIALLY, where as officially, we will never get these answers or truths. Unless, & only through this CODE! But you have to see it, let alone to see it's many pieces or find them to put the pieces together to get that disclosure. A GAME??!!

Hoagland is always speaking of good and bad aliens and a giant plot to could lead to an invasion of sorts. The question is now if this is true which side does Hoagland work for? Because of the disinformation spilling as of late one would think it just might be the bad guys. From blaming the bad aliens on 911 and the good aliens on the Elenin comet situation being an interplanetary space beacon ship to usher in humanity to the 9th level of Mayan Universal Consciousness.

To the shrill spills of Asteroid YU55 being an object of Borg Cube like proportions or to spherical Death stars from sci fi films. Hoagland is known for apparently hogging around pictures on many levels. When it comes to his firing at NASA apparently Gary claims to have found many years ago information silently on the internet,that spoken about Hoagland & a connections to secret Mars images, that he had & went in on a friday, was fired by that upcoming Monday. A couple names were associated with that interesting story gary found, that even had a title. 7 FACES FOR 7 RACES!

This document Gary found, mentions Hoagland's name being connected to images the public not seen before, that apparently shown... FACES OF MARS on them!! (THUS THE TITLE)Gary will provide the text from that document, as he feels it is connected & a form of potential evidence.

So just who is Hoagland and what is his game? It would seem attention and media glory by spreading fanciful tales for Hollywood glamor. The code used by Hoagland explained to me by The Mad Martian seems like something out of the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russel Crowe and could most assuredly describe it in more precise detail than I ever could.

Thus why we are having him on the show to tale the tell of Hoaxland. Signs point to Hoagland being a traitor to our great nation if he is willing to sell Mars photos to the Russians. Yet he is always on the spill about our great nation. Gary has testimony of elegant proportions regarding his antics with the Soviet situation that will make your head spin. Ruining lives financially in the process to get his agenda going, or to keep his old secrets he not wants to be shared let alone spoken or asked about, no matter what the costs.

Surely a dangerous man in my book who will stop at nothing for the glamor of money making and spreading propaganda like the pawn he is. The question is this, who are his masters now that he seems to be stumbling like the pied piper while his followers the rats and children listen to his tune? Doing a little dance to take you down the cliff to your death and despairs if we aren't careful.

Sharing fairy tales about Elenin and YU55 being spacecraft. When we know the last time that happened with Hale Bopp people took their own lives. So why feed these dangerous fanatical flames and become like Harold Camping of the May 21st and October 21st doomsday prophecies which also lead to a woman slitting her own kids throats?

Where do we draw the line when the lunacy keeps on pouring in regarding tales of make believe intermixed with horror that could out do Grimm's fairy tales?

Prepare yourself for the Mad Martian's show on January 7th 2012 at 11pm Eastern at The Church Of Mabus Radio Show, or listen on our archives after wards at your own leisure at UFO Paranormal Radio Network.

How do you feel about the Mad Martian and this story regarding Hoagland? Got an inside scoop? Sent it to me at mabusincarnate@gmail.com or leave a comment below underneath this article. Thank you."


21 Nov 2011 - This was originally written by me after speaking to The Mad Martian on ... him off the investigation & the hunt into those Faces of Mars images?

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