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Monday, 28 April 2014


    "From: Leonard Lawrence Pilot SL03D00938London Air Ambulance founder Mr Alastair Wilson OBE FRCS FFAEM

Sir James Munby, President Family Division.

Sir James,

I remain puzzled why London Air Ambulance founder Consultant Surgeon Mr Alastair Wilson
OBE FFAEM FRCS Royal London Hospital, my next of kin, along with Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr T G McGhee FFARCS (I), Dr Murray and others were not allowed to be my guardian ad litem
by District Judge, Susanna Jones, Slough County Court?

Interestingly, District Judge, Susanna Jones, Slough County Court, wrote to Her Honour Judge
Anne Campbell alleging that she had disqualified herself from this case. Her Honour Judge
Campbell found otherwise!
Judy Anckorn, Head of the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office, Mobile 07775010924
81-82 Queens Building, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL

Ms Judy Anckorn had alleged that my file had been destroyed. Anne Sharp, Former Head of the
Judicial Office, took less than 24 hours to established that my files had not been destroyed.
Gillian Kay the present Head of the Judicial Office has also been equally as helpful to me as
Anne Sharpe.

As I have taped the court hearing it will be interesting to see if the judges notes submitted to
the Office of Judicial Complaints reflect my recording, given that the court tapes are missing
from Slough County Court when Her Honour Judge Anne Campbell, HMCS Area Directors Office
and I searched the court files and court safe.
Court tapes are also missing from Reading County Court

Yours sincerely

Leonard Lawrence”