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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Maurice Kirk with the much persecuted Musa parents Chiwar and Gloria Musa, who had 7 children removed falsely and then were given 7 years imprisonment on 14 August 2012 after spending 259 days on remand, on extremely dubious and uninvestigated charges. They are much victimised and targeted whilst in prison - something the authorities also ignore wholesale despite countless letters of complaint - see more: http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2333.0
"Dear Sir / Ms.,     

Call from Maurice Kirk : 16.45gmt today 8 March:

Maurice is now desperately ill and in great pain with a prolapse and needs urgent medical attention at the hospital NOW, but it is being refused by the prison!
At 4.45pm this afternoon 8 March I got a very serious call from MK – who is in great pain with a prolapse = pieces of his body hanging out of his rectum. The prison refuse to take him to the hospital, even though the other dr. said he must go for an internal examination urgently. He says [in his call below] Marnell, the prison ” Healthcare doctor”wont even speak to him let alone help him. He says because hes been on hunger strike theyre refusing to let him have treatment, even though, he says in his call, they said they were going to give him painkillers and sort out the prolapse, but they’ve done nothing.
The call:


Please help Maurice by telling as many authority figures as possible what he is saying about his outrageous situation.

From MK’s sister Celia 9 March 14:

“Dear Team,
You must be so fed up with the antics of Maurice KIRK but I assure you that it was the antics AGAIN of the Prison Staff which prevented Mr Kirk attending court last Friday and I suspect that by Monday’s appearance (10th March) in the Crown Court in front of HHJ Rowlands at 11am the same story will be told the court.
On Friday (7th) the Hospital Staff told Mr Kirk at 7am that he was due in court that day. He had no idea what the case would be about. He was duly wheeled in a chair down to Reception where the chair was removed and he was obliged to move under his own steam down some steps and into the van which he could see was waiting at the door. He asked the Reception Staff for a pair of crutches which they REFUSED to provide. His own pair had been taken away from him in the Hospital Wing some days earlier. He knew each wing had crutches but the reception staff did not fetch any. He was left on a table in reception for over an hour when a hospital wing staff member arrived with a wheelchair to take him back. The Court was told that Mr Kirk had refused to attend. This sort of thing has happened on numerous occasions. It is no surprise to understand that there is a case involving a member of Reception Staff and Mr Kirk when the Prison denied having possession of his passport.
I enclose a copy of my letter to Governor Cross which may enlighten you further.
yours, very concerned ,
Mrs. =========
Retired Magistrate (appointed by The Royal Court of Jersey)
Sister of Maurice John KIRK”

The letter to Governor Cross from MK’s sister:

“9th March 2014
Dear Governor Cross,
Re: KIRK M.J. ( A7306AT)

I am Maurice’s sister whom he regularly telephones. As you know he has a long running grievance with the South Wales Police and is convinced that some of the lower orders amongst your staff are in league with the South Wales Police is making sure that he has the most inhuman treatment possible. This is one of the reasons he was wanting to be moved to an English Prison and for his judicial proceedings to be also heard by different judges.
I have been a magistrate for the Royal Court of Jersey and know that the legal personnel veer very much towards believing the Police version of events than the defendant’s. In most cases this is appropriate.
I now hear that your Reception Staff who see that prisoners for court are placed in the appropriate transport were again worse than disreputable when the Hospital Wing staff brought Mr. Maurice Kirk to reception last Friday (7th March) in a wheelchair. The chair was removed back to the wing and my brother asked for crutches to get him down the steps to the van and for the courthouse. The staff refused to fetch any for him and left him on a table for an hour until hospital wing staff came for him with a chair. But worse than that happened next; it was reported to court that ‘he had refused to attend’.
Of course it was the same Reception Staff who refused to return his passport and other belongings in September 2013 which culminated in him being in prison on remand. Please investigate.
This man, who must be one of your oldest inmates at 69 years, has a prolapsed colon/rectum which no doctor has treated to date. He is in agony and expected in court again to start a trial on Monday 10th March. The behaviour of your reception staff and your medical staff will be reported. It is against many human rights.
yours sincerely

Mrs. ---------
(retired magistrate of the Royal Court of Jersey)
Governor S. Cross,
HMP Cardiff
Knox Rd
CF24 1OU “


Concerning the doctor that originally made the report about MK having a “brain tumour”- note his licence to practice ceased on 2 Febuary 2014:


Official Documents showing M Kirk has no “brain tumour” as alleged by the dr. who maunufactured a [false] report to that effect.
a] the official CT scan report, dated 28 Nov. 2013 stating MK’s brain has nothing untoward wrong with it as per the CT scan on MK’s head,
b] a letter from HMP “Healthcare” stating MK.s medical position as of 3 March 2014


KIRK healthcare 5 MAR14 14939

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