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Wednesday, 21 May 2014



Daily Mail

Wikileaks vows to reveal second country under NSA surveillance despite warnings
WikiLeaks said on Tuesday it would reveal within 72 hours the name of a second country where the US National Security Agency is said to be using a ...
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WikiLeaks Threatens To Reveal Information That Glenn Greenwald Says Could Lead To 'Deaths'
After a heated discussion between WikiLeaks, Greenwald, Intercept Editor-In-Chief John Cook, and American WikiLeaks hacker-turned-Der Spiegal ...
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Wikileaks has an eye on Taranaki
In a vast swathe of emails published on WikiLeaks, a rugby match in New Plymouth between the US and Russia was mentioned on pages 2, 12 and ...
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Washington Post

From `WikiLeaks` to `Snowden` case, US hypocrisy evident, says China
Chinese Defence Ministry posted a statement on its website, saying, "From 'WikiLeaks' to the 'Snowden' case, US hypocrisy and double standards ...
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Assange targetted by FBI probe, US court documents reveal
WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange remains the subject of an active criminal investigation by the United States Justice Department and Federal ...
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TPP environment plan is media sugar water
We would like to extend a Marxist high five to WikiLeaks for once again exposing the nastiness of the rich and powerful and their government lackeys.
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BBC News

Chelsea Manning 'may sue' over gender dysphoria therapy
Formerly known as Bradley, Pte Manning is serving a 35-year sentence for leaking classified files to Wikileaks. After her conviction last year, the former ...
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Enterprises fear insiders, but lack privileged user controls
Prompted by the intense news coverage surrounding former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and the WikiLeaks website, enterprises are as ...
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Julian Assange, due anni da rifugiato politico
Il fondatore di Wikileaks vive da due anni nell'ambasciata dell'Ecuador a Londra. Privato della libertà per un'inchiesta ferma da quattro anni alla fase ...
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Twitter / wikileaks: We condemn Firstlook for ...
WikiLeaksVerified account @wikileaks 3h. We condemn Firstlook for following the Washington Post into censoring the mass interception of an entire ...
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Twitter / Search - #wikileaks
The latest and best tweets on #wikileaks. Read what people are saying and join the conversation.
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Twitter / wikileaks: @GGreenwald @johnjcook We will ...
@wikileaks @ggreenwald @johnjcook I bet it's Ghana ... @ggreenwald @johnjcook Based on @wikileaks own stated principles, you should do it right ...
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Twitter / wikileaks: #GIFiles highlight concerns ...
Retweets 46; Favorites 20; retrograd4 Alejandro Reddit WikiLeaks ana maria quiroz Jenny Suzette Yohan Chalier SHOBHIT BHATNAGAR ...
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Wikileaks - This Day in WikiLeaks: WikiLeaks to name mass... | Facebook
This Day in WikiLeaks: WikiLeaks to name mass surveilled country censored in The Intercept article; Foreign Minister Bob Carr lied about Australia's ...