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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Coronado Alien Abduction - Yvonne Smith, Melinda Leslie, Jesse Long - C2C AM RADIO 22 JUNE 14

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Full show audio:http://www.zfirelight.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/06-22-14-coronado-alien-abduction.html
Date: 22 June 14
Host: George Knapp
Guests:Yvonne Smith, Melinda Leslie, Jesse Long
Date: 22 June 14
In this four-hour special, George Knapp welcomed UFO researcher
Yvonne Smith for a discussion about a mass abduction that took place on Coronado Island in San Diego. In the latter half, alien abduction researcher Melinda Leslie, and abductee Jesse Long (related video) joined the conversation. In March of 1994, the TRIAD UFO Conference was held at Coronado Island off San Diego, and among those in attendance were members of Smith's group CERO (Close Encounters Research Organization). After the conference, a number of the attendees compared notes, and began to wonder if something strange had happened to them during their weekend at Coronado. Eventually, Smith pieced together various types of physical evidence and testimony that indicated alien abductions.
As she performed hypnotic regressions on a number of the attendees/contactees over a period of years after the conference, details were revealed. A man named Mike saw an incredibly bright light, and the next morning found blood on his pillow, which he learned later was coming from his ear-- a doctor found puncture marks there. Another of the attendees, Alice, had a scoop mark in her shin, and Dr. Roger Leir removed an implant from her leg in the 1990s, which seemed to contain nanotechnology. Eventually, Smith learned that a number of people at the Coronado conference, reported being taken to a huge craft, and witnessed seeing each other there. Interestingly, Pres. Bill Clinton happened to be on Coronado Island the same time as the conference, along with his Secret Service agents.
Both Leslie and Long were at the Coronado conference and had recall of abduction experiences during that weekend. Long saw a CERO member named John on an examination table aboard the craft, and Leslie had episodes of missing time. In a disturbing experience in 1999, Long said the aliens showed him one of his hybrid children that had died, and other CERO members said they recalled seeing this on a kind of open-air stage. He believes the aliens have been on Earth longer than humans, and if anything it's the humans that are the "aliens."

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