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Saturday, 15 November 2014


VA News - Jobs - Education - VA Loans - Benefits       November 14, 2014
russian su-24
AEGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald "Duck"
We are told the story is a month old. If any of this is true, then this is a huge issue, not just the lack of follow up but the lack of follow up itself.
veteran-newsVeterans Today
Veterans' Care Card program is off to a promising start
Putin_Valdia Club_4Stephen Lendman
Putin: Sanctions Violate International Law
one-ring-to-rule-them-allJonas E. Alexis
One Zionist Ring to Rule Them All
Why_Women_Make_BetterCIA_AssassinsStew Webb
Why Women Make Better Assassins
isisGordon Duff
Black (gun) Friday Sales
Four horsemenF. William Engdahl
NEO - USA has become Oligarchy - Not a Democracy
top-10-moviesJohnny Punish
Top 10 Movies from the 50s
Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plantVeterans Today
Two pro-Israeli US Senators warn Iran with sanctions
isisWorld News Tommorrow
ECIPS Calls Arrest Warrants for Bank Directors and CEOS Who Aid Terrorism Finance in Africa
wives5Veterans Today
Military Wives Go Social Media for Connection, Support
Campaign Race And Religion
Obama Slammed for Iran Outreach
American neocons are furious that President Obama reportedly sent a letter to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei apparently urging concessions on nuclear talks and referencing joint interests in combating Islamic State radicals, but the letter may reflect smart diplomacy... »»
Arnaldo Rodgers
Veterans Tour Tesla's Fremont Factory
Tesla Motors, which has been on a mission to hire America's veterans, hosted more than 300 veterans and their families at the Fremont factory Tuesday, giving the visitors a rare tour of the facility. »»
Arnaldo Rodgers
Veterans Day's Other Name
Until 1954, the holiday was called Armistice Day. What else has changed? Today is Veterans Day. You've probably seen this Kurt Vonnegut quote, fromBreakfast of Champions, his celebrated 1973 novel, floating around social media. »»
Military Veteran Job News    John Allen
- Veteran, Mother Turning Dreams Into Reality
Military Veteran Job News    John Allen
- Youngest veterans struggle most with unemployment, data shows
Military Veteran Job News    John Allen
- Veterans Bring Unique Skills to the Labor Market
Veterans Today
Mossadnik "White Widow" Killed in Ukraine, Report Cites..
- "Lewthwaite, a UK Zionist and Israeli citizen, is cited by Interpol with taking a leading role in ISIS/ISIL terrorism, Kiev junta butchery in Odessa." »»
Some day the Israelis may get to experience being on the receiving end of this. Then they will know.
Gordon Duff
ICC cites Israeli war crimes but 'too busy' to prosecute -- PressTV
- "ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has through her inaction in the face of blatant disregard for law on the behalf of Israel." »»
Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
Obama's Setback in Beijing..
The Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a secret free trade treaty Obama is negotiating with eleven other Asian Pacific countries (US, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Chile, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Singapore and Brunei). »»
Jane Rosenstein
MaMA Event
MaMa Event was a good opportunity to hear concerts, go to meetings and meet others... »»
Veterans Today
Moscow Denies NATO Allegations of Russian Military Crossing Into Ukraine..
The buildup of Kiev's troops, armor and equipment all around the Republics' borders has been going on for some time. »»
Sunil Pandey
USMLC Military Loans
Sometimes, individuals are faced with a financial crisis. In such a time, one of the greatest challenges is the source of funds. »»
Jesse Ventura
Daniel Faris
Salary Caps in America? Jesse Ventura Says 'Yes'
Jesse Ventura is a man without a country. He began his public life as a wrestler, then became an actor, and then served as the governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. »»
Grey Olivia
The Current Job Scenario in Pune
Experts suggest that the current staff in various sectors can expect a hike of up to double digits. Perhaps even at a maximum rate of 10-12% in this year. »»
Austins School of Spa Technology
ME Online

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