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Sunday, 18 January 2015


share plz. re-jigged.

From July 2014:

Part 1 / 3 - Eviction,The fraud of the banks

Published on 2 Jul 2014

Please feel free to show your support by joining our facebook group

Here is a PETITION PLEASE SIGN IT BELOW, This effects every man woman and child in the country!!!


Part 2 / 3 - Eviction, The fraud of the banks

Published on 18 Jul 2014

Part 3 / 3 - Eviction,The fraud of the banks 

Published on 31 Jul 2014

It,s 7 days since the attempted Eviction.... We Are Still Here.

Here is a PETITION - PLEASE SIGN IT BELOW, This effects every man woman and child in the country!!!!



Stop Barclays funding Israeli drone-makers El-Bit in an arms embargo


To: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

Stop Barclays funding Israeli drone-makers El-Bit in an arms embargo

of 600 signatures

Campaign created by Steve Wallis Icon-email

We call on you to demand that Barclays Bank divests from the Israeli arms company El-Bit (Elbit Systems) as part of the arms embargo that Baroness Warsi and Nick Clegg are asking for. This company's drones have been used to bomb Gaza killing countless civilians.

Why is this important?

The vast majority of people around the world who have witnessed scenes from Gaza on TV or social media, as that tiny strip of land has been pounded by Israeli forces including tanks and bulldozers on the ground and fighter jets and drones in the air, cannot help but empathise with the Palestinian civilians living (and dying) there, men, women, children and babies alike.

On 5 August 2014, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resigned as a Foreign Office minister due to the unwillingness of the government to sufficiently condemn Israel's attacks on the people of Gaza, and specifically say that they have killed a "disproportionate" number of civilians. This is significant because that word could imply that Israel is guilty of war crimes. She has called for arms sales from the UK to Israel to stop, and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has joined in that call.

If such an arms embargo is imposed, it should include forcing Barclays to withdraw its investment from El-Bit. Its drones have bombed Gaza, according to BankTrack: 

NB: That website also reveals that Deutsche Bank has previously been forced by campaigners to end its investment in El-Bit: 

The problems in the Middle East in general (and Palestine in particular) go back to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, when the British politicians Arthur Balfour and David Lloyd George promised Jews a homeland in Palestine, despite the fact that many more Palestinians than Jews were already living there.

Attempts by Israeli politicians to blame Hamas for starting the recent conflict (or current one if the ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli troops didn't hold) deliberately fail to mention the blockade by Israel and Egypt since 2007. They also fail to mention the occupation of large areas of Palestine, the building of settlements and the stealing of natural resources. I don't support Hamas but recognise that they came to power in a democratic election.

I'm personally a democratic international socialist, and I see socialism (which will probably happen in the West first) as vital for solving the long-term tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, and indeed people of different religions and none. You don't need to be a socialist to sign this e-petition though!

We should also organise on the streets (including at branches of Barclays as part of the anti-war movement) and you may also like to sign an earlier e-petition I created building support for a boycott (which, unlike this one, you can sign without a UK postcode): 

Also, please share this petition, via email, Twitter and Facebook. Note that the facilities to share via Facebook are particularly powerful with 38 Degrees - you can post on your own timeline (wall) on the timelines of your friends, to groups you are in and to pages you are an administrator of. Let's make this petition snowball, to exert maximum pressure on Philip Hammond and Barclays.

UK: London Palestine activists arrested for Elbit occupation