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The jury asked for them and was refused and I asked for them, of course, as there is no record of any restraining order ever being served on me in the cells.
CPS, police, judges and CCRC have them but we cannot…..does it stink?

Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) has washed its hands of the case as further proof of the wide spread corruption within Cardoiff’s criminal courts is usually kept well under wraps 
MUSA six children snatch by Harringay Council is what it is actually all about…(.I was prevented from exposing the disgusting law firm (name later) in Kilburn High Street stealing the legal aid whilst pretending to be acting for a couple then gaoled for 7 years.
I was arrested for ‘failing to attend’ the vital hearing for their release…..just minutes after the ‘restraining order ‘ was attempted to be stuffed into my pocket as I was being dragged out of my cell by very irrate five Geomey custody officers wanting to go home ! (Cardiff prison was ordered NOT to produce me!.)

Leaked HM Internal Memos.pdf

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