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Sunday, 19 April 2015




International Business Times UK

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange agrees to meet Swedish prosecutors in Ecuadorian embassy in ...
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has agreed to be interviewed by Swedish prosecutors in London, where he is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy ...
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Yahoo News UK

Wikileaks shared juicy One Direction e-mails and Directioners are freaking out
The website has republished all of the documents accessed by hackers during the now infamous cyber attack on the film studio. Among the e-mails ...
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Entertainment Tonight


'It's Semi-Sanctioned Piracy': Wikileaks Sony Files Expose Feud With Netflix
But that was just the tip of the iceberg, as emails released by Wikileaks yesterday have indicated. Amongst the chief gripes Sony has with Netflix are ...
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PetaPixel (blog)

WikiLeaks' Sony Docs: A7r II, A6000 II, and RX Cameras Coming. A-Mount Left to Die?
WikiLeaks has just published a massive collection of emails and documents that were leaked through the 2014 Sony hack. Among the documents was ...
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Bloomberg View

Benner on Tech: WikiLeaks Reveals More Sony Secrets
WikiLeaks made it easy to search lots of the documents and e-mails that were released by Sony's hackers. If you decide to go down the rabbit hole of ...
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Conference News

Wikileaks boss appears hybrid-style at Glasgow conference
The WikiLeaks editor-in-chief did not made a dash north from his hideout in the Ecuadorean embassy, but used hybrid technology to appear virtually.
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Irish Independent

Sony Wikileaks: Colin Farrell turned down millions to spend time with his kids
The emails were among 200,000 internal Sony Pictures Entertainment documents and emails published this week on the WikiLeaks website.
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WikiLeaks Posts Uncharted Movie Details, Looks Like It Could Be Awesome
Before we get in to juicy details I would like to mention that we had a lengthy discussion if should we post this at all, after all the information is ...
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Sony Leaks
How did I get on this list? Also Ryan seacrest? Sent from my iPhone. Begin forwarded message: From: Ryan Kavanaugh <RK@knightg.com>
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Cameron Crowe Cracks Joke About Bruce Jenner's Gender Transition in WikiLeaks Sony Email
Will it ever end? WikiLeaks released thousands of Sony emails on Thursday, April 16 — and it's not pretty. In an October 2014 exchange with Sony ...
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WikiLeaks Makes It Easy To Access Hacked Sony Pictures Information
WikiLeaks has posted a searchable archive of more than 170,000 emails and 30,000 private documents belonging to Sony Pictures Entertainment.

WikiLeaks Makes It Easy To Access

 Hacked Sony Pictures Information

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Large amounts of data hacked from Sony Pictures last year have been made public online by WikiLeaks (Damian Dovarganes / AP)

WikiLeaks has posted a searchable archive of more than 170,000 emails and 30,000 private documents belonging to Sony Pictures Entertainment. The movie conglomerate reacted angrily to the news on Thursday, saying that it condemned the indexing of stolen employee and other privileged information.
The data was hacked in November of last year, revealing multiple embarrassing e-mail exchanges between Sony executives and personal information from thousands of employees, including social security numbers.
U.S. officials believe the North Korean government was behind the hack, done in retaliation against the Sony Pictures film, The Interview, in which North Korean leader Kim Kim Jong Un is assassinated by two American journalists with help from the U.S. government.
The scandal surrounding the hack led to The Interview's release being cancelled, then rolled out on a much smaller scale online and in independent movie theater chains. Theaters across the country refused to release the film after ominous threats were made against them, allegedly from the same group that hacked the data.
In announcing this week's information cache, WikiLeaks said on their website that "the original archives, which were not searchable, were removed before the public and journalists were able to do more than scratch the surface." It went on to say that the data offers "a rare insight into the inner workings of a large, secretive multinational corporation.
The email exchanges, WikiLeaks said, shows that behind the scenes the movie powerhouse is an influential corporation, with ties to the White House. (There are almost 100 U.S. government email addresses in the archive). It has "an ability to impact laws and policies, and with connections to the US military-industrial complex."WikiLeaks pointed to Sony's ties to the Democratic Party and the Rand Corporation, as well as allegations of "collecting intelligence" on rival pictures.
WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange said Sony is "at the centre of a geo-political conflict," that the data belongs in the public domain, and that WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there.
Sony issued a statement in response to WikiLeaks posting of the data:
The cyber-attack on Sony Pictures was a malicious criminal act, and we strongly condemn the indexing of stolen employee and other private and privileged information on WikiLeaks. The attackers used the dissemination of stolen information to try to harm SPE and its employees, and now WikiLeaks regrettably is assisting them in that effort. We vehemently disagree with WikiLeaks' assertion that this material belongs in the public domain and will continue to fight for the safety, security, and privacy of our company and its more than 6,000 employees."
Sony has previously told media outlets that the hacked data is "stolen information" and said those who had it in their possession should destroy it.
Copyright 2015 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.
Source: NPR

source:  https://www.wnyc.org/story/wikileaks-makes-it-easy-to-access-hacked-sony-pictures-information/