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Saturday, 6 June 2015

ENTITY ATTACKS / OPEN LINES - C2C AM RADIO 5 JUNE '15 - with Dave Schrader

above:  pts. 1 + 2  Entity Attack

above: pts. 1 + 2 Open Lines
Entity Attack/ Open Lines

Date: June 5

Host: Dave Schrader
Guests:  G. L. Davies,  Open Lines

Entity Attacks

Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal researcher Gavin Lee Davies, who discussed an aggressive haunting in a small Welsh town in which a tormented young couple fought to keep their home and their lives together after a terrifying and ferocious entity attack. Davies said he interviewed the couple separately and believes their story to be genuine. As with many hauntings things began small, with doors opening on their own and things going missing, then quickly escalated, Davies explained. 
The couple described seeing a vague apparition, like a smudge, moving a few feet off the floor, Davies reported. "Every night this little smudge, which you could only see through your peripheral, would get closer, and closer, and closer," he said. One night it walked over and stood in front of the television as the couple watched, Davies added. They reported feeling an oppressive presence in their bathroom, hearing the sound of people running up and down the stairs, as well as somebody moving around in their attic space, he continued. The experience tore their relationship apart, Davies revealed, noting that his research uncovered seven couples who had previously lived in the house and their relationships had also dissolved. The entity may have been fueled by the destruction of love, he suggested.
Davies shared a chilling account of a not-so-imaginary friend as well as his own terrifying encounter with the Stinking men of Pembroke Castle in Wales. According to Davies, a man-shaped form appeared in the center of his group's circle as they held a séance within the castle's stone keep. Davies recalled seeing the form move toward a man to his right then appear directly in front of him. A terrible smell accompanied it, he noted. "It wasn't just the smell, it was the feeling of dread inside... this thing was sucking out the very essence of me, my soul," he said. When a second entity emerged from the center of the circle the séance participants ran away, Davies disclosed. "I would not want to meet those [entities] again," he declared.

During Open Lines, Leanne recalled seeing a flood of spirits enter her apartment after renovations began on an historic building in her neighborhood of Oak Park, Illinois. "They were all dressed in early 1920's outfits, there was a man in a rocking chair, and a woman in a long dress," she said. Leanne shared a particular encounter she had with the ghost of a little girl who appeared in her bed. Her head was at the foot of the bed and her feet by my head, Leanne remembered, wondering why she had appeared in that orientation. Miles in Buena Park, California, told Dave about the time a mysterious force pushed him out of the way before he was struck by a flat of sheet metal. "My journeyman even saw the handprints on the back of my shirt," he said. Michael from Albany, New York, described an encounter with an Old Hag who sat on him and made it difficult to breath. According to Michael, he was able to ward off the Old Hag with a special chant.