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Sunday, 21 June 2015


Petitioning Justice Anna PAUFFLEY

SIGN HERE =  https://www.change.org/p/justice-anna-pauffley-justice-pauffley-please-honour-the-residence-order-put-in-place-in-2011-assigning-residence-of-the-children-to-their-mother-and-please-order-a-thorough-and-comprehensive-investigation-of-the-original-disclosures-thankyou-from-th?just_created=true

Justice Pauffley, please honour the RESIDENCE ORDER put in place in 2011 assigning residence of the children to their MOTHER, and please order a THOROUGH and comprehensive investigation of the original disclosures. THANKYOU from the public.

video: Detective Sergeant ‘I Believe Ella Draper’ – Hampstead Whistleblower Kids

The mother of the 2 “Whistleblower Kids” witness statement video, and another interview with Alfred. L. Webre, both from March 2015:  https://butlincat.wordpress.com/2015/05/30/hampstead-sra-mother-ella-drapers-statement/

284 Supporters

The childrens’ Mother who has not once been maligned in the childrens’ testimony did EVERYTHING by the book, responsibly and thoroughly to report the most DISTURBING, corroborated, good faith and CONVINCING disclosures by her two beautiful children of SEVERE SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND MENTAL ABUSE at the hands of an alleged paedophile ring headed by their FATHER operating in Hampstead London UK.
The grandparents have done everything in their power to support the Mother even offering to bring the children to Russia and raise them on her behalf BUT THE MOTHER HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG and the allegations against her were malicious and ill founded. Her partner Abraham CHRISTIE raised the alarm as to possible reasons for the childrens’ extreme distress and acting out, for which Ella had sought professional help.  Ella though distraught had not imagined in her worst nightmares the cause, nor did she know how to help the children disclose…she just knew as did Abe that for their safety and protection…..in the Childrens’ BEST INTERESTS….THEY HAD TO TELL!
ABE had only known the children a short while and therefore is NOT a suspect for CHRONIC SEXUAL ABUSE including medically-confirmed SCARRING. Scape-goating Mr Christie is not just unfair it potentially allows the crimes reported and medically confirmed by a renowned expert to go INADEQUATELY INVESTIGATED and unpunished!
THE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN ‘IN CARE’ FOR NINE MONTHS NOW and they NEED their loving and consistently devoted MOTHER to start the healing process from the nightmare they thought by disclosing they had ESCAPED…..
THE HEARING TO DECIDE ON RESIDENCE (why?) OF THE CHILDREN, which had been given to the Mother uncontested back in 2011 IS IN EARLY AUGUST
We need a minimum 100,000 signatures before then to generate representation in PARLIAMENT and save these children from the possibility of being returned to the FATHER they disclosed about in fear of their lives
PLEASE sign and share. You will be updated weekly with as much information as available (A LOT) and we thank you in anticipation of your SUPPORT
Please EVERYONE gather as many signatures as you can to have Justice Pauffley concur that the sign of an HONOURABLE Leader is to admit when mistakes are made and correct them
Letter to
Justice Anna PAUFFLEY
Justice Pauffley, please honour the RESIDENCE ORDER put in place in 2011 assigning residence of the children to their MOTHER, and please order a THOROUGH and comprehensive investigation of the original disclosures. THANKYOU from the public.

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    Petition update

    Thanks to all who have signed and shared…. We need approximately 2,000 signatures a day to reach our goal of 1000,000 by the Hearing Date! If a TV personality got a million to reverse his sacking we can surely do this for…