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Saturday, 4 July 2015


Parts 1 - 4 - Area 51 Revelations, Alien Implants, & Nanotechnology

Parts 1 - 4 -  Area 51 Revelations, Alien Implants, & Nanotechnology

Date: Sunday 28 June '15

Host: George Knapp
Guests: Jeremy Corbell, John Lear, Gene Huff, Patient Seventeen                                   

1st hour:  George Knapp welcomed documentary filmmaker, artist, and researcher, Jeremy Corbell, for a discussion on his various film projects which cover topics such as ufological icons John Lear and Bob Lazar, alien implants, and a scientist working with advanced nanotechnology. Corbell traced his interest in Lear back to a fascination with the aviator's controversial and revelatory statements about UFOs in the 1980's. He credited Lear's willingness to be filmed as the veritable starting point for all of his subsequent projects as "it was like a whole world of conspiracy opened up to me." Joining the program in the first hour, Lear recounted his early interest in UFOs and how he originally heard of Area 51 during his pursuit of information surrounding the then-secret SR-71 aircraft.

During the second hour, Corbell revealed how he has found a new witness to the Bob Lazar story: a man named Dr. Robert Krangal, who recalled working alongside the infamous whistleblower at Los Alamos National Lab in the 1980's. According to Corbell, Krangal produced a wealth of documentation that verified his own background and, thus, makes the account of his time at Los Alamos extremely credible. Corbell argued that this testimony strongly refutes the longstanding skeptical stance that, since Lazar's educational background cannot be verified, then he was unlikely to have worked at Los Alamos or Area 51. "On the record, we have him at Los Alamos," Corbell said, "maybe people should start considering the seemingly outlandish and impossible thing that Lazar might be telling you the truth." Gene Huff joined the program during the second hour to reflect on his role in Lazar's story.

In the third hour, Corbell was joined by a man known as 'Patient Seventeen,' who was the final implant extraction patient of the late Dr. Roger Leir. Having filmed Seventeen's surgery and befriending him following the procedure, Corbell recalled being struck by how the death of Leir left the man with no direction as to how to decipher what had been extracted from him. As such, Corbell ultimately sent the object to a lab where it was revealed to contain 35 different alloys and is "absolutely, one hundred percent anomalous." Patient Seventeen noted that it was Corbell's friendship and skill as a filmmaker which allowed him to let his guard down and participate with the film, as he would have otherwise moved on with his life after the surgery, since he has no desire for publicity for his case nor notoriety for being a possible alien implant victim. 

During the final hour, Corbell provided an update on his work documenting the research of a nanotechnology expert dubbed 'Nano Man.' He noted that, although his project originally just focused on Nano Man's work involving an advanced propulsion system, the enigmatic scientist confided in him that the motivation for his research came from being shown advanced alien technology. Later, Nano Man showed him a vial of liquid that appeared to be merely water and had been "collected at an abduction site." He claimed that within that substance was a "highly ordered, fabricated nanotechnology that we could not produce here on Earth." After Corbell expressed skepticism about this claim, Nano Man allowed him to have it analyzed by a scientist at NASA, who was astonished to see what seemed to be nano machinery that was far more advanced than anything that can be created by humans today.

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