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Thursday, 23 July 2015


Child rapist tracked down, confronted and attacked in police station by vigilante group

The three-minute clip shows the group kicking and punching Danny Ward while one man shouts: "That’s the way the f***ing child was you f***ing scumbag... you f***ing animal" 
Child rapist Danny Ward
Vigilantes: Convicted rapist Danny Ward was attacked in a police station by a vigilante group

A child rapist was tracked down and attacked by a vigilante group who then posted shocking footage of the assault on social media.
The three-minute clip shows the group approach Danny Ward, who was imprisoned for raping a young girl, after they found him taking refuge in a police station.
The video begins with a man announcing: "I got confirmation that Danny Ward, paedophile, is at the Garda station in Dun Laoghaire."
He adds that he is "waiting for troops" before catching a glimpse of the man inside the station, reports the Irish Mirror .
Rounding up several friends, the gang make their way into the station before Ward's face is featured through glass for the first time.
The cameraman says he is about to interview the rapist, before he asks: "So Danny, why did you do what you (did) mate? Explain to me please, for my viewers."

Do you regret what you done? Yeah? I'd say you do."
The man then sings the chorus of Cher's hit If I Could Turn Back Time as a nervous Ward looks on.
The video then takes a more sinister turn as a Snapchat image with the caption "Knock knock Danny you pedo" is shown and a man directly confronts Ward, kicking him and shouting down at him.
The attacker growls at a cowering Ward: "“That’s the way the f***ing child was you f***ing scumbag... you f***ing animal."
He then punches Ward twice on the head and tries to kick him but slips on the tiled floor of the reception area.
The group are then shown outside the station talking to gardai, Ireland's police officers, before the cameraman declares the operation a success.
Ward is then shown with a harsh bruise starting to appear on his right eye.

The last we see of Ward is a shot of him inside the building as the man says: "Peace out brother, have a nice evening."
The uploader titled the video 'Operation Pedo Hunters' (sic) and added on Facebook: "We did what any other community would do, stop a pedophile and a possible reoffender.
"Not only did we help the children, we helped many parents who feared letting their children out.
"Dun Laoghaire boroughs, especially Monkstown Farm, do not want pedophiles living near us.
"We won't take that s**t! We are safe for now. This is only the beginning of us!"
A Garda spokesman said that they were aware of the incident.
He said: "We are aware of an alleged assault on a male yesterday afternoon.
"There have been no arrests made but investigations are continuing.
"An Garda Siochana do not comment on footage and images posted on social media."
Ward has been told he has to move to the UK if he is to have any chance of a peaceful life.
A security source told the Irish Mirror earlier this month: “It’s got to the stage that wherever he goes in this country, his face will be up on social media and he’ll be tracked down as soon as possible. "

source:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/child-rapist-tracked-down-confronted-6105222?ICID=FB_mirror_main