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Sunday, 19 July 2015



Peter has sent a message that his trial date has been delayed untill further notice.
Peter thinks  it may be later same week due to supporters being involved they dont want any fuss.
Peter also says that his trial may be delayed until later in the year.

As the deeply disturbing case of Grandma B, as Barbara Hofschroer has come to be known is now in its 8th year we thought it a good idea to remind everybody what this 86-year-old great grandmother has been forced to endure from estranged family members and their associates in North Yorkshire Police [NYP], the City of York Council [CYC] and others.

In 2007 Grandma B signed over her house to certain family members in return for the promise of care services, which they did not provide, and with the agreement she would live in it for the remainder of her life. However, these family members unlawfully evicted her in 2010 and have made several attempts to sell her house. Legal opinion here is that they have committed fraud under Sections 2 and 4 of the Fraud Act 2006.

Neither NYP nor CYC have upheald the law here and prosecuted Grandma B’s abusers.
Since April 2008, these abusive family members have made incessant attempts to seize her life savings as well, a further criminal act that NYP have refused to investigate. Instead officers of NYP have made several attempts to oloocate her life savings presumably with the intention of handing them over to her abuser for a share of the proceeds.

The most recent attempt was in July 2013 when NYP applied to York Crown court in order to facilitate this act of extortion.

Grandma B has persistently refused to hand over her money to her abusers. Instead, she gave her younger son Peter powers of attorney to run her financial and property affairs.
Since then her abusers have made over 20 sets of false allegations against Peter culminating in his detention and imprisonment in December 2014 after incriminating material was planted in her house in York as well as in Peter’s house in Austria.

On the morning of the 3rd January 2009, a couple of hours after her husband of 60 years had died Grandma B’s abusers barged into her house with a police escort, assaulted her and then hurled abuse at both her and her husbands corpse. When Peter tried to protect her, the police assaulted him and threatened to arrest him.[see youtube interview with Sonia Poulton dated 3 Feb. 2014 here:  http://www.youtu.be/PER__Kx-EPs ].

The IPCC has determined there was nothing wrong with the police action here.
Throughout the summer of 2009 the abusive family members stalked Grandma B and her carer. On one occasion, when Peter was out her abusers attempted to break in. Grandma B was so frightened that her carer has never been able to leaave her alone since.
NYP has refused to record and investigate any of these offences.

In December 2009, when Grandma B and her carer went to Austria for Christmas, a prearranged plan was implemented. Her abusers noticed she was not at home. York Social Services contacted her day club to establish she was away. Inspector Colin Moreton of North Yorkshire police had his officers make enquiries with neighbours to confirm this.

On 22nd february 2010 Grandma Bs aledged abusers forced entry to her house changed the locks and  unlawfully evicted her.
Neighbours called the police,who stood by and watched while Grandma Bs aledged abusers removed her belongings. 

The IPCC has determined there was nothing wrong with the police action here. In november 2010 Grandma B’s alleged abusers then made their first attempt to fraudently sell her house.

Just after that the local goverment ombudsman called on NYP and CYC to urgently reopen the safeguarding investigation in to this care as he considered the original investigation to have been irregular as NYP and CYC council withheld all evidence of abuse. Five years have passed after this call. Grandma B has still not been safeguarded. In July 2011 bailiffs acting on behalf of Grandma B regained control of her house. She made ready for her to return home, but as NYP and CYC confirmed to refuse to safeguard her, she would not.

A year later Grandma B’s aledged abusers broke in to her house again changed the locks again and started this second attempt to fradently sell her house.
NYP has failed to record and investigate this crime as well.

Grandma B’s alleged abusers contrived to force her and her carer to leave their refuge in Austria.They then went to Germany where the authorities gave them persecuted persons status. Despite that the German police broke in to their refuge on 6 May 2014 and handed her over to the abusers, who brought her back to York,where they are alleged to have continued to abuse her.
NYP has refused to record and investigate these crimes.

Grandma Bs abusers then had the DWP [Department For Work And Pensions]  divert her pension in to a bank account under their control. They then put her house on the market. NYP have refused to record and investigate these crimes. All Grandma B wants are to spend her remaining days living in her own home in peace and safety in the care of her loyal son Peter. Instead of that,she has been kidnapped, then handed over to her aledged abusers,who are plundering her assets unhindered, while her loyal son is held allegedly in jail unlawfully so he cannot do anything about this.

In the past seven years, Grandma B has been the victim of serious criminal offences including fraud, extortion, kidnapping, theft, and harrassment. The perportrators of these crimes aledegedly include family members, North Yorkshire police and the City of York council, York social services, goverment officials, judiciary, and politicians.

When are these people going to stop abusing Grandma B ?

Grandma B recently smuggled a letter [below] past her captors to her loyal son Peter. We have reproduced it here. Sadly, she is too old to write it so she got a visitor to write it for her. The words are clearly hers and the signature genuine.

This letter shows all the accusations against her loyal son Peter are fake. Peter did write back with information on how Grandma B can visit him but she has been prevented from doing so which is emotional abuse.

This is how the police and social services treat the elderly.

Sonia Poulton describes this behaviour as obscene.

For more information on this case Google the abuse of Grandma B or visit: 

LETTER: a copy of a letter from Grandma B to Peter H. – why isn’t Grandma B being taken to see Peter, her son, on remand in HMP Hull since December 2014?

The Abuse of Grandma B: Update 1st July 2015

There have been significant developments in this case since the unlawful abduction of Peter Hofschroer, Grandma B’s carer, on 1st December 2014.Since being kidnapped from her refuge in Germany in May 2014, Grandma B’s abusers have been holding her prisoner in York. .A report from York Social Services indicates she is fully aware that corrupt police officers were party to her abduction.  

Grandma B also told the social workers that it is her wish to spend her remaining days living in peace and safety in the care of her loyal son Peter.We have also heard a few weeks ago, Grandma B managed to sneak a letter to Peter passed her abusers. She again expressed her wish to be in Peter’s care in her own home.So how have Grandma B’s captors reacted to that wish? They have placed her house on the market. This is, of course, fraud and financial abuse. How have North Yorkshire Police and York Social Services reacted to that?Her carer Peter remains in custody in HMP Hull with bail being denied him despite there being no compelling reasons to keep him locked up, as the law requires. Grandma B’s abusers seized the opportunity to not only steal her house, we have seen reports they have also seized Peter’s house in Austria. In view of the role of the Austrian judiciary and police in this sordid affair, it doesnt take much imagination as to what is going on here [see “Crimes committed by Austrian Authorities”: http://www.grandmabarbara.wordpress.com/6-crimes-committed-by-the-austrian-authorities/  

A trial date has been set for the 27th July 2015, in York Crown Court. The trial is expected to last at least one week. We have heard that it appears the “sex assault” allegation has been dropped, but that the number of “indecent images” found has increased from 6969 to around 28,000. Peter has pleaded “not guilty” to all these allegations. He also disputed every one of more than 20 different sets of allegations made against him by the police and others over the past seven years or so, all of which have been dropped due to there being no credible evidence.Last but not least is that certain of Grandma B’s abusers have had Leeds High Court issue “gagging orders” against Peter and various other journalists. As well as being ordered not to say any more about Grandma B’s case, they have also been prevented from making any further revelations in the child abuse scandal involving Savile, Jaconelli and Corrigan, as well as in the expenses controversy involving chief officers of North Yorkshire Police and their failure to investigate frauds, allegedly committed by former Police Authority chair Jane Kenyon [see articles from the “Yorkshire Post”: http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/north-yorkshire-police-musical-chairs and: http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/jane-kenyon-in-her-own-words and https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/citizen-journalists-gagged-by-north-yorkshire-police-court-action/  

The claimants here apparently include Grandma B’s abusive family members, a social worker dismissed for making false allegations against her carer, senior police officers and Jane Kenyon-Miller.What they want the court to accept is that when victims of crime are subjected to persecution by the police for having the nerve to complain about this, and journalists expose official corruption, then this amounts to harassment of the perpetrators.To any reasonable person, that is utter nonsense, but that is not how the courts seem to have seen this.Then, a letter dated 26 September 2014 is circulating in the public domain.  

It is from North Yorkshire Police and was sent to Peter stating that all the allegations of harrassment made against Peter by a group of people including Jane Kenyon have not resulted in charges being made against him as the CPS have determined there is no credible evidence.The biggest concern is the story circulating that police resources amounting to over £400,000 of public money has been spent on observing three critics of their actions and that the police appear to be funding a private civil action on behalf of civilians against a person the CPS have determined has not committed a criminal offence.It is unlikely this is lawful, but the courts do not appear to have a problem with this.We continue to remain very concerned about Grandma B. As well as being held prisoner and denied her wish to live in her own home cared for by Peter, she is being subjected to further serious financial abuse – with the support and blessing of the police and social services.Is anybody safe in Brave New Britain? 

Google “The Abuse of Grandma B”.” 


Regarding Peter Hofschroer and the background to his arrest:
 The Grandma B case: 

    Peter was arrested on the 1 December 2014 at a Yorkshire court on allegedly dubious charges and has been on remand in custody ever since, in HMP Hull, address below – video: The arrest of Peter Hofschroer 1 Dec. 2014 by Yorkshire Police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWspaHSXDOk

  THE BACKGROUND TO PETER HOFSCHROER’S ARREST ON INDECENT IMAGES CHARGES, + VIDEOS = http://www.butlincat.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/peter-hofscroer-press-releases-may-2015-outrage-the-background-to-peter-hofschroers-arrest-on-indecent-images-charges-videos/ 

Info is also on the official Grandma B site:  http://www.grandmabarbara.wordpress.com

Much is explained as to the background of the Grandma B case in this 2012 radio interview with Peter here: “GRANDMA B” RADIO INTERVIEW with PETER HOFSCHROER 8 8 2012 – video:  http://www.vid.me/9bVD 

The magazine “Private Eye” has run many articles under the heading “Rotten Boroughs” about the allegedly dubious goings-on enacted by the Yorkshire Police and those connected – as referenced on the Grandma B site.

Peter’s present address is:

Peter Hofschroer, A3324DJ, HMP Hull, Hedon Rd., Hull, HU9 5LJ

P Hofschroer 27 July ’15 trial event facebook page


See the main “Grandma B” site:  http://www.grandmabarbara.wordpress.com