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Sunday, 26 July 2015

TOM CRAWFORD: Nottinghamshire Police Caught on Camera Ignoring High Court Order at Crawford Castle

Nottinghamshire Police Caught on Camera Ignoring High Court Order at Crawford Castle
Sunday, July 26, 2015 6:58
Plus a dramatic and jaw dropping audio recording of the conversation bewteen police negotiators and the roof top demonstrators including the moment that the roof was stormed by Tactical Assault Units. 

In the early hours of Friday morning (24-07-15) capmaginers for Tom Crawford, a cancer sufferer unlwafully evicted from his home, retook the property in a daring and cleverly executed plan.
With diversionary tactics used on the unsuspecting and, quite frankly, inept security Churchill Security Ltd the campaigners made their way onto the roof and into the loft. 

The roof top demonstration had begun, the siege of Crawford Castle was underway.

Supporters of the mission to take back Tom’s house were on hand to offer encouragement as too were the local newspapers but with the rain remaining a constant throughout the day, numbers inevitibly dwindled although the Police presence remained high.

By the evening there were police vehicles from Northampton, Leicester, Mansfield and of course Manchester who had sent along their ‘Tactical Assault Unit’, known for their brutality toward Barton Moss residents and campaigners.
It would later be those very same thugs you will hear shouting as they, without any duty of care or risk assesment,  attempted to rip the roof from right under the feet of the campaigners including a pregnant woman as they stormed the building.
Below is the startling audio conversations between Police negotiators and the campaigners via two way radio, we we have published, clearly shows that the negotiators are either unaware of what action is being taken by the Manchester TAU on top of  and inside the house. or are simply in denial as several times whilst attempting to negotiate the negotiators are told by the campaigners that ‘the Assault Unit are trying to ‘Storm the building..’.  

Later reports have the campaigners only able to keep repeating ‘Storming the building, storming the building…’… to which, incredibly, the negotiator asks ‘What do you mean?..’ by the end of that assault 3 of the ‘Super Six’ had been arrested. A further 3 remained hunkered down and wedged tight in the loft. It would be the next afternoon before they surrendered their position and returned to Earth as no further assaults were made on the roof top by the TAU. Possibly due to the fact that airwaves were being monitored and recorded for evidential purposes by the activists. A fact that was revealed to the Police during the above recording.
The following morning Craig Crawford, son of Tom, fearing for the well being of the 3 remaining demonstrators on the roof threw some warm clothing and hot food to those still on the roof…..  

….and was promptly arrested for aiding and abetting a conspiracy to commit violent disorder.
Again this was charge was mentioned in the Crawfordgate tapes. At no point was there ANY violence during the taking back of the house, AND it’s a civil matter anyway… 

Here is what Craig had to say upon his release…….
“….So I was arrested at like 5am Saturday morning.. For throwing a fleece blanket up onto MY PARENTS roof. And as we all know the police had no paperwprk to prove it wasn’t theirs.. Where as I did…
I told the police I feared the people.on the roof were getting too cold and hungry and may fall off. We refused to leave them as we were the only witnesses left there and the only reason why we were still there is because i positioned my car in a point where they could be seen! And couldn’t move us!!!
The police stood infront of the car for quite a while and blocked our view purposely. (so there were no witnesses when they tried to push them down from underneath in the loft space)
They didn’t care if they fell, and had no duty of care to those brave souls! So we made it our mission to get food and dry warm clothing to them…
When they arrested us..for throwing up food and normal, non dangerous items… I asked what for..? The response was “errrr I dunno yet..(said Constable Craig pole) I’ll think of something in a minute” they then told me it was conspiracy to commit violence???????
They didn’t even know my name when this alleged offence was said to me.. So how the he’ll can they pull that one out??
I was there ALL day, peacefully they could’ve grabbed me at any time.. But throwing a blanket with food in, ontop of a roof was committing conspiracy to commit violence??? And without even knowing who I was (they were asking my name)
Well, anyways. They have taken my phones.. Which has criminal evidence on from the second of July, business contacts and I’ll need it for general use… There was a law passed that if someone stole a mobile phone.. They could get up to five years (if I remember) as it’s classed as a life line..
And theyve been made aware of that there’s criminal evidence on.. And I also told them I do not consent to them taking them…
A little short of 24 hours I was released… Now.. This is even weirder.. I was charged with breaking the skylight window… Criminal damage. And correct me of I’m wrong.. And unless I can fucking levitate and/or teleport… I didn’t I even go near that window!!! Not even close!!
Someone was apparently assaulted.. Inside the house too… Which perhaps is where the alleged original violence reference was included… And forgive me if I’m wrong.. But the people were in the LOFT. Where it was only them.. How did ANYONE manage to pass through the loft floorboards and the ceiling plaster boards below somehow passing through solid objects to assault someone in there????
Everyone’s super heroes to me in this.. But seriously… How did they grace us with super hero powers???
Now.. It’s going to a criminal court… Let’s see these fuckers produce the actual evidence to say that my parents don’t own the house. WHICH THEU FAILED TO DO ON THE DAY!! Confirming out suspicions!
I feel terrible for the brave supporters who showed heart, resilience and passion for the greater Cause!! Everyone supoorting were 1100000 times more human than those robots who assaulted us.
Here’s a twist.. NO ONE CAN BE DONE WITH BURGLARY OR TRESSPASS…WHY???? Because the police say that because my parents name is still on the bloody land registry deed!!!!
Love to everyone who’s been supporting this movement! Again, we’ve proven that the police aren’t here for us.. Only for corporations in this Case! This is growing bigger and bigger. We must push on and ensure this doesn’t happen in the future for others. Even if they’re shitting on our human rights!
I still feel terrible for the super six who are still in custody. We’re working on getting them help ASAP!!
Bless them! Thanks for your support everyone!” ~ Craig Crawford
The High Court Order issued and signed in wet ink by Master McLoud, and being shown held by Guy Taylor in the below video, is a huge break through for the Crawford family, it is clear. It demands that the original eviction Warrent be produced, which is as yet has not been.  Police SHOULD have stood down the moment that they became aware of this Order.  THEY DID NOT.
But yet the audio tapes show that, at 9 30pm, Police officers on scene claimed to know nothing about the High Court Order which the campaigners were expecting to be delivered during the day, and WAS delivered but refused.
That High Court Order, signed by Master Mcloud, stated that the Bailiff agents MUST produce the eviction Warrant, something they STILL have not done to this day. Not producing a Warrant at any eviction makes the eviction unlawful. The campaigners state that they were waiting for Master Mcloud’s High Court Order since 1 pm in the afternoon in the audio with police.
Video evidence below shows CONCLUSIVELY that the courier holding the High Court Order WAS on the scene but was PREVENTED by Police Constables from seeing that an OFFICIAL court document pertaining to the situation was delivered.

Police at Tom Crawford’s get caught bang to rights refusing to acknowledge a High Court Order The same Order referred to…

Posted by Joe Public on Sunday, 26 July 2015
The Police have been caught, Bang to Rights ignoring a High Court Order.  I suspect Nottinghamshire Police will have some explaining to do when the trial of the campaigners comes around.   Police ignoring the High Courts?  Not on my watch. 

After over 24 hours in place and with no sign of the Police allowing the OFFICIAL court documents to be delivered the remaining campaigners, who had secured themselves deep within the loft area called it a day and anounced that they would be coming down at 4 pm on Saturday, and too their credit that is exactly what they did.
Now I think it’s time for an explanation from Nottingham Police as to WHY they were involving themselves in a CIVIL MATTER (yet again) and WHY they refused to acknowledge, or act on, a HIGH COURT ORDER when presented to them. 
Yes Nottingham’s Chief Constable needs to be making a statement as to just what the f**k he thinks his Force can get away with., these questions demand answers.

source: http://www.beforeitsnews.com/the-law/2015/07/nottinghamshire-police-caught-on-camera-ignoring-high-court-order-at-crawford-castle-2456476.html