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Friday, 31 July 2015


teleSUR English
Public Media and Utilities Could be Crushed by TPP: Wikileaks
In an analysis of Wednesday's leak commissioned by Wikileaks, Kelsey concluded the TPP could carve out a “backdoor to privatization” of state ...
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The academic universe is indifferent to WikiLeaks
Let me explain: Earlier this month WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gave an interview to Germany's Der Spiegel in which he lamented over the ...
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WikiLeaks rivela l'attacco alle società pubbliche attraverso il Tpp
WikiLeaks ha pubblicato, in collaborazione con un team di media internazionali tra cui “l'Espresso”, un documento riservato sul “Trans-Pacific ...
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USA vs Staatsbetriebe - Kommerz statt Sozialstaat
Das lässt sich aus geheimen Verhandlungspapieren ableiten, an die Wikileaks gelangte und die der Süddeutschen Zeitung vorliegen.
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Huffington Post Canada
TPP Trade Deal Proposal Would See CBC, Canada Post Exist Solely For Profit
The briefing, which was obtained and released by Wikileaks, states that a “majority of TPP countries” have agreed that state-owned enterprises (SOEs) ...
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International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
Iran's State Media Launches Yet Another Attack on UN Special Rapporteur
The allegations claim that a WikiLeaks document shows the Special Rapporteur received a million dollars from Saudi Arabia in return for promising ...
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Sputnik International
Leaked TPP Docs Reveals 'One Size Fits All' Plan to Boost Multinationals
WikiLeaks has released a secret document relating to negotiations for the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which they say ...
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "ANNOUNCE: A new secret #TPP leak within the hour. Background: https://t ...
@wikileaks @Ladydus Greatest robbery/corruption of all times by multinationals/powerfull rich families. Stop Ttp/Ttip! @UN @tweedekamer24.
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Release: TPP negotiations threaten to forcibly commercialise state-owned ...
@wikileaks We need to get rid of all State bodies. ... @wikileaks what big Company will get the higest bid in to own Germany in the auction after TTIP ...