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Sunday, 5 July 2015


BBC News
The Hill
WikiLeaks: NSA spied on Brazil's president
“Our publication today shows the U.S. has a long way to go to prove its dragnet surveillance on 'friendly' governments is over,” WikiLeaks founder ...
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France rejects WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange's request for asylum
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gestures during a news conference at the Ecuadorian embassy in central London August 18, 2014.
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Standard Republic
“Wikileaks”: America spying on tens of Brazilian officials
WikiLeaks published new information on Saturday stating that the United States systematically spied on connections to senior Brazilian officials in ...
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Deutsche Welle
Frankreich will Wikileaks-Gründer Assange nicht aufnehmen
Drei Jahre sitzt er nun schon in der ecuadorianischen Botschaft in London: Nun bat Wikileaks-Aktivist Assange Frankreichs Präsidenten Hollande um ...
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Wikileaks : Assange interpelle Hollande, qui lui refuse l'asile
Le fondateur de Wikileaks, Julian Assange, a adressé une lettre ouverte à François Hollande hier, dans laquelle il évoque la possibilité de bénéficier ...
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Radio Bío-Bío
Francia rechaza un pedido de asilo del fundador de Wikileaks Julian Assange
Francia rechazó el viernes un pedido de asilo presentado por el fundador Wikileaks, el australiano Julian Assange, refugiado desde hace tres años ...
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Mintpress News (blog)
TISA Leaks Part Deux: More Evidence Of Concerted Attack On Democracy
One day after it leaked a trove of documents related to the massive, pro-corporate Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), WikiLeaks on Thursday ...
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Obama administration spied on German media as well as its government
On Thursday, WikiLeaks released more information, presumably from that surveillance, from a conversation between Merkel and her personal ...
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Media note: Assange has not submitted an asylum application to France."
@remininge @wikileaks sure 👊 ...so D-Day Part 2 can beginn.The United States Marine Corps are waiting on the coastside for him.EUSA is waiting.
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Media note: Assange did not submit an asylum application to France. He ...
@wikileaks Both AJE & RT (headline) are calling it an asylum claim. Inaccurate. Claim involves way more paperwork than a letter to Le Monde.
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "L'Elysée est en panique: https://t.co/J4t9El72E4"
wikileaks En panique? Oui, parce que le monde ne sait pas encore à quel point la France est impliquée dans le crime économique mondial.
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Do something patriotic today. Donate to @wikileaks and celebrate real ...
Donate to @wikileaks and celebrate real independence #4thofJuly https://wikileaks.org/donate/. Retweets 116; Favorites 77; Anand Mangnale Aina ...
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "RELEASE: Top Secret #Brazil NSA high priority target phone numbers https ...
@charlesfrith @wikileaks BRICS is a nightmare for some. ... @wikileaks counter espionage training ..who ever said that was a waste of time?
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WikiLeaks on Twitter: "WikiLeaks: A vigilância pode ter começado antes do governo Dilma http://t ...
@wikileaks essa recente visita de conciliação é absurda. E o pior é que é tão pouco divulgado por aqui que poucos compreendem o que se passa.
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WikiLeaks' Assange seeks asylum in France; president says no
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has failed in a bid to win asylum in France.