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Saturday, 23 January 2016


UPDATE 21 January 2016 @ 5.30am - video: the bagpipe music plays at Bournemouth train + coach concourse


So much for listening to the thousands of complaints about bombarding the homeless in Bournemouth with loud music all night to put them off attempting to sleep in public places - at the local train station, and covered car parks, etc.  Many sites where the homeless sleep at night are bombarded sound-wise from midnight onwards by loud music, courtesy of the local council, to deter the homeless from sleeping at the locations. At the beginning of December 2015 there was a news piece about this at the local train station where the homeless would gather at night -"BOURNEMOUTH, UK: "BAGPIPE MUSIC" USED TO DRIVE AWAY HOMELESS FROM TRAVEL INTERCHANGE!!" http://beforeitsnews.com/scandals/2015/12/bournemouth-uk-bagpipe-music-used-to-drive-away-homeless-from-travel-interchange-2435936.html 
Nevertheless the extra loud music continues to be played all night at the railway station and at other sites to deter homeless sleepers from congregating. Hardly any accomodation is offered to these people - just loud music. I'm told one has to be homeless for 28 days before one is eligible for the sparse housing from the council, and then the wait for that accomodation is at least 4 months minimum. 

 3 Dec. 2015:  video:


Toby Wadey / Tuesday 1 December 2015 / Bournemouth

A PETITION calling for Bournemouth council to stop using bagpipe music as a deterrent for rough sleepers has attracted almost 4,000 signatures.

The authority has deployed the tactic of playing loud music at the Travel Interchange in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour.
This strategy was adopted after reports that commuters felt intimidated by the growing number of homeless people drinking there and using it as a place to sleep at night.
But protestor Carla Johnson, who has recently moved away from the town to Essex, has launched a petition against the scheme, claiming it “goes against the morals of the majority of Bournemouth residents”.
“At a time of year when the weather is becoming increasingly cold and wet Bournemouth council should be finding a solution to help the homeless in our town, not to drive them away,” she said.
“Playing loud music at the interchange is in no way a solution as it will simply move the homeless people on to another area in the town.”
She added: “By offering no support, I believe the issues the council have with the homeless will only worsen.

“These people need our support, and not to be treated like wild animals, driven out of one area to the next.” Ms Johnson told the Daily Echo she plans to send the petition, which as of Friday evening had accumulated 3,804 supporters, to the council.

“I understand why the council has decided to do this in terms of giving the right impression to tourists,” she said. “But the people of Bournemouth are friendly people and this goes against their nature – nobody chooses to be homeless and we should be looking at different ways to help.”

A Bournemouth council spokesperson said: “The playing of music was done in this particular location in the town to address a very specific anti-social behaviour problem of intimidating begging and other issues.”   

The spokesperson also dismissed an accusation in the petition that the authority had recently closed a soup kitchen, pointing out it does not have the power to do this unless there is a food safety issue.

And cabinet member for planning and environment, Cllr David Smith, said: “The playing of music at the station is one tiny part of the wider approach which includes close working with the police and the use of enforcement measures where appropriate in order to motivate people to assist them in changing their behaviour. Alongside this, however, we always offer people the accommodation and support they need and achieve many successes with this as people safely move inside.”
source: http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/districts/bournemouth/14114471.4_000_tell_council_____Stop_using_bagpipe_music_to_drive_away_homeless___/

What's next? this? 

 "Oxford City Council 'criminalising homelessness'" 13 April 2015


Interview with Hope for Food Founder Claire Matthews

Hope for Food is a Food bank and soup kitchen focussed in Bournemouth, where families can come and receive food, clothes and support. Claire Matthews, founder of Hope for Food describes the charities aims and pressures over the Christmas season, in this interview.

Are you busiest at this time of year, on the build up to Christmas?
Yes its really busy this time of year, we’re feeding at least 30 families each time, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, as well we work on Saturdays, we need to because there’s just so many people who need feeding.

Who is the charity aiming at?
We aim to help homeless people in Bournemouth particularly vulnerable people. Usually people in shared accommodation. People with a lack of heat or eat and we get help a lot of families as well.

How is Food For Hope making a difference?
If we didn’t feed these people, they wouldn’t eat it is as simple as that, we don’t act like a food bank providing hampers. We work differently, people who are under the breadline come to us and we feed them.

Do lots of people get involved?
We get loads of volunteers. At the moment we have up to 60, and we usually get an extra 30 for Christmas. If it wasn’t for the volunteers, then we wouldn’t be able to feed so many people.

Are you the biggest soup kitchen charity in Bournemouth?
I wouldn’t go as far to say we’re the biggest, but we work hard on a lot of nights throughout the week, and we’ve only been running for 2 years now. 

Story Info

HOPEFORFOOD, Bournemouth

Helping hands, when we're most needed

About Hope for Food

Hope for Food is a local charity based in Bournemouth, set up and run entirely by volunteers.
The organisation was founded by Claire Matthews in 2012 with the aim of providing lifes basic essentials on a day to day basis to people in need of help due to the current economic climate.
We also aim to try and bring a little happiness back into the lives of people who perhaps, through no fault of their own, find themselves without things most of us take for granted, such as food and shelter.
We run three soup kitchens a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings and we also have a large stock of food items, clothes, shoes and bedding donated by our supporters.

Get Involved

The support we receive from individuals, businesses and volunteers is an essential ingredient that enables us to continue to deliver our vital services to the local homeless and those in need.
In whichever way you choose to get involved from donating your time, money or goods you are making an enormous difference as without such generosity we would simply not exist.


Become a ‘Hope for Food’ volunteer.
Help cook and serve food for the soup kitchens


Become a ‘Hope for Food’ fundraiser and
raise some money on our behalf


Support an upcoming
‘Hope for Food’ event

Getting Involved

Volunteer We are always looking for people to help cook and serve food for our soup kitchens that we run three evenings a week; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
If you would like to help in other ways, we are always looking for support behind the scenes with administration, clothes sorting, organising events and linking up with local businesses.
Please e-mail Hope for Food and let us know how you would like to help.

Fundraiser The support we get from people raising money on our behalf is critical to our fundraising, If you would like to hold an event on our behalf we would be very grateful.
This could be organising a cake sale, hosting a coffee morning or completing a parachute jump!
Please let us know as we may be able to help with collection tins and posters plus we can help advertise via our Facebook page if you would like!

Supporter We run a number of events each year in order to raise funds and promote the work we do as a charity.
Join our fundraising team or come along to a future event and support us that way.
If you would like to know more about our upcoming events, please check our Facebook page.


You can donate to us by texting a donation from your mobile by simply texting 'HFFD16'
and the amount you wish to donate to: 70070 (eg: HFFD16 £10.00)
You can also donate using PayPal by clicking on the 'Donate' button below.
Alternatively, we are always in need of non-perishable food, toiletries, clothing, sleeping bags and much more.
Anything you could give would help us so very much, so please email us or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

Thank You