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Friday, 22 April 2016

PRINCE, R.I.P. Prince Death Investigation | New Details 5/5/16 + THE 911 CALL - MEDIA TABLOID REPORTS THE PASSING OF PRINCE 22 APRIL 2016

Prince Death Investigation | New Details [BREAKING NEWS]  5 MAY 2016 

911 Caller at Paisley Park to Dispatcher: “Yes, It’s Prince”    

Carver County, MN = Sheriff makes brief statement and will take questions from reporters.The world was stunned into silence on Wednesday after learning of the death of music icon Prince Rogers Nelson. All that mainstream media initially reported was that Prince was found dead at Paisley Park Studios. Since then the
Associated Press has gained access to the 911 call from Carver County Sheriff’s Office.
What we now know is that an unidentified man made a call to 911 at 9:43 a.m. after finding Prince dead.
Read the full 911 transcript below:
Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”
Unidentified Male: “Hi there, um, what’s the address, here? Yea we need an ambulance right now.”
Dispatcher: “OK.”
Unidentified Male: We have someone who is unconscious.
Dispatcher: OK, what’s the address?
Unidentified Male: Um, we’re at Prince’s house.
Dispatcher: OK, does anybody know the address? Is there any mail around that you could look at?
Unidentified Male: Yea, yea, OK, hold on.
Dispatcher: OK, your cellphone’s not going to tell me where you’re at, so I need you to find me an address.
Unidentified Male: Yea, we have um, yea, we have um, so, yea, um, the person is dead here.
Dispatcher: OK, get me the address please.
Unidentified Male: OK, OK, I’m working on it.

Dispatcher: Concentrate on that.
Unidentified Male: And the people are just distraught.
Dispatcher: I understand they are distraught, but —
Unidentified Male: I’m working on it, I’m working on it.
Dispatcher: OK, do we know how the person died?
Unidentified Male: I don’t know, I don’t know.
Dispatcher: OK.
Unidentified Male: Um, so we’re, we’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we are at the home of Prince.
Dispatcher: You’re in Minneapolis?
Unidentified Male: Yea, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Dispatcher: You’re sure you are in Minneapolis?
Unidentified Male: That’s correct.
Dispatcher: OK, have you found an address yet?
Unidentified Male: Yea, um, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I need, I need the address here?
Unidentified Female: 7801.
Unidentified Male: 7801.
Dispatcher: 7801 what?
Unidentified Male: Paisley Park, we are at Paisley Park.
Dispatcher: You’re at Paisley Park, OK, that’s in Chanhassen. Are you with the person who’s …
Unidentified Male: Yes, it’s Prince.
Dispatcher: OK.
Unidentified Male: The person.
Dispatcher: OK, stay on the line with me.
Unidentified Male: OK
(phone ringing)
Ridgeview Ambulance dispatcher: Ambulance, Shirley.
Dispatcher: Carver with the transfer for Paisley Park Studios, 78.
Ambulance dispatcher: Paisley Park Studios, OK.
Dispatcher: 7801 Audubon Road.
Ambulance dispatcher: OK.
Dispatcher: We have a person down, not breathing.
Ambulance dispatcher: Down, not breathing.
Dispatcher: Yup.
Unidentified Male: He’s, he’s —
Dispatcher: We’re going to get everybody, go ahead with the transmittal sir.
(Carver County Dispatcher 2 comes on line)
Ambulance dispatcher: Yea, Kayley, this is Shirley at Ridgeview. You can cancel anybody going to Aubudon, confirmed DOA.
Dispatcher 2: OK, thank you.
Ambulance dispatcher: All right, thanks, bye.
source:   http://yourblackworld.net/2016/04/22/911-caller-at-paisley-park-to-dispatcher-yes-its-prince/