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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


On 25 May 2016 at 11:10, Brian Docherty wrote:
“In the past four months we have had our house set on fire during the night to kill my wife and I – three days after we were ordered to remove the youtube videos you have blogged.

We were under intense surveillance at this time. This has been our way of life for 22 months. Only two days ago our house was broken into and our female german shepherd tasered above the eye.

The corrupt Judge in Letterkenny ordered us on the 13th January to remove the videos and told my wife and I we were going to prison. he read our personal emails of mine to supporters and demanded to know the receipients.!

The judge actually had most of the hearing without my wife and I present which is illegal – but then so has everything.

Their continuous goal to have my wife and I sectioned has been replaced with murder.

Special branch were in attendance and he was incensed by the videos 6 weeks prior to the Irish election.

We were held up and kidnapped in Northern Ireland a few weeks later by men who did not deny they were PSNI.

Our car was destroyed after setting off for our second meeting with investigative journalists at RTE in Dublin. We live in County Donegal.

We are not even allowed to see our children for the past four months. This was after I took a camera phone picture of our baby’s black eye received in ‘care’ Two of the social workers are unregistered and one is a former parole officer. This was our baby’s third injury in three weeks in January.

We have been denied legal aid and the right to three appeals that my wife and I have lodged.

They had a psychiatrist in attendance to section us at the court house.

This list could go on and on.

Thanks for posting the videos – my wife and I put them back on we have not choice.

best wishes”

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