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Sunday, 15 May 2016

The SNOOPER'S CHARTER bill is being rushed through parliament that will make mass surveillance and bulk storage of our personal data legal!!!

Will you tweet @BTCare right now and ask why it won't stand up against the Snoopers' Charter ?

BT’s tagline may be ‘It’s good to talk’ -- but the telecoms giant isn’t talking straight with us.
Almost 2,500 of us sent in our comments to BT, telling the company why we want it to speak out against the Snoopers’ Charter. That’s the bill being rushed through parliament that will make mass surveillance and bulk storage of our personal data legal.

Here are some of my favourite comments (SumOfUs members are the best!):
For BT to stay silent on this issue is a brand damaging exercise as it could be seen as collusion. The very least the company can do is to inform its shareholders and customers about exactly what it is being asked to do - Martin Staley
If BT do not speak out against the Snoopers’ Charter, then I will for the 1st time in over 15 years, stop being a BT customer and will definitely sell all of my accumulated shares that I have bought in BT over the years - Manoj Mistry

It took 6 weeks, but we got a reply from BT on Tuesday. You can read the letter below, and judge for yourself whether it allays your concerns.
Personally, it doesn’t reassure me that BT is listening. It doesn’t make clear how far the government would have to go before BT stands up and speaks out against mass surveillance of its customers.
If you agree, tweet its customer complaints account @BTCare and ask why it won’t speak out against the Snoopers’ Charter. 

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You can use these samples or use your own words:

.@BTCare Do you care about your customers or the @ukhomeoffice more? Speak out against the Snoopers’ Charter http://bit.ly/1TOK2Gn/
Every move you make every breath you take Theresa May will be watching you. Helped by @BTcare & the Snooper’s Charter http://bit.ly/1TOK2Gn/
.@BTCare why won’t you speak out against the Snooper’s Charter? It's a breach of the Human Rights Convention http://bit.ly/1TOK2Gn/

BT will get the message loud and clear -- we expect our communications providers to stand on the side of its customers, not with a government that is trying to invade our privacy and breach human rights.

What an amazing community this is of people coming together to hold our corporations accountable.

Thanks for all that you do,
Hanna, Sondhya, and the team at SumOfUs.org

P.S. Don't have twitter? You can still have an impact by forwarding this email to someone who does!

More information:
BT response to SumOfUs members, 10th May 2016Investigatory powers bill: the key points, The Guardian, 4th November 2015


Just how many law abiding citizens are being abused under this "charter"? “SNOOPERS CHARTER RULED UNLAWFUL” + #spycops [“#Undercover Policing” abuse] + #GCHQ #SPYING, #SNOWDEN, MASS #SURVEILLANCE + archive


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