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Sunday, 5 June 2016

HAMPSTEAD SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE: “ANATOMY OF A COVERUP” – based on The IPCC Appeal document 01 June + Ella interviews

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Received 01/06/16:

“This is based on The IPCC Appeal document and we would encourage supporters to contact the IPCC with thoughts or something along those lines.



What exactly did the medical reports state?
The police initially attempted to undermine the findings of Dr Hodes and now state that they never received the reports until January 2015 and therefore were not aware of it’s findings. Is it feasible that the findings of a police instructed doctor are not communicated to the police? The police were fully aware of the contents of the medical reports and the conclusive findings. To understand the position of the police, it is important to know what is contained within the reports as that would  explain why it is necessary for the police to keep their position of undermining / ignoring the findings and stating that they did not receive the reports until January 2015, as it did not support their “investigation” strategy.
The examinations of the children by Dr Hodes were on 15th and 16th September 2014, after the children were kidnapped /taken into police custody. During the police “investigation”, Dr Hodes prepared 3 reports dated 15th, 16th and 22nd September respectively.
Conclusion of reports dated 15th September 2014, examination date 12th September 2014.
Both the reports dated 15th September 2014 are addressed to a Chantelle Stevens of Family Services and Social work. The fifth and final page of both reports has an address blacked out. This is the address of the police and the name of the person this report was sent to in the police department. The police have claimed that they did not receive this report until January 2015 .
The medical report states;
“(G) In both the general physical examinations of G today, there are physical signs that are consistent with the allegations given by both G and A. The scar in the anus is from a healed fissure, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that he has alleged. In summary, G has physical signs that support his allegations of both physical and sexual abuse”
“In general physical and genital examination of A today, there was evidence of findings consistent with the allegations given by A. These were of inflicted physical injury – physical abuse and insertion of a blunt penetrating instruments into her anus. The scars in her anus are from healed fissures, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that she has alleged”

Report dated 16th September 2014, examination date 16th September 2014.
This report, drafted after Dr Hodes attended strategy meetings on 8th and 15th September 2014, has details of how both children have been repeating their allegations to the foster carers. Upon seeing Vaseline in a shop, G says “is that what they put on my bottom” referring to abuse “from their dad and his friends including Mr. Hollings“
Within the report;
‘A’ described a ‘plastic willy’ to the foster carer and that their ‘dad makes them in his shed’.
‘A’ describes how “’Vaseline original’ in a square container was used on their ‘bottoms and willies’” and sometimes they inserted “plastic willies in her bottom” but sometimes “real willies”. Both children said it hurt less with real willies but that the perpetrators wanted it to hurt them so they used a plastic willy”.
“They also said that they did not want it to hurt so much that it scarred otherwise their mother might discover this when she bathed them” This suggests that the perpetrators took active measures to ensure that the abuse was kept secret and hidden from the mother, Ella Gareeva.

“They both experienced bleeding from their bottoms afterwards…given a wet tissue to wipe it with. They described how they wiped blood or sometimes ‘white stuff’ that came from willies’.
“When asked why they did not tell their mother whilst this was happening, they said they were too scared as their father had told them that he would kill their whole family if they told”
The report describes how the children have nightmares of their “dad killing them” and G said “that he suddenly remembers what happened and his eyes go blurry. He then sees monsters and if he closes his eyes he sees ‘a picture of his dad killing him”. We cannot begin to imagine the amount of pain and fear G must have been going through when he was hoping that the “good policeman” would believe him and his sister.
“G described that when he stayed at his dad’s house for two or three days
 his dad did not let him go to sleep at night” by being “scary” and putting a “monster costume so that he could not go to sleep”

Summary of findings

“Evident that his (G) experience of abuse has had a significant impact on his emotional well-being.
Further general examination today confirms the physical findings of a scar in the anus from a healed fissure, consistent with inflicted injury from a blunt penetrating force that he (G)  has alleged”.
In respect of A, the report states “Based on today’s assessment, it is clear that G and A’s experience of abuse have had a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing. Physical findings today FURTHER CONFIRM the allegations of inflicted anal injury from insertion of a blunt penetrative force, and ARE CONSISTENT with A’s allegations of Sexual abuse”

Medical report dated 22nd September 2014

This report was drafted after she attended strategy meetings on 8th and 15th September 2014 (the appendices 1-2 attached to the report contained notes of the strategy meetings but the local authority and the police failed to provide us with this), supervised the consultations for both children on 12th and 16th September 2014 and spoke to Camden Social workers who informed her of the ABE interview on the 17th September 2014.

The report concludes in respect of A:

“The physical injuries found on her (A) skin are consistent with her allegations of physical abuse..
In the absence of a history of constipation, medical illness and accidental trauma ACCORDING TO THE GP NOTES, the anogenital findings of the scar and the RAD are consistent with her allegations of the application of a blunt penetrating force to her anus..sexual abuse.”

The report concludes in respect of G:
“The physical injuries found on his (G) skin are consistent with his allegations of physical abuse..
In the absence of a history of constipation, medical illness and accidental trauma

ACCORDING TO THE GP NOTES, the anogenital findings of the scar and the RAD are consistent with his allegations of the application of a blunt penetrating force to his anus..sexual abuse. “

Police interpretation of Dr Hodes findings by choice of words

Please note the medical report’s use of the words that physical injuries “confirm”, “are consistent” and “evidence of findings consistent with” the allegations of sexual abuse as opposed to the police manipulation of the words to describe and deliberately attempt to undermine the findings of Dr Hodes, such as;

1. CRIS report entry by DS Fernandez 13th September “can be the result of a large solid poo”
2. Police initial response dated 8th July 2015 “could be consistent with allegations of sexual abuse” and
3. Current response dated 24th March 2016“may have been caused by physical abuse in the absence of a medical explanation. The discussion DS Fernandez had with Dr Hodes were such that she verbally reported inconclusive results on the 12th September 2014”

It is clear, that the police have attempted to undermine the findings of Dr Hodes on several occasions by misrepresenting her findings.  This is a tactic we are now familiar with as they have endeavoured to do the same throughout the attempted cover up.

Even IF the medical reports had stated or used the phrase “could be consistent“ with allegations of sexual abuse, ( which they do not ) this does not negate the duty for the police to investigate further. In fact, it still provides support to the allegations of sexual abuse, as it does not rule it out and therefore is evidence that should be acted upon during the police investigation.

It is a note of interest that the police report dated 24th March refers to “absence of a medical explanation”. In the medical report of 22nd September Dr Hodes reviewed all GP notes and noted that there was no past history of constipation or other medical condition that could explain the injuries to the anus area of both children. Therefore, Dr Hodes had reviewed the children’s medical history and confirmed there is no other explanation, other than what the children alleged, as to how the injuries to the anus could have been caused.

In fact, the GP notes attached to Dr Hodes report of 22nd September 2014 confirm that that their Mother was concerned about A’s behaviour on 17 January 2011 as the notes state;
 “Mother concerned re A’s behaviour. Father given visitation rights last 3 weeks, sees them weekly. Since then A acting strangely, wakes mid sleep at night in hysterics, cries uncontrollably, clinging to mother, sometimes wakes and throws all bedding off the bed”


The race is not for the swift.”

See the official site:  http://www.hampsteadcoverup.com


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