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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Remote Viewing + Covert Psychic Warfare: Russell Targ + Joe McMoneagle, Ed Dames, Ingo Swann, Paul O'Connor

This is Dark Journalist's interview 
with remote viewing pioneer and 
physicist, Russell Targ and about his 
new documentary, 'Third Eye Spies', 
coming out this Fall. The interview 
cover a wide range of interesting 
concepts, from ESP, mind control, 
psychic targeting, intuitive vision, 
deep military projects, stargates, 
CIA and Black Budget Experiments.

In this Dark Journalist interview, 
he goes deep into the covert remote 
viewing project which he founded 
with fellow Physicist Hal Puthoff at 
Stanford Research Institute (SRI), 
with funds provided by the CIA. 
Russell is one of the real men 
behind the successful Hollywood 
film, 'Men Who Stare at Goats.' 

They delve deeply into the 
clandestine world of psychic spies 
and discuss the new documentary, 
'Third Eye Spies', based on Targ's 
classified work with extraordinarily 
gifted remote viewers from diverse 
backgrounds, like artist, Ingo Swann, 
Army Officer, Joseph McMoneagle 
and Burbank Police Commissioner 
Pat Price.The latter died shortly after 
remote viewing a UFO Base and 
getting directly recruited out of the 
program into clandestine CIA 
operations. Russell Targ, the man 
who ran it all, is now telling the 
whole story.

Targ recounts amazing details of 
developing the program and the 
National Security Incidents that he 
and his team were involved in at 
the very highest levels of 
government. He also recalls his 
early days of being interested in 
metaphysics and learning about 
powerful intuitives, like Helena 
Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce at his 
father's book store in Chicago. 

At 82 years old, Targ is ready to 
set the record straight about the 
Top Secret work he did, in 
developing the complex remote 
viewing process, which has become 
the stuff of legend.

He is out to dispel the many myths 
and the disinformation around the 
subject and to explain why he 
continued to spend his life after 
SRI looking through the veil, to the 
other side of a deeper reality.

Exciting, mind-bending and shocking, 
don't miss this the Dark Journalist 

 Video: (46 mins):



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