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Saturday, 6 August 2016

WIKILEAKS UPDATES 6 AUGUST 16 - Julian Assange: More DNC email leaks to come, Russia not involved + NBC'S LIES OVER ERDEGAN

HOUSTON GREEN PARTY CONVENTION: WikiLeaks's Julian Assange: Clinton Campaign Strategy Is "A Form Of Extortion"

Published on 6 Aug 2016
WikiLeaks's Julian Assange, in an address to the Green Party Convention, said that the Clinton campaign's tactic of encouraging Americans to vote for her to avoid a Trump presidency is "a form of extortion." He also discussed the importance of sticking to one's principles so that the movement does not become marginalized.

Julian Assange Claims Russia Wasn't Involved in DNC Hack
Julian Assange, the editor of Wikileaks, has now suggested that Russia was not behind the hack which leaked 20,000 DNC emails, as previously ...
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DNC emails leak: Julian Assange rejects Hillary Clinton's Russian link claims, says there are more ...
Some 20,000 DNC emails were made public by WikiLeaks in July, revealing the party's collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign to sideline her ...
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Rick Joyner: America Cannot Survive This Much Longer
In the wake of Julian Assange's Wiki Leak's exposure of the Democratic Party with leader Hillary Clinton, prophet Rick Joyner offered urgent prophetic ...
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Parents of Murdered DNC Staffer Ask Community for Help as Conspiracies Linger
The latest theory alleges that Rich was the one who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks which led to Schultz's ouster. The theory is based on Julian ...
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Dear Hillary: DNC Hack Solved, So Now Stop Blaming Russia
This new email scandal is the Wikileaks release of a gaggle of DNC emails that prove the Democrat primary race was rigged in establishment Hillary's ...
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Protesters gather at NBC news over false Erdoğan report during failed Turkey coup attempt
In an interview with Russia Today, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange also expressed outrage at NBC News coverage of defeated coup, accusing it of ...
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Denying Putin a vote
Post-WikiLeaks, we should be concerned that Russia is not merely hacking to collect intelligence. The disclosure elevated the activity from a legitimate ...
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For Putin, Disinformation Is Power
So the apparent hacking by Russian security services of the Democratic National Committee emails, followed by their publication by WikiLeaks, ...
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Wasserman Schultz says 'buck stops with me,' quits as Democratic leader to avoid becoming ...
That goal imploded when WikiLeaks posted the emails on July 22. By the eve of the convention, on July 24, Wasserman Schultz said she would be ...
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'Jason Bourne' a cool slice of action cinema
The Jason Bourne series of spy thrillers were perfect for the Wikileaks era more than a decade before Wikileaks was a thing. Featuring antagonists ...