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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Assange prosecutor: we are waiting for Ecuador + HILLARY SIGNED "C" FOR "CLASSIFIED" BUT CLAIMS NOT TO KNOW WHAT "C" MEANS

Published onsdag 7 september kl 16.29

watch: Marianne Ny: Waiting to be told how and when interview will take place (4:29 min)

Prosecutor Marianne Ny held a rare press conference on the Assange case. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
Prosecutor Marianne Ny held a rare press conference on the Assange case. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT 
The Swedish prosecutors in the Assange case held a press conference in Stockholm on Wednesday to answer questions, as Sweden's flagship investigative programme Uppdrag Granskning promises to reveal more details of the case tonight.
The current state of the case is that the prosecutors are waiting for an appeals court decision on whether to uphold the warrant for Julian Assange's arrest. This will come on Friday. They are also waiting for details from the Ecuadorian embassy on how they can question Assange, who is in the London embassy of Ecuador. They say they are ready to go to London on short notice as soon as they get the go-ahead.

The prosecutors spent much of the time explaining why they have still not questioned Julian Assange over the suspicions of sex crimes, some of which have already reached their period of limitation and are no longer being pursued. Part of the explanation was that they were trying to avoid lowering the quality of the investigation, for example by interviewing Assange by telephone.

The ideal situation for the prosecutors has been to question a suspect in Sweden, in person, and they say they have been trying not to give Assange different treatment.

Much of this is not new, and similar explanations are available in English on the prosecutors' website.

Marianne Ny began the press conference by saying she had little news to impart, and that this was simply an opportunity to update the public on the case. She says that the airing of Uppdrag Granskning's programme tonight makes today a suitable day for a press conference.

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source:       http://bigbrother.trendolizer.com/2016/09/julian-assange-we-have-hundreds-of-documents-where-hillary-signed-c-for-classifed.html 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

WIKILEAKS UPDATES 8 SEPT. 2016 - 'Ridiculous to say Assange faces no threat' - Harrison + MORE CLINTON DOCS IMMINENT