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Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Date:Thursday - September 22, 2016
Host:George Noory
Guests: Catherine Ramsland, Michael E. Salla

Secret Space Program  pt. 1

Secret Space Program  pt. 2

In the latter half, exopolitics pioneer Michael Salla talked about secret space programs, and ET contact. Whistleblower William Tompkins told Salla that in the 1950s, Vice Admiral Leslie Stevens was involved in getting the Navy started in an early secret space program. Interestingly, Stevens' son was the creator of the sci-fi series The Outer Limits, and Salla suggested that Gene Roddenberry, who was known for hanging out on the set of that show, was told about the Navy's secret space fleet, which gave him the idea for Star Trek
During WWII, it was decided to keep off-world advanced technologies on ice, but in 1945, Project Rand was developed to reverse engineer flying saucers with antigravity, and develop the technology into programs for both the Army and Navy, Tompkins told him. Eventually, the military divisions split into two programs, with the Army testing various secret craft out of Area 51 and using antigravity propulsion for missions to the moon, and to service orbiting stealth space stations, Salla reported. The Navy's secret program, he continued, are operated out of China Lake in California, and facilities in Utah, where huge spaceships are constructed. This October, Salla will be speaking about the secret space programs at various workshops in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport


In the first half, Katherine Ramsland, director of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program at DeSales University, discussed her most recent work studying Dennis Rader, the B.T.K. killer who remained on the loose for thirty years. No one who knew him guessed his dark secret until 2004 when he made a mistake. There's no such thing as a specific profile of a serial killer, and each case is different, she remarked. In Rader's case, he studied other serial killers intensely to come up with his MO, and as a teenager was aroused by stories he saw in True Detective magazine about bound victims, she detailed. What also set him apart was that he led a double life, presenting a completely ordinary existence to the world as a family man, president of his church congregation, and working a full time job.

Ramsland conducted a number of interviews with Rader both at his maximum security prison and over the phone, and he told her that he'd kept mementos of his victims in a bank deposit box. While his sexual fantasies drove his addiction, what was also important to him was the idea of being famous as an elite serial killer like Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy, she revealed. He sought out female victims and would break into their residences when they weren't there and wait for them to return. When a writer was compiling a 30-year retrospective of his killings, he started mailing in material to the press, as he wanted to control his own story, she explained, adding that he blundered by sending in a computer disc, as that was how the police were able to track him.

 BTK Killer pt. 1

 BTK Killer pt. 2

source:  http://zfirelight.blogspot.com/2016/09/09-22-16-btk-killer-secret-space.html


UFO ABATIDO - Deserto do Kalahari, AFRICA, 1989.