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Saturday, 10 September 2016

PETER HOFSCHROER UPDATE 10 SEPT. 16: THE HEARING on the 15th Sept....+ Archive

Update 10 Sept. 16: Peter writes letter dated 8 Sept. that he hopefully will be present on the 15th’s hearing in London. But as always its best to call WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATES COURT as we know how they play games…expect the unexpected always!!
STILL no news about or from his mother – Grandma B – this despicable situation of being denied contact with his own mother has gone of for so long – since mid-2015 or even before – all concocted by government departments / Yorks SS / and other blatant criminals!
Again he states lawyers have let him down badly, especially the CoP, who are “messing him about”. One cannot make a leopard change its spots!!



Below is Peter Hofschroer‘s latest letter dated 31 Aug. 16. He states the extradition hearing to Austria will go ahead on the 15 September 16 at WESTMINSTER  MAGISTRATES COURT at 2pm. A small army of supporters is needed there on that date, if only to show the P is not alone. This September date may bring the end to a near 2 year imprisonment which began December 2014. 

His letter explains the finer details, but it ...continues @ https://butlincat.wordpress.com/2016/09/03/peter-hofschroer-update-3-sept-16-the-hearing/