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Thursday, 22 September 2016


In the dog meat industry, all dogs are welcome.  
Please donate now to fight the dog meat trade »
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Lilly and Pinch were once family pets. But when their owners decided they didn’t want them anymore, they were sold to a South Korean dog meat farmer and destined for consumption during Bok Nal days, a period during summer months where dog meat is consumed widely.

Imagine what it must have been like for them to suddenly go from the only home they had ever known to suffering in a barren, filthy cage with no escape from the brutal heat at the peak of summer.
Please donate now to help fund this rescue and our campaign against the cruel dog meat trade »

Fortunately, Lilly and Pinch are now safe from suffering, and 31 more dogs from the same illegal farm will soon be free as well.

Without shelter, veterinary attention or comfort of any kind, these animals waited helplessly for death – until HSI and our local partners including Free Korean Dogs were able to shut down this horror and release them. Now these dogs will have the chance to start new lives in the United States. 
Please help them with a donation today »

Here is what your donation could provide for these dogs in need:£25 – contributes to the purchase of items like food and bedding

£40 – covers all vaccinations required to bring one dog to the United States

£75 – buys a sturdy, comfortable crate for one large dog during their rescue to freedom

With the support of compassionate advocates like you, HSI has been in South Korea since 2014 working with dog farmers to permanently close down their facilities and help them transition to new, humane occupations. Our vital work saves animals’ lives, but we can’t continue to do it without you.

Millions of dogs – whether raised on these facilities, abandoned by former owners, or “left over” from puppy mills – are still suffering on these terrible farms, destined for slaughter. On behalf of all those just like Lilly and Pinch who are still waiting, we thank you for helping us keep up the fight against this unforgiving industry.


Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

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EBAY! Stop selling the body parts of cats, dogs and

wildlife ! SIGN the PETITION!!



EBAY: stop selling the body parts of cats, dogs and wildlife
meet the petition author
Virginia Wiener
Care2 Member
Ebay sells an estimated 19,000 animal body parts every day, profiting from a trade reliant on an unimaginable scale of slaughter. It’s time for Ebay to stop supporting this industry of death.
From cat skulls to fox tails, it’s a macabre shopping experience. The wide range of animal body parts, including those of cats and dogs, are each the result of the killing of an innocent animal. Please sign this petition to demand that Ebay stop selling animal body parts.
Ebay is one of the largest and most well-known online companies in the world, and it has a responsibility to use its position ethically. We need to let Ebay know that we expect better. Selling the dismembered parts of beautiful wildlife and beloved domestic animals is wrong and needs to stop.
With enough public support, we can show Ebay that it’s time to stop profiting from animal cruelty and killing. Say NO to the trading of animal body parts.

Update #31 months ago
EBAY allows Chinese sellers like “yes26888” , “dongzhow1996814”, “yuanstore20130411”, and more to sell body parts of thousands of CATS and DOGS killed/eaten in China. 20,000 animals/body parts, turtles, birds are listed on TAXIDERMY sites EVERY DAY! EBAY is responsible for the murder of millions of animals for money! This must be stopped, before damage to wildlife becomes irreversible. Please contact EBAY, write letters, e-mails, ask to STOP selling murdered animals!
Full Update
Update #22 months ago
Is EBAY desperately in need of money? Why is EBAY allowing the skeletons of thousands of cats and dogs killed/eaten in China to be sold on its TAXIDERMY sites? EBAY is promoting the killings of our friends CATS and DOGS for profit. More than 20,000 (yes, 20,000) animals/body parts, birds, turtles are for sale on EBAY every DAY. Rare birds like puffins, cassowary, thousands of turtles, African trophies are murdered to be sold on EBAY. EBAY is promoting the destruction of our wildlife!
Full Update
Update #13 months ago
Chinese sellers found their gold mine: Kill the dogs and cats of China and sell their body parts on EBAY. Young cats and dogs are murdered; Chinese sellers are careful to mention that only healthy cats and dogs with perfect teeth are killed. One seller “wopkwoo0123” is even painting the cats skulls in various colors. EBAY is part of these crimes, EBAY encourages the murder of animals for money!
Full Update