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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Suddenly, Silence In Mass Media About Clinton's Health - M.W.Mandeville

Bulletin Item: Suddenly, Silence In Mass Media About Clinton's Health
It's palpable, even out here in the desert mesas of Arizona.  All is in public pause while the Mass Media and the DNC attempt to figure out what to do with Hillary.

She is apparently a living Greek Tragedy.  At an appearance to memorialize the 911 event some 15 years ago, she essentially collapses in another of a long series of epileptic seizures and has to be physically manhandled into a specially constructed SUV which has been outfitted to handle her medical problems.  Then everyone in the Mass Media, the DNC, and Hillary's campaign staff lies about it.

This immediately brought a large tide of information from concerned, knowledgeable people about Hillary's situation.  The consensus from Secret Service Leakers and medical experts, as well as people who live with epileptics, is that Hillary's brain cancer was NOT cured and it has metastasized into lung cancer as well.  It is growing so rapidly that she now has chronic coughing spasms and a rapidly growing number of seizures.  She is seriously ill and it is increasingly probable that she is not long for this world.

To date she has attempted to control it with drugs but this is not working any longer.  The drugs make it impossible to campaign so she has narrowed her activity into small windows of time when the drugs have worn off.  But now the seizures come too aggressively too quickly.  These force her to withdraw from the public, interrupting her attempts, now feeble, to continue her campaign.

Please notice that her daughter, her husband Bill, and her extended family are keeping totally silent, they are not at this moment repeating Hillary's lies.  I suspect that they understand enough to know that their personal credibility will no longer exist if they repeat the lies even as she is dying in front of them.

Hillary apparently took the risk that she could get elected despite the disease and get elected before it seriously interfered with her campaign.  Obviously during this time she could not take the radical forms of chemo, surgery, and/or radiation because any of these would sideline her for months, making her totally unelectable.  So she has made her final headstrong gamble and has nearly certainly lost. Cosmic Central brought us all to this truth on the anniversary of the 911 crimes of the political establishment.  Like the NY twin towers were struck down in 2001, Hillary's ascendance has been brought down.  The political establishment of the U.S. is now desperately seeking to forge a workable consensus about what to do.  They regard Trump as Atilla the Hun.  Like Atilla smashed the Roman Empire, Trump is on the verge of being able to smash Globalism (Anglo-Jewish Imperialism).

If Hillary persists and refuses to cooperate even as the disease progresses, we are likely to see fairly soon a combination of Secret Service agents and the Surgeon General of the U.S., along with a panel of high falutin' doctors, suddenly appear in public and announce that Hillary is too dysfunctional to serve as the President.

The only crisis which exists is in the mind of the Mass Media and the Globalists who want to keep Trump out of the office.  Nothing really HAS to be done.  Constitutional process and common sense will carry the day.  When people go to the polls in November they will be voting for a slate of electors for one of the candidates.  The electors will meet a month or so later and declare who they choose. Since the disease onset is so rapid, Hillary is likely to be bedridden, with a combination of mental and physical dysfunctions, if not already dead.  The dysfunctions will include dementia, Alzheimer's symptoms, loss of mobility and bodily control, and inability to remember. Her electors, if any,  are not stupid.  They will simply vote for someone else, it is that simple, probably their Vice Presidential candidate.

Meanwhile at the polls, Trump is already likely to win by a landslide and that is not likely to change. 

My advice: turn stone cold to any suggestions of a crisis, need to postpone elections, need to put someone else's name on the ballot, and so on.  NOTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.  Just vote, Cosmic Central will sort everything else out.

And yeah, luck is sometimes rotten.  Welcome to the real world. You Globalists and Dems will just have to live with it. But is it bad luck?  You will no longer have to live in the era dominated for nearly 30 years by the Bush-Clinton Crime Families.  Wheww!  So what do you have to lose?

Best Wishes, Michael Mandeville
from the mesas of Arizona