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Sunday, 4 September 2016


Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received 4 September 2016, [and before].

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that these actions, by parties known and unknown, are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report, certain findings when employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker, and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs, entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”.  The massive corruption that is described, has so far gone unchecked, and ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos.
More crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane, Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, and so many more],

at least 4 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy”

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing being done about any of it by any UK government employee contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces!




2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016


3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


GOOGLE “CAROL WOODS” for more videos and articles

DPA Sec 7 AND serious police corruption Lancs  4 Sept. 16:

Please see this, I was arrested (in a farce which was not an arrest) denied a solicitor despite reporting serious misconduct of at least 2 officers (PACE regs) and locked up in 2 mental hospitals UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES for 4 months. One “serious” matter proving I was “mentally ill” was the reported FACT that I followed “someone to a local airport”. Who? I could not be told and was told only last week, a house full of fraudsters who have been using the Internet and claiming DWP as if they are me and linked to me. 45 Fell View who are now said not to be the named persons on the electoral register. They could show no travel documents, no holiday photos (apparently they went to Tenerife from Manchester airport) they had no details of anything but I have, I also have my passport and travel docs to Spain at the same time. Obviously I have holiday photos.The Gestapo have showed them a photo of MY car at Manchester airport on 5 10 15 when they took the photo JUNE this year when I was there to travel to Italy. In Oct 2015 I flew to Spain from Liverpool. To cover my recent report of serious computer misuse by TRAVIS DALTON in 45 Fell View and various others, the police called to ask them to have someone write a statement saying they saw me on Fell View while I was in Spain. Perjury leading to more perjury. This Assistant has not responded EXCEPT to a) send over helicopter AGAIN on 2/9/16 to claim  I was seen in 15 Fell View so am not me in 28, then a squad car with 2 staff on 3/9/16 to Caton to claim they saw a B and Q delivery thus I used a phone, ordered goods and so on which is an old FRAUD and not one murmur from one of you. I copy to Mr Hunt as he assumed I was locked up as I was deemed to be “ill”. My recent Section 14 Data Protection Act 1998, 4th Principle to have the lies and perjury seen to be such on MY records brought about the lunatic “reprisals”. All police led. On this day (4th) July 2014 AGNES JACKSON the old thief and worse in 26 admitted herself into a local mental hospital as me and they NHS returned her 6/7/14. How funny and clever they all thought they were. The INTENTION has been to hope the thuggery makes me so ill I admit myself NOW. Carol Woods Ms waiting to testify.
31 August 2016, 15:41, carol woods wrote:
Dear Assistant Chief Constable, I would like to ask about personal data: there appears to be data in my name in regard to SERIOUS matters. Thus I would like the data Section 7 Subject Access Request, Data Protection Act 1998 Amended 2000.
The data for this small matter is the photo which apparently shows MY car X165 YUB red Toyota at Manchester airport on 5 Oct 2015. Given I was in Liverpool airport then Spain I eagerly await that photo.
I also believe that a SWORN statement has been made by an un-named person claiming that they saw me, Ms Carol Woods, on Fell View Caton LA2 9RP while I was in Spain as apparent PROOF I was not in Spain or, if I was then I had used a passport not mine and had stolen my own ID to use it. Apparently my car was not parked at Liverpool airport. That SWORN statement is clearly PERJURY when seen to be false, but I am assured it exists so, I would like a copy.
There will be other data, some of which I can ask for in this as well: apparently I am not in Morecambe library typing this, apparently I am disguised as JUNE WILLIAMS somewhere on holiday with her repulsive old husband. Unless of course they only claim to be me and they have stolen MY ID?
I require their phone records as asked for, their utility bills as asked for as they are in MY name apparently. SKY TV in my name I require all documents related if in my name (they in 30 Fell View have 2 SKY systems in that tiny one-bedroomed bungalow), I require all their car log details, MOT’s of all 5 cars they have had IN MY NAME, any household insurances in my name.

I have also asked for phone records from 26 Fell View AGNES JACKSON as she thinks she can be me for gain when it suits and the family in 45 Fell View who were known as DALTON but tell me they have changed their name. 24 Fell View a veritable nest of corruption seems to have been used in my name so anything at all that can be gathered I would like copies of.
As I said, there will be more to add but I would be grateful if this could be dealt with just now. I think I will need to provide £10. Yours etc. I found your name on the Internet and hope I have guessed your email address correctly.

Lancs Fraud police led; now manufacture “proof” of “crime”  4 Sept. 16

00721-33-24 Please feel to quote me: I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP, my car X165 YUB.
At  4 40pm approx. on Saturday 3 Sept 2016 I found the Gestapo in a squad car with 2 staff driving  out of Caton behind a B & Q van towards Lancaster. I drove into Caton from Morecambe where I had been to a festival. Why did that mean anything? Because of a day of organised thuggery and harassment which went so wrong for the Gestapo and their scores of recruited lowlife more than 2 weeks ago had been so spoiled as I went to look round B & Q in Lancaster which caught them by surprise; they had no thugs or trolls to harass there. Thus that being just about the only store NOT to receive a letter from me about persons posing as me, ordering goods and asking for them to be delivered to their chums claiming that I (supposedly making the call) will be out. The Gestapo drive about by those vehicles sent, ARGOS, ICELAND, ASDA, NEXT, M & S, TESCO, GAP, COMET, SAINSBURY’s, ARROWFIX, DPD, YODEL, MORRISON’s and so on to “confirm” they saw them at Caton which is apparently proof I rang. The Gestapo must drive hind many such vehicles, why do they take note of only those they have arranged? Obviously, the liars have a vested interest in “remembering they saw” such. B & Q store manager will get a visit from me as soon as possible. Store staff know why they are used: GAP when used with Gestapo just amazingly on “hand” (I had been to Manchester and looked in the GAP store thus proving ILLEGAL monitoring of me) parked on the edge of Caton to PRETEND when my car drove off so they could be behind me which meant something apparently. Apparently anything behind me has just been to 28 Fell View. GAP management got a letter from me. The response was interesting.
The Gestapo are annoyed all their organised thuggery with the buying of “new” cars for fraudsters round Fell View (to hide their past frauds and muddy waters of investigation), the changed names of some (NOT by deed poll, just to hide their earlier involvement), the dying of hair, cutting of hair, wearing of glasses, removal of glasses, shaving heads, growing of hair, adding facial hair and so on all to pretend that they, I named to DWP as fraudsters and Gestapo as worse, have been helped to “disappear” as if investigations would not show what they had PLANNED. In that the lunatics tried to make 2016 be 2011 again example instead of fraudster’s car AD53 MLE BLUE from 2011 they had a BLUE FORD at 41, AY53 ZSN on 2/9/16 to be 2/8/11. BUT also try to rewrite photos which are going out to show what thugs I deal with. The B & Q was also to be COMET fraud filmed from Oct 2014 with Jackson in 26 Fell View, a thug in MD02 HGO who pretended he was her son BUT as if that old parasite in 26 was me to make that thug MY son. The Gestapo claim then they saw the van thus it is PROOF I rang and placed an order. Obviously they ignore all I report naming those who order as if they are me, AND WHO GETS THE DELIVERIES.
Just after I saw the Gestapo who will say they saw the B & Q van, I will confirm they did, I watched the bloated, white haired, repulsive old fool from 47 Fell View who has been bought recently a NEW car a black FORD, PN15 XPA and he waited parked near my bungalow to then slowly go to 47 and PRETEND he had dropped me off! That lunatic is deluded at least. His car to be “written from history” is X368 MEC a light aqua VW. In X368 MEC the old stalker had posted mail as if he was linked to me (on photos) and driven round at least 12 mile round trips pretending he drove me. He is DAVID BARRON. He is used as he is the same type as the bloated, white haired old repulsive old thief and worse in 30 Fell View KINGLSEY WILLIAMS who pretends his horrendous roughneck wife is me thus the old fool from 47 pretends he is Williams! The Gestapo want to claim Williams in 30 each have an identical twin married to each other so that there are 2 of each in 30 which they translate to be me and Barron from 47 in lunacy. Both Mr Williams and Barron are the same types as the old stalker and harasser WILLIAM BLEASDALE from 2 Hall Drive off Fell View and he is another deluded old parasite to think he could be linked to me.
Recently in various plans of lunacy the Gestapo have sent over their helicopter at least 4 times on separate days to claim they saw something which they then claim is proof of whatever lunatic notion they have. 4 times in one week; how much did that cost? Only 2 days ago they were to claim they saw E-ON at 15 and that was PROOF she in 15 is me as well just moving in yet again. A white car parked at 17 later on 3/9/16 which was PROOF I was there which masonic lunacy is the black FORD from 47 reversed to be white at 17, both old trolls in 15 and 17 are me as well. (A council van was to wait parked up to then stalk me on 3/9/16 to pretend that was proof I had just moved in again.) Only days earlier they used the helicopter to claim a yob with dog sent to walk along a lane off the main road from Caton was “seen” and thus he was Mr Carol Woods with a dog. They are desperate to invent MR Carol Woods and with a dog. Out of scope of this and most copied this know why in any event. I have photos of the police helicopter every time and what they INTEND to “confirm” they have seen. 3/9/16 a yob in CW55 AYM was also used, he hides behind 29 Fell View and pretends he is MR CAROL WOODS. The odd thing is that he has also been used at 31 Fell View, he is only 1 of 3 drivers at least, they have links to 45 pretending that “Mrs Dalton” in 45 is me but has not been used much in 2016. YET, according to the electoral register we have “different people” in 29 and 31 and he appears to know them as he knew those previously: I guess that the fraudster in 29 is the same person having grown her hair and wearing glasses now: her car is the same AF07 XLL which I assumed she had left when she moved. 31 is a collection of unemployed half-wits who pretended 31 was part of a secure hospital and walked about with hairdresser overalls posing as NHS! Without my photos no one would believe this. They are always different in there: cloth capped idiot with a car provided for him Y191 SLF RED is Mr Carol Woods – as well.
That is amid the frauds of sending away the old thief and worse in 32 Fell View who poses as my dead mother. This is done often: the Gestapo send the old parasite away, or whichever old parasite they claim is my dead mother, and hope to “see me off” in the few days the old thief is away so she can return and all is swept under the carpet and they start again with me out of the way. They failed again to “see me off” when MARY LAMB 32 Fell View was sent away recently, so they pretended that the old parasites WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View were “away” and tried again using local yobs to intimidate, threaten, harass and so on while the deranged from 30 HID and pretended to be away. They assume I am as stupid as they are. SHE makes most of the calls to order goods and claims to be me. The related document recording all the times SHE makes the calls is ready to be sent out. The Gestapo have been asked formally to obtain her phone records and those of Jackson in 26 as she sometimes makes calls as if she is me as well. In fact about 23 people round Fell View do.
The latest fraudsters and worse in 45 Fell View, DALTON according to the electoral register but they tell me they are not called Dalton now, brought into the “open” also recently. The unemployed son was sent to bang on my door after I had been out last weekend: scream at me when I have never ever spoken to him and carry on hoping to provoke me. He with at least 8 others had done the same before. He failed. His other “instruction” was to be a “friend” and offer to go and “speak” to the lowlife round Fell View who harass and gain in fraud using MY name. I would not allow that as the Gestapo would then claim I CONSPIRED TO THREATEN OTHERS. They do things like this all the time; they are so stupid they can’t think, ever, of anything new. In that though, the young man was to tell me that it was they I followed to Manchester airport on 5 Oct 2015. I was arrested 7/11/15 for “following someone to a local airport” and it was PROOF I was mentally ill. Is Manchester “local” to Caton, over 60 miles away? No. It was only his telling me it was they I apparently followed that I knew. I had asked the Gestapo from being arrested who it was. I was not told. (Don’t be silly, I was not allowed a solicitor even though the records show that I reported serious misconduct of an officer which under PACE regulations DEMANDS a solicitor has to be called. The thugs would not allow me a solicitor so I reported serious misconduct which they recorded but otherwise ignored.)
I asked DALTON (not having another name I use that) what evidence they had. The Gestapo had a photo of MY car at Manchester airport on 5 10/15 AND a statement from “someone” who claimed I was seen on Fell View after 5 Oct 2015 because I was in Spain so they thought if they had a yob make a statement a jury would believe him. I went to 45, it was amicable because these thugs are not going to provoke me; I showed them MY travel documents from 5 Oct 2015 and a fax I sent from Lancaster after setting off to LIVERPOOL airport and a 2nd fax I sent from KIRKBY library reporting the bloated white haired old stalker BLEASDALE who, being the same as lowlife in 30 and 47, is to be “covered for” by the use of BARRON and WILLIAMS to be linked to me as if BLEASDALE somehow is linked to me BUT as if I am someone else. Bleasdale is actually is on MY photos of the motorway of 5 Oct 2015 stalking me which is why I stopped off at KIRKBY to send my fax reporting him. (The usual masonic lunacy of inversion then makes it to be my following!) There were no passengers in his car. It was not a black Ford and BARRON did not have the black Ford then; he has only been bought that in the last few weeks. Thus I have continued to report the perjury of Gestapo involved in the original “charge”, the manufacturing of “evidence” AFTER end June 2016 because I was in Manchester airport then for ITALY. By their admission in 45 the Gestapo have only recently been to 45 to show them a photo of what they claim is MY car at Manchester airport on 5/10/15. They in 45 Fell View were all still in bed when I set off on 5/10/15. Dalton has no holiday photos, nothing to show they have ever been out of UK. In fact they have no passports. The statement made is PERJURY with CONSPIRACY, participation crime and more.
I had reported the youth Dalton for again harassment and had caught them using MY email address and linking MY computer to BLUETOOTH via the illegal devices fitted by BT in MY loft ready for my moving in.  I had reported him only 2 weeks ago for hiding in shrubs and then rushing into 45 to pretend he had been out with me as I parked up. He pretended only 2 days that a taxi had dropped him off at 28 while I worked in my garden. Yobs with grey hoodies and track suits are used often and they are all him when they are not. For example, 3/9/16 when the deranged bullying lowlife in 30 had to show themselves and were found out NOT to have been anywhere at all (they hide and use their SKY tv and phones claiming it is MY use with the suggestion they are away so it can’t be them. But the deranged in 26 does that as well), along the main road a yob with grey hoodie was to use his phone (alerting someone I now suggest was BARRON in 47 – they think they’re MI6) when my car drives into view, a BLUE car waited for him, after using his phone he gets into the blue car and that is PROOF he is MR CAROL WOODS and I am in the car with BARRON apparently. Is it not “coincidental” that Gestapo and B & Q are also on the same spot all at the same time?  A blue car is also necessary in this because of R945 KEC at 31 which yob is also Mr Carol Woods. Incidentally, Bleasdale does call often to 45 Fell View.
My faxes reporting WILLIAMS, JACKSON and serious computer misuse from 45 Fell View have all been “revised” by the Gestapo to make that lowlife the victims! The youth Dalton did tell me he didn’t drive when we did exchange amicable talk; I have sent car details to the Gestapo because MY photos of those cars being driven by him must then be driving themselves. I have sent the details of 5 cars that lowlife in 30 have had IN MY NAME, but this; they in 30 often hide in 30 with whatever car they have, currently Peugeot PJ65 WLL being moved and hidden locally to make it seem as if they out when they are hiding in 30 to use the phones etc as above. I have reported often to Gestapo and all interested parties the driving of cars by youths who will NOT be insured. It has all been ignored. In 2014 the Gestapo tried to lure me to either take a photo of children or claim I tried to kidnap one. I know what this sounds like but this is FACT. How will they do that? They have done it using thieves and worse in for example 20 and 41 Fell View (who both claim I live with them and am driven about by them with van at 20 Fell View S30 GKS another to “disappear” and large, expensive vehicles used and swapped as routine by the unemployed there; it is no surprise to find him in 20 Fell View is son of BLEASDALE), 41 is just about the only household not to change their name or vehicles BUT she does dye her hair, on and off and tries to wear it to look as if she is someone else and he does wear in high summer a fur hat with ear flaps and pretends it is long dark brown hair – they do that when they pose as me with my (ex) husband, thus they in 20 and 41 send their children to my gate to try and provoke me and hope I take a photo so they can scream they are “victims”. I ignore them: I have reported this as child abuse.
They in 49 (where I also apparently live and am driven about by them as well) REID used their toddler in 2014 and left the child at the front of their house; I was to see the toddler and either take it back to 49 or take a photo showing it was left BY THE EDGE OF THE ROAD unattended. I did nothing: I did take a photo of such as the postman, (all sleazy involved in the frauds round Fell View) hiding, watching to be the “witness” he saw me doing one of those 2 things. Obviously I wouldn’t be leading the toddler back; I’d be kidnapping it (they spent weeks doing similar in 2012 where I “lived” then).
Those in 49 did that TWICE and then a 3rd time with a small boy as well; I reported that a number of times as my concern was that yobs drove round that BLIND BEND and those children would not have stood a chance had a yob picked the moment. I now find that one has not even passed his test! Obviously all that was ignored in the usual masonic thuggery where child abuse is part of their “declaration”.
I also found that the unemployed-by-trade thug son on Jackson in 26, late 40’s I guess with his 6th car a BMW only 2 days ago has also still got his Vauxhall PE03 DXS, thus he driving round in a BMW, was he insured? The motive for sending him in that is in a related document to go out. I have not been out since Wednesday last after reporting the manufacturing of evidence by Gestapo to protect Gestapo perjurers and am not on the Internet at 28 Fell View so can’t send anything out until public facilities are open after 4 Sept again. I stayed in waiting for Gestapo, you know if liars, perjurers, lowlife, thieves and worse claim that I have “looked” at them they would be at 28 Fell View in force for arrest within minutes. I also thought they’d claim they called when I was out as they had on 7/11/15 when perjurer PC MASSINGHAM claimed they had been calling from 5 Nov 2015 but “did not know my whereabouts”; that with the GPS on MY car. (I had been in all day 5 Nov 2015.)

NB, please note that there is a Lancaster version of white haired, bloated repulsive old dollops as they can’t be in Lancaster when I am so he is used DAVID JACKSON of Regent St Lancaster. He who forges my signature on Lloyds bank accounts. He was one to scream he was a “victim” when I delivered a note telling him that he was being given the warning as per my legal obligation for harassment. Obviously MY note caused HIM distress, no, they didn’t even mention the actual content and they still use the deluded old pest. Going to deliver my grand-daughter’s birthday gift, the usual stalkers were sent; they harass and then as there is a post box by their house, they have someone post something (see the old fraudster as above from 47 fell View and he caught on camera doing same) to pretend I posted with the “proof” being that I was SEEN there. I have my photo: that stalker posted, I did not.

Named Person lunacy  31 Aug. 16

Dear Sirs I have seen the matter of NAMED PERSONS and assume (correctly I hope) that it is relation to the lunacy in Scotland.
My question is this – the named persons – if they have children do they have a named person and if they have children do they have a named person etc.If a named person has to have a named person who then selects the named person for the named person? Is the suggestion that some people are good enough to monitor other people’s children but not trusted to monitor their own? I could go on but you will get my drift.
I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP having had more horrendous days of thuggery and finding out yet more of police corruption (as if I don’t already have enough) and INTENT to “see me off” again while 2 old parasites are away on holiday posing as me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. believe me, I am me. This is my usual email address but woodsresearch2002@yahoo.co.uk is another used often. I do not share my email addresses.

Part 1 Police led ORGANISED CRIME Lancs  20 Aug. 16

This will have photos with Part 2: For Clive Grunshaw, Commissioner, don’t say you didn’t know: I split up the data to add this for those cc this: It has taken me YEARS to work out why lowlife recruited by YOUR Gestapo have hidden their cars and hidden themselves in their scruffy abodes to pretend they were out when I knew they were not. I deal with deranged dullards so always know. Williams in 30 Fell View and Jackson in 26 Caton LA2 9RP hide for other reasons AS WELL as this: in 2012 there were 3 attempts to force entry to the caravan I then rented 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ by scum ROGERS aka others and McTEAR aka others with INTENT to murder me by stabbing they on photos outside my caravan standing showing me what they intended. Being caught; they failed – obviously. I sent an email to C GRAYLING as he said then as MoJ that stabbing of burglars was OK. I asked what was OK when one found as I did that thugs raided MY house and looted it. He did not reply. But now the lunatics try to suggest I think scum are out when they hide with the INTENTION of reversing ROGERS and McTEAR of 2012 and claiming they stabbed me as they saw me trying to burgle their scruffy council houses or flats as HUNTER 22 Fell View and JARVIS of recent days, with 34 lowlife Fell View and aided by E-On and child abuser CLARKE from 23 to “encourage” me to think it was OK to burgle! The deranged looters and worse in flats on Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA like the fraudster in flat 5, Westwell in flat 2 RYCROFT flat 4 and so on I puzzled over and my emails said what did that lowlife have that they thought I would want anyway. For those cc this the Gestapo really think that the lowlife hiding and I think they are out will see me going to “burgle” their scruffy places so they can say they stabbed me and that apparently REVERSES in Masonic lunacy of INVERSION ROGERS and McTEAR of 2012. Obviously all those photos are kept safe.
21-20-08 007 The 14th of any month any year after Jan 2010 brings Gestapo “plans” to “see me off”. Often they involve the days leading to the 14th so that the 14th itself can be used for a “court hearing” or arrest. For those who do not know, and most should know now: I’ve been saying the same things for years but no one has done a thing to stop the thuggery in Lancashire and anywhere else they spread their tentacles; we all know about the Masons so there you have it. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. Fell View, 55 council houses where I live in at least 23 all at the same time – apparently. Much harassment takes place in having all those trolls, liars, fraudsters and worse use phones as if they are me or are linked to me. When I am not indoors or in my garden at 28, how can it be invented that I use phones?
The yobs who are sent to harass and use their phones somehow in their delusions it is PROOF I use their phones, am them or linked to them. In my book Vol 2 (data stolen on USB by DIANA GARNER former friend of many years aided by another former friend of many years PATRICIA JACKSON with P Jackson – no relation to any other Jackson in this, the use of others is to muddy waters of investigation and ALL have a bank account in fraud linked to me – given use of a bank account and Garner given a house move to Dorset which is what she wanted), I record how on one occasion of entrapment I had been sent  a letter which I was sure was nonsense but I was not as experienced then as I am now. I am such a nice person I thought I should at least ring and acknowledge receipt of the letter while I worked out if there was anything to be concerned about. I tried ringing from a call box but was cut off so lost the only right coins I had. I asked a group of passing young people for change for my £1 coin and one offered me the use of his phone instead. I made the call using that and knew a trap had been set. In my book I record how I was sure that young man would have been stalked for days because I used his phone; he was a total stranger and I never saw him or his friends again. That is why they use yobs now and pretend that a) I have used their phones for whatever nonsense they indulge in b) they hope I will ask for the use of their phones. That trap was to be rewritten with the bogus nuisance claiming to be whistle-blower which traps to “burgle”, arrange to “burgle” and then drive miles to a seedy pub all failed. Thus I borrowed a phone once in late 2007 and it is carved in stone that I do that every day, all day with countless yobs ESPECIALLY the yobs who collect at 45 Fell View and have been found to use my cherrytrees2007@yahoo.co.uk address; the very same who the Gestapo call socially to in the early hours – DALTON.
The 14th is used because the Gestapo can’t forgive me for arriving at a court where they had officer TRACEY KENNEDY ready to pose as me.  Things did not go well for them so outside, to show me they were still superior beings, they arrested me for sending a letter to someone I did not know existed. Shown the envelope I suggested it looked like a man’s hand; I had not then known of the necessity of inventing a Mr Carol Woods, seen necessary after Judge David Williams handed MY file from July 2007 to Mike Todd GMP in Nov 07.  We had had a Mr Carol Woods on the cards since then thus I was to have had a Mr address my envelope as PROOF there was one. The INTENTION to make that recent to 2016 was in sleazy NHS ROBERT SANGSTER Lancaster writing to me requiring a response and enclosing a scruffy pre-stamped envelope written obviously in a man’s hand, addressed to him. NHS do not use ordinary postage stamps; I was to reply, use the envelope and there we would have had PROOF there was a Mr Carol Woods linked to me. I did not use the envelope. I went to deliver by hand and found one sleazy NHS hiding in her parked car then  racing off as I returned to mine as PROOF she has driven me to deliver the letter, and 2 old bleached haired doxies hiding in a near-by NHS building they using T19 MAP car used often in this FRAUD and INTENTION OF HOUSE THEFT who all together were to claim I had had dealings with them for matters other than my driving myself to drop off a letter to a known and later proven to be again,  fraudster.
And we have me as Mrs Carole Woods linked to Mr Carol Woods and by now hundreds of yobs who are all Mr Carol Woods, Asian, West African and Chinese are favourites for reasons out of scope of this. The use of baldies is because of a detail in my book and my record of a festival night seeing musician Wilko Johnson with my comment that senior management of Lancashire had all taken to shaving their almost bald heads in a fashion statement which I thought laughable. The use of bloated, old, white haired fools is because he, Mr K. Williams, in 30 Fell View, claims to be Mr Carol Woods thus all old fools of that type are Mr Carol Woods and sent to pester me if I linger anywhere. DAVID JACKSON a stalker of years is EXACTLY the same and was using a Lloyds bank account as if I was counter signatoree. In that his wife was “me” she a nasty piece of work and has mental health problems. The use of baldies is increased now especially after the finding that I was right about one such who is PAUL HICKS in 43 Fell View, Gestapo employee or at least closely linked and his partner, I now know to be MAUREEN McHARRAN claiming to be me. I was onto her quickly; she is nothing like me. The use of younger males with shaved heads has been when they are needed with such as Agnes Jackson 26 Fell View when she goes to claim to DWP that she is me and needs extra monies for “illness” etc and they go as her sons BUT as if they are mine to help her seem to be me. They have to shave off their dark hair because it is obvious I would not have a son with dark hair. They could never be mistaken as “fair” even without hair.
I also saw Ms. McGUIRE from 14 Fell View who apparently has been driving me about since I moved in to 28, she I had not really seen s she was always following me in her car as she drives me about as well; the car is, RX02 TLU. McGuire is a type similar to Joanne Hall who is also apparently me despite being 20 years younger than I, about 8 inches taller and living 60 miles away. McGUIRE was to be me as J Hall on 13th in the evening after a day of failed “plans”. To do that, McGuire thief and fraudster, stalker and harasser (unemployed as they all are) was to walk up and down outside my no. 28 carrying a large carton dairy milk – and what is so stupid, she told to do that actually did do that. Thus she is me as Joanne Hall and as Mrs Carole Woods and not allergic to dairy milk. The rationale of lunatics.
Without going into the complex “plans” for 13th expected to lead to 14th and “arrest”, I will record harassment arranged as those plans were seen to be failing 5 minutes after I drove off from 28 Fell View. I was not expected to go anywhere but Lancaster. I drove way out in the opposite direction and went to a garden centre. Leaving, after the lowlife had been using phones and the Internet as if linked to me right to 2 am on 13th (I could hear the loft noises going on and recognise now what is phone use and usually can tell which house it emanates from linked to MY loft, and the Internet use), L7 DGG car waited after I passed a small mill which is now converted to offices; the car park is used for hiding on by sleazy who want to pretend to be linked to me. The car park is also used by local yobs who move cars from 30 and 32 to make it seem as if they from those bungalows are out when they are not. The motive is so they can use phones indoors and claim it had to have been me as they were out. I have found their cars parked locally many times when they hide indoors. More idiots; imagine being told you had to hide in your bedroom all day and pretend to be out and doing so while surreptitiously using mobile phones and watching TV without sound as it is SKY registered in someone else’s name, mine, which is the situation at 30 and 26 Fell view. I have taken a photo of the car park empty; it is better for them weekdays when they can hide cars among staff cars parked. On the morning of 13th a SATURDAY so what idiot gives up Saturday to sit in a car IN CASE I GO OUT? A po- faced troll in dark grey Skoda MD55 EYZ, she then to drive to the next village along where many go, I could have followed her but imagine the screams, it would not e “following someone to a local airport” or “following someone to Kendal” but “following someone to the next village”. I took photos watching the creep in L7 DGG photos with this: the car has at least 6 drivers and is used by Rowley Lodge masons I know as I have followed it there when it has been stalking me and thought I had parked up for the night. The male on 13th had been used previously, he has driven about JARVIS from 41 as me pretending he returned her to 41 as me after a stay in a mental hospital, he did a repeat of the same with O’Conner in 39, all on camera, she in 39 is also me. I also find out this about that bleached haired old doxy. She does have an older sister and they share the grey Toyota V24 MAJ bought in FRAUD, so they BOTH claim to be me as the Gestapo claim I am my sister. BUT in that they think that I think there is only 1 O’Conner: the older one drives the Toyota; I am being driven about as the younger one. Jackson in 26 is also 2 people, thus some who are 2 people like 2 O’Conners  are said not to be and those who are not are said to be: Jackson in 26; they just invent a twin for her and ditto with Williams in 30. The younger sister O’Conner is at 39 some of the time but “disappears” for days and the older sister calls when things fail and new “plans” are needed.  Thus evening of 13th after a day of lunacy and INTENTIONS to “see me off” having failed new “recruits” were brought in.
L7 DGG obviously assumed I was going to Lancaster and he was to pretend he drove me after the po-faced troll pretended whatever she wanted to pretend. Also in among that, a house I pass to leave Caton on the main Hornby Rd has a large yard area. On 4/5/16 the G4S thugs were at 30 Fell View early pretending they had dropped me off from somewhere, I took photos so they tried that again using the house with the large yard area. I got photos of that as well but the yard is still used for “hiding”. On 13th aside from the troll racing off the next village after hiding with L7 DGG expecting to be behind me, a dark grey raced from the yard to be ahead of me; this is an old “trick”. Thus I am not there in my RED car, only the dark grey is seen thus I am really out in MD55 EYZ. FRAUD VIA OSMOSIS as I refer to it. I took the only other road I could and left them driving into Lancaster. The Gestapo use the yards of properties literally miles from me but which I have to pass to reach Lancaster. As persons have allowed the use of their homes for lowlife to hide in and leap out as I return to my parked car, for example, then they will not concern themselves about having their yards used. I have all this on photos.
 On my return I called into Sainsbury’s now having stopped MAUREEN McHARRAN from 43 Fell View from using their WiFi every Friday in the cafe upstairs as they knew I shopped as routine on the ground floor. That was how she claimed to be me. I could not use the cafe having not even WiFi facility on my computer but it was added in another event expected to work against me but which worked for me. Now I can use the cafe WiFi myself, as from March this year. It being early evening the cafe only had one couple in, it is a large area. I had only sent one email when a dollop of seedy old man was sent in and he had to sit practically on top me in that empty cafe to use his equipment. Immediately my lap top has problems and I could only send 1 more email. Down stairs I saw that seedy old man had also left the cafe: suddenly he hadn’t wanted to use his gadget just when I had been forced to stop using mine. I did not return: I had other things to watch for. 2 males who looked so out of place I had to watch. They both had ID tags, they seemed to check that I was in the store then walked round the car park stopping at my car. Yes it was my car and I was there and am me. I went back into the store; they were as conspicuous as I would be at a convention for young black rappers, they did not “shop” but made one small purchase, messed up and needed help at the self check-out; they were not shoppers. One I heard was called TONY. My photos are good; I was sure they were the revised edition of GMP thugs CS BRIAN DAVIES and Sgt HINES outside my brother’s house Nov 04 waiting for me but attacked my brother instead. We can see the photos of GMP thugs and mine, my brother took his in the dark obviously, evening in November, mine quite sunny evening, Aug. It is not going to confuse any jury. Davies and Hines both hid their ID tags; these 2 clowns actually waved them about at one point. If they were “undercover” then I can be Queen of Sheba.

Part 2 Police led ORGANISED CRIME Lancs  20 Aug. 16

Driving back I saw a black car waiting to pull out of SCARTHWAITE HOTEL which is Masonic owned and has holiday chalets; it has been used often to harass and invent facts from fiction. It is used as routine to be 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe about 9 miles distant BUT I am to think it is 298 and that I call to the Scarthwaite in whatever fraud is on the cards as if it is 298 and I call there as a 2nd home. There is 1 place to pull in and wait for the traffic behind to pass which is what I do: then I take the photos as they pass me so at least they have wasted their time. The INTENTION is to claim they drive me from one address to another as if I frequent 2 addresses. The car MA63 OCE drove into Caton: I drove round to Fell View by a quicker route and found the lowlife in 34 Fell View BLENKINSHIP I now know, waiting to drive to 34 as I parked at 28 to pretend they had driven me AS WELL. Their car a black Volvo is YH08 KDK, I went out again later to see if they wanted to drive me again; they did not but I found this.
Firstly ANOTHER hiding place which I had seen but dismissed as private property: I took a photo, the yob in the black Ford MA63 OCE was hiding there; it is where removal vans and such like hide when they want to pretend they are dealing with me. It is round the rear of the odd numbers of Fell View in an area known as Broadacre. They can see 28 from their place of parking but from 28 I cannot see them. Thus when I drive away they know when I will be at which point for them to drive out to pretend. I had parked up on the edge of Broadacre and gone walk about to see what creeps were hiding: he drove off when he saw me walking along; it was obvious I was going to see the car on the sunny evening. There are 3 or 4 cars regularly now at 31 using up her large yard space and 29 seems not to be used to have them hiding as much as when LENNON lived in 29 Fell View. Oddly her car AF07 XLL is being used from that address. This is how the Gestapo want to claim MY car is shared or that I have the use of those registered to me and/or bought/hired in FRAUD. I had seen V24 MAJ drive away from 39 as I parked up, the older sister, but she didn’t drive off Fell View, she seemed to drive behind the shrubbery by 23 Fell View and no further. She, I found I had been right about: that old fraudster was with a taxi, pretending whatever their lunacy invented and it was about driving me about as “disabled”. This is how I am in many houses all at once with the lowlife all agreeing to act like idiots. And, this is how I can be here in Caton but at other places as well. It also explains why silver Toyota V24 MAJ is rarely at 39; she doesn’t live there, she pretends to. The lunatics are trying to rewrite me staying with my sister late 2011. I didn’t go to my sister’s house until almost end Aug 2011 and went to look after her house while she went to Turkey. She isn’t going to Turkey again so does not need me to look after her house. See the silver Toyota FN59 OUG bought for HUNTER in 22 Fell View on 11th Aug 2016, HUNTER in 22 has a namesake near my sister: that is why the tenant of 28 was bullied to death to get 28 free for me (among many other reasons), so that the lowlife in 22 Fell View HUNTER could muddy waters with the thief and accessory to Mike Todd’s murder, Jackie Hunter of Shaw, my sister’s neighbour who is, you will not be surprised to hear, is also apparently me. As the lunatics tried to make me think I was on Penhale Gardens by throwing plants on the ground outside Morecambe Winter Gardens on 7/8/16, now they want me to think I am at 298 via the Scarthwaite and at my sister’s with McGuire trying to be Joanne Hall or at least being driven there. I wasn’t driven there when I went: I travelled by bus not then having my car. J Hall does not live at my sister’s, Hall lives about 5 miles distance from my sister. My sister does not and never has driven: she is unlikely to be driving me or anyone anywhere in any car, silver or red. They still have sleazy park outside 33 Fell View and wait for me to drive off: they have used the empty 33 from my moving in as I also live there as well – apparently. The reported, related filmed frauds using DK51 HVL and 33 Fell View went ignored.
The 14th is also to be the 4th. The old thief AGNES JACKSON admitted herself into a local mental hospital on 4 July 2014 and was returned amid great hilarity (given the NHS are as mentally ill as any truly ill patient) on 6/7/14. Thus with L7 DGG acting that out with Jarvis from 41 then O’Conner the younger from 39 and trying to INVENT links to me on 13th – the lunatics think the 14th of any month does not only need to be the 14th but they can try to use it as a 4th as well. I am to be driven mad. They’ve only been trying for 15 years. They seem not to be very successful.
Land Registry in police led FRAUD, Lancs  18 AUG. 16
Dear Sir I cc you into an email naming various corrupt public servants including 2 of yours (I appreciate you did not have your post then). Nichola EVERED and John Pownall BOTH actively preventing me from MY arranged meetings with other staff who knew of the FRAUD involving MY HOUSE THEFT. I add these noting I received no response from you.
CHERYL KAYE WREA GREEN land Registry corrupt for YEARS making people think they were bankrupt to steal properties etc when they were not. She told me that a DEAD person had been appointed as “Trustee” in a bankruptcy of me when I was not bankrupt. The RECENT addition to the web showing I was from 2006 is rather discounted by MY formal documents showing I never owed any money at all to anyone. And proof that the RECENT web entry is recent, NOT from 2006 or even YEARS after my house theft. Kaye told me 17/9/13 in person when she claimed she had the sole dealings of MY house matters that the dead trustee had always looked different when I saw him outside MY house pretending he was inside with me because dead people could be appointed and they just had others pose as them!
CAROL McATEER and 134 acres of land in Blackpool seized by a “management group” which involved a murder and was my whistle-blowing matter involving the B LIAR gov, in corruption linked to the expected Super Casino development.
In MY HOUSE now (I have my title deeds) is TRACEY KENNEDY apparently police but I also apparently sold MY house in may 08 to another police officer Kennedy who poses as me, with her lesbian partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES both thieves and worse.
PERELES had 29 BLADES ST Lancaster where Kennedy lived in hiding to avoid REAL debts.  29 Blades St reported by neighbours for being a self made slum with Pereles supposedly an “alternative practitioner” and “sold” via a solicitor I have met who knew nothing at all about anything to do with MY house thus we have LAND REGISTRY FRAUD found out by me to compound the original fraud.
29 Blades St was a cheap house even if kept well; she could not afford MY house even in its wrecked state. (Kaye could not explain why the thugs telling me to “Get out, it’s ours” then wrecked it knocking £70k off its value in 2 hours on 27 Oct 08.) Pereles did not buy my house, she bought a cheap house to rent out and lived in MY house free. I find that out and speak to the people who bought 29 Blades St, it was a witnessed meeting and they were very informative.
That FOUND OUT, PERELES then pretends she bought MY house later, the people who bought Blades St did massive works and it was vastly improved; they were “encouraged” to move on and others then pretended that they bought Blades St at the vastly increased price AFTER the huge works done. Thus PERELES claims she could afford my house (she still couldn’t.) LAND REGISTRY then alter records and solicitor’s names are changed. Thus we have frauds, altering of public records, participation crime, forgery and more. Public interest I think so cc widely. Carol Woods Ms. trust me, this is not going to go away. This is police led. Please ask me whatever you need to or wish to see.

20 aug 16

Lancs W’blower and ROOT of it all – THAT LAND SALE!  9 Aug. 16

This is the headlines Manchester paper, this is what was at the root of my whistleblowing and the land seizure Blackpool 134 acres, they did not get the Casino thanks to GB knowing what went on with the related corporate manslaughter of Sheila Bridge and C Blair’s involvement see http://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.com/
I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 (RP


Fraud in Lancs. RIPA breaches.  9 Aug. 16

CC To DWP as the false claims go on: Dear Sirs I sent out a few emails earlier and one had photos of serious police corruption attached and one was what the issue is at the root of it all from my whistle-blowing. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 ell View Caton LA2 9RP.
Within that of course we have the “off shoot” things found out by me and because I sent those photos, the reprisals followed. Please see what took place. In the earlier email I had said that a man from the council (ID tag seen) had driven to 28 Fell View after waiting for me to drive off where he waited with a boy as I drove back to see what that creep was up to. I don’t take photos of children but he drove to park at 28 thinking he had not been seen by me driving off when he had. Where do such “men” get the boys from? Why is CLARKE so covered for in 23 Fell View? The car used was RED it was to be said to be MY car at my gate but as his car thus mine does not exist!
This though is what then took place as I returned to my car parked not far from MY house in Lancaster after sending out my few emails from the local library. I have driven to Uni library to send this given the reprisals and now they have wasted more time and money as I assume the lowlife taking part have been paid.
This is to be sent out as added to events of 9/9/2016. I had sent my email in regard to “shouting to harass” with events leading to 9th which was to be Jackson in 26 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP going to a GP as if she was me again as was done on 9/9/14. In that, to make sure I was not seen elsewhere the Gestapo sent PCSO P WOOD to keep me talking at 28 Fell View to aid and abet. That in 2014 was somehow to be repeated today the 9th and involved many trying to pretend I used taxis as “disabled”, was driven about by trolls as needing “drivers”, see the lunacy of use of 24 Fell View and “medical rubbish” and then yet more using 41 Fell View.
The 9th is used every month and this is a summary of 9/8/16. As per data sent out 2 squad cars had been used to confirm they saw a YK car driving me (to be YK02 VPF) without actually seeing my car as they never do. Parking up they had the usual lowlife waiting to then flood into Lancaster as if they had just parked my car: without recording all that again here just adding that the old lecher DAVID JACKSON no relation to any other Jackson just used because he has that name and stalks me, thus he waited where I was to park my car but didn’t. I drove off and parked the other side of Lancaster. Jackson has had at least 1 bank account using MY NAME.
In that I have parked near some assisted housing schemes and find that the Gestapo send out their recruits to be me parking my car: without listing all the ones who have been “me” today for example they had a troll stood waiting she in black and white (PROOF apparently she was me) then she rushes indoors to a flat. (I have one famous photo of me in black and white which is why black and white garments are so replicated.) But surely she’d park in their spaces and not in a time limited area as I was obliged to do? The Gestapo never think of anything that is common sense. On my return to my car almost 3 hours I had changed into a roughneck male: he was me entering the flats as I opened my car so he had just sent my emails from the town library.
Driving then back to Caton, I was sure that a removal van followed so pulled off, waited and he drove off from view. I had been right. About 2 miles out of Lancaster, at 6 30pm I saw 2 Gestapo in 1 squad vehicle (to rewrite the 2 in 2 vehicles earlier) they had driven from Caton and would have confirmed they saw my car (they see it when they need to) and a removal van thus I was just moving to Fell View yet again. My electricity power source was not on so Williams who is me in 30 Fell View had to switch off her TV as if she is me she had no power to watch it! The electricity doc. has been sent out as to how she is wired to MY sockets on the party wall and has watched SKY TV 16 hours a day to being found out, so about 2 years at MY expense. (I said I couldn’t make this up.) 9/9/08 and I had regained MY house after it had been seized on 5/9/08. Naturally they were livid as I changed the locks so they couldn’t get in on 9th as they tried with a key that would have fitted had I not regained MY house and changed the locks. Thus 9th of anything is used to try and make me “forget” 9/9/08 at MY HOUSE.
The old doxy with her bleached hair in 39 O’Conner is also me and she has close affiliations with 45 Fell View tenants, DALTON and the yob from 45 who uses MY email address as me, she is not in 39 often and uses it as a 2nd home being me pretending I have 2 addresses. (Lancaster council claim all benefit claimants are entitled to a 2nd home so there is no fraud.) Occasionally she has walked to my car parked, round it then back to 39 and pretends it is PROOF she is me with my car. In that she with the yob Dalton (everyone is unemployed so they can do all this) have hidden in shrubs (many do this) and then shouted after they hear me lock up my car and PRETEND she has driven that yob thus she is me and he is linked to me. The Gestapo try to cover for him and on 9th had one they thought looked a bit like Dalton yob to wait and walk off after I parked my car in Lancaster except I drove off and parked elsewhere so that yob was not with me.  I recorded he was too old to be the yob from 45.
At 19 30pm I watched the thug who usually has KS53 VLF found out fraudster and ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS using the empty 24 Fell View as a doss house where he did use his Internet as if he was me linked to yob in 45 and thought I didn’t know. That driver I knew lived near-by and he lives not 5 minutes away as I guessed. He had been sent to 24 to use his computer to pretend to be me when I was out. I have caught him at least 3 times and then found he lives near-by so easily arrives at 24 when I drive off.
That thug had not been for a while, he found out has stayed away: 24 is a self made slum with 3 old persons CURWEN usually living there EXCEPT not from May 2014 as they claimed to have had a road traffic accident so were too disabled to live in 24. YOU pay for wherever they live at the moment while 24 is empty except for the thug fraudster. I watched a Rosa Klebb doxy drive to hide along Fell View and she in her large silver car was to then drive off and claim she saw him at 24 putting out the rubbish for Wednesday collection. That old doxy was the one to hide and drive off with me when I went out after lunch she with a taxi but on camera: I had seen them and waited, they were not behind me. I was behind them with my camera; that was why the pair of trolls were used in the white YK car.
I found he NOT in KS53 VLF but a white van the sort used at MY house with police officer ANDREW HALLIDAY who apparently bought MY house in May 2008 just by parking outside and standing about.  I am being forced to “forget” that minor detail. The thug had NHS bags with him, yellow sacks for rubbish disposal of medical items; I have been at 28 Fell View from March 2014 and he was sent in March 2015 when many were found out in FRAUD as I’d said all along from my moving in; now he is to put out YELLOW MEDICAL WASTE sacks as if someone “disabled” or “ill “ is left in the empty 24 Fell View. I have my photo: he will be linked to NHS I guarantee; an odd job man as they usually use.  I went to look at the “rubbish” it is household rubbish in the usual lunacy of manufacturing as FACT something of FICTION and having such as the old doxy in the large silver car used already today, be “on hand” to then drive by again and confirm what she saw; she saw what I saw and I have my photos so we know what we saw.
Amid that I’d had O’Conner being “me” and a yob Dalton type rushing off to 39 Fell View while she as me went to her 2nd house which is a holiday let not far away. She is supposed to be me living at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ when I rented the caravan 1A AND living in a council property AS WELL. Going out to get my photos of the “medical waste” 3 cars arrived; we had another “plan” in action using 41 Fell View. That is right opposite me given the lay out of Fell View. They were sleazy “professionals” moving a “me” into 41 again with the deranged JARVIS fraudsters and thieves. The car ST58 TFJ is not on my extensive records, MV57 CFE a black SEAT is, she is a roughneck “professional” who aided and abetted Jarvis in 2014 when Jarvis went on holiday and “forgot” to take the invisible “me” with them who they cared for and drove about. I was apparently living in 41 with total strangers as well as 23 other houses round Fell View. She in the Seat, nasty piece of work had to rush to 41 when the “discrepancy” was seen and pretend she gave the invisible “me” enough food and fluid for the rest of the time Jarvis was to be away! And another car was there, another “new professional” to be used; EX59 VOY a black Ford so, those 3 sleazy can be identified. That would be a “me- disabled” moving into 41 to be cared for and driven about again by a pair of seriously deranged thieves and fraudsters.
That then is the state of play to 20 52pm: there will be all sorts on my return; they will hide round Fell View and wait for signs I have closed up 28 for the night and retired and then they will drive out of hiding, and drive off and PRETEND whatever their delusions allow. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. As my attachment about the root of my whistle-blowing caused so many problems; I will send it again, soon.
 I will just add that taking a route to Uni I rarely take I found another plan in action. The Gestapo have found a small red car K61 CEC and a pair of trolls to drive it about to be seen. Why? It is to be MY car K71 (seventy one not sixty one) and CEC white NOT red from Jan 2009 when the Gestapo removed and wrecked it to hide the GPS system they had fitted illegally. All that is well photographed and documented but now my car is RED (X165 YUB) and the lunatics want it to be my POLO, the K61 is not a POLO also I would say it hardly looked roadworthy. My car with the ILLEGAL GPS system again. Reported and ignored.

Police corruption 2 photos proof  9 Aug. 16

To all cc this: the attachment which I hope you can open is of 2 photos taken by me in Kendal Cumbria (remember one reason I was arrested and said to be mentally ill Nov 2015 was a claim by the Gestapo that I followed someone to Kendal! See the photos.) The GPS on MY car shows the Gestapo where I am at all times. Thus I park in my usual place in kendal (I have not been to Kendal since Oct 2015) and walk to use the library. They know I only went to kendal to use the library given the harassment if I tried to use my local library. The police van was parked (double yellow) and what was he to “confirm”? The Gestapo did this today, they drive about and confirm whatever their delusions allow, today I apparently was being driven by a pair of trolls
- continues at: https://butlincat.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/the-vcarol-woods-coverup-serious-lancs-police-led-corruption-archive-4-sept-2016/


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