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Monday, 5 September 2016



"Tommy Robinson is back in the news. He, his 3 children, along with 2 friends and their children, were peacefully watching a football match in a Cambridge pub. The police came and forced him to leave, on the pretext that he might cause violence.

I mentioned this to a friend. He could not believe it. Where was this? Some hellhole of a country? Britain, I answered. It could not be.

This friend lives in the mainstream universe. Anyway, I'm sending him the information on Tommy. Maybe he will, at long last, come to recognize the alternate universe counter-jihad people inhabit.

Here's more.

Tommy Robinson

When will the Luton authorities learn not to harass Tommy Robinson and other indigenous Brits who speak out about Islam - like Paul Golding and Jayda Franson of Britain First?

When people fight back.

That's exactly what Tommy Robinson intends to do. Because he now has the support he needs.

In April he was desperate when he was faced with going to court without good legal representation. A likely outcome: jail. But over 1000 people worldwide donated and that changed everything. Tommy got first-rate legal defense. In court, within 4 hours, the verdict was case dismissed, with costs. 

Since then, there has been a skirmish with the authorities, and now there's something even more significant.

The skirmish. In June, Tommy went to the Euros. With him was a flag which had the words,
F-CK ISIS, emblazoned on it. Although the mainstream line is that ISIS is utterly disconnected from Islam, when Tommy was already out of England, he was banned from leaving England, because somehow his flag might incite hatred of Muslims. 

Tommy Robinson, anti Isis flag

This time, Tommy and his 3 children, along with 2 friends and their children, were watching a football match at a Cambridge pub. The police came, threw him out of the pub on a bogus charge - that he was likely to cause violence. 

Tommy Robinson, Cambridge pub
You can read more: http://www.breitbart.com

You can see what happened, here in an edited video:

And here's the original video (bad sound at the end, but you can see things as they happened): 

It's not even "just" throwing Tommy out of a pub when he's peacefully watching a football match with his children, along with friends and their children. Now the authorities want to ban him, for 3 years, from going to large areas of his home town, Luton - like the Muslim area, the train station, the cinema.

What's going on here? We know. The legal system is being used against indigenous law-abiding Brits. It's time to take back the legal system. To hold responsible the people responsible for this travesty. To use the legal system to do what it's meant to do: to uphold justice for all.

And that's what Tommy intends to do. With support he can do it.

And he has been getting support.

If it's right for you, here's information on how to donate.

Now available: the option of an AUTOMATIC MONTHLY DONATION, with people setting whatever amount is comfortable for them. As always, INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS are very welcome. Everything goes 100% directly to Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson - Legal and Security Fund
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* Set the amount to what you want to give.
* Next, go to the top of the page, to the green stripe, with View Cart on the right.
* Click on View Cart.
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Thank you so very much,
from Tommy
and Team Tommy
Please help spread the word. 
Here's the link to spread the word:
Enemy of the State, in print or in kindle.
Tommy Robinson's book, Enemy of the State

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Tommy Robinson Ordered Out Of Cambridge