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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Dark Journalist: The Space Fence and Full Planetary Lockdown - Elana Freeland - WATCH

Nanobots are in the air - both 
literally, it seems - and in the 
recent posts of Forbidden 
Knowledge TV.

"They want those nanobots in 
our bodies", says author Elana 
Freeland in an interview by Dark 
Journalist, Daniel Liszt about the 
massive multi-level surveillance 
project called 'The Space Fence.'

According to Freeland, The Space 
Fence began during the Reagan 
era and the Strategic Defense 
Initiative (SDI), which although 
shot down by Congress, after 
popular outcry is widely believed 
to have continued apace, at the 
behest of the National Security 
State, despite being in direct 
violation of the international Outer 
Space Treaty, which banned the 
militarization of space in 1967.

Developments like the occluded 
US Air Force's Boeing X-37B, an 
unmanned "Orbital Test Vehicle" 
(OTV) have since drawn rampant 
speculation. In 2010, Tom 
Burghardt wrote for Space Daily 
that the X-37B could be used as a 
spy satellite or to deliver weapons 
from space, leading the Pentagon 
to deny that the X-37B's test 
missions supported the development 
of space-based weapons.

There is very little else that is 
generally known about the X-37B 
and related projects except for bits 
which have leaked out. In January 
2012, allegations were made that 
the X-37B was being used to spy on 
China's Tiangong-1 space station 
module, a claim which was refuted 
by former US Air Force Orbital 
Analyst, Brian Weeden, who stated 
that the different orbits of the two 
spacecraft precluded any practical 
surveillance fly-bys. In October 
2014, The Guardian reported the 
claims of security experts that the 
X-37B was being used "to test 
reconnaissance and spy sensors, 
particularly how they hold up against 
radiation and other hazards of 

Freeland would claim that the 
X-37B and other exponents of the 
Space Fence are doing a lot more 
than just testing the radiation in 
Outer Space. She claims that what 
drives the underlying project is the 
desire to achieve global domination 
through space-based technology. 
She says, however, that it was found 
this could not be successfully 
achieved using satellites, alone. 
Therefore, the project undertook to 
ionize of the atmosphere, with the 
infamous High Frequency Active 
Auroral Program (HAARP) with its 
many offshoots, as well as by 
incorporating tiny nano-particles 
into the human body.

In addition to having the capacity to 
penetrate the blood-brain barrier, 
Freeland says these nano-sensors 
can activate wireless signals, enabling 
the brain to be both remotely 
monitored and controlled, turning 
human beings into walking cellphone 
towers, that can receive microwave 
signals and automatically send back 
data to be aggregated into the Global 
Information Grid (GIG), building upon 
a gigantic AI program which can 
front-run the stock markets, engage 
in pre-crime and likely do any number 
of things that we cannot - and would 
not - even want to imagine.

Although the ultimate purpose of all 
of this incredibly invasive transhumanist 
meddling is not fully known, it is easy 
to see how this dystopian program fits 
into the US Department of Defense's 
doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance, 
which seeks to centralize and control 
the full spectrum of all activity on 
planet Earth - from human behavior, 
to geopolitical events, to weather 
conditions, to earthquake activity, to 
the creation of an artificial reality (AR) 
within an all-encompassing artificial 
intelligence grid.

That all of the perpetrators of 9/11 or 
of the 2008 Global Financial Meltdown 
or of the financing, training and 
support of ISIS remain free of any 
charges and not prosecuted suggests 
that Full Spectrum Dominance and the 
installment of an artificial reality is well 

Dark Journalist: The Space Fence and Full Planetary Lockdown - Elana Freeland


source:  http://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/dark-journalist-the-space-fence-and-full-planetary-lockdown-elana-freeland/