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Monday, 5 December 2016


 April 2015

Maurice writes 5 Dec. 16 

"They have me bed ridden back in Juba hotel ....diagnosed malaria and severe septicaemia/diarrhoea/head aches etc.....meanwhile, back at the ranch, we must capitalise on Bruce's brilliant but FAR TOO SHORT OBSERVER article as the UK judicial system stinks and is only a huge money stealing organisation funded by the uninformed' general public...the bad judges /lawyers have come to dominate 'policy'........that is the heart of the problem where 'the rule of law is concerned'.

I knew this long BEFORE I started civil ligation in south Wales, of course. but wanted to expose the likes of Cardiff judges and corrupt magistrates....Now , people are asking me, even here, "but you won all 33 incidents in a criminal court or dropped out of court and not be compensated is wicked"

Unlike most LiPs I have documentary proof of the wide spread corruption in the welsh judicial system frantic to get autonomy, of course before Europe, our only hope, was going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.....that is why BREXIT must not happen without radical reform in our legal system first.

..89% of all South Wales Police allegations I won up until I was struck off by the vindictive South Wales Police complaining to RCVS and then giving false evidence

The current trial judge has allowed the police to withhold all most all contemporaneous record of each incident that have exposed the truth of their harassment for 23 years.

The judge also still not return my 20th May 1993 audio tape of custody interview tape as it will nail the bastds re my arrest and gaol over 'found with 'garrotte 'type instrument on HRH Prince Charles's farm only to be gaoled in Cardiff prison as 'unidentifiable'

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                  


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above: Patrick Culinane R.I.P. with Maurice Kirk