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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

McKenzie Friends Group Exposed - THE HIGHGATE CHARITY SCAM

Hampstead Ella + Abe Expose McKenzie Friends et al       

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sabine McNeil ARRESTED in the RCJ, London UK. August 4, 2015

Hampstead Cover Up The McKenzie "Friends" Staged Arrest At The Satanic Courts Of InJustice


The Sabine McNeil Show !!

- written by Ella and Abe. August 6, 2015.

Why did Sabine choose to return to the U.K. the day before the appeal hearing ?

Why did Belinda visit Collindale Police Station last week?

Was it because she was in "fear of her life" as she alleges ?

Why did Jaqui Farmer/Charlotte/Scarlett make a point on Hampstead Research of supporting this lie/charade by reporting that the alleged death threat had been sent to Ella and Abraham's legal team ?

Is this the same Jacqui/Charlotte/Scarlett/Ward that lived with Belinda for a year and who assisted her in court on various occasions, who also runs the Hampstead Research Psy-op ?

Belinda Tavispeaking her "alleged" death threat:

"I’m a completely public person; I’ve never hidden behind false names or avatars, I sit here in my house day after day in full view of anyone passing by in the street; anyone can knock the door and I’ll open it so if anyone wants to stick a knife or a bullet in me on my front doorstep it would be the easiest thing in the world to do. As for what will happen if you do come back, that was explained to me last week by DS Paul Speer of Barnet police Public Protection Unit who said he organised the raiding party which visited you on 12th February (he regrets the fact that he didn’t force the door straightaway!!) and he will be handling the operation of receiving you, were you to decide to come back. You will be picked up at the port and be taken into police custody for questioning and you will most likely be released on bail pending trial but by now I don’t trust any police and they might hold you on remand at least during the court proceedings so the public can’t see you BUT we would see you at the Appeal on 4th August, they would have to bring you to that."

Belinda, didn't you tell your friend DS Speer that Ella was innocent as you had written to the RCJ and Pauffley Belinda ?

Did Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill organise the staged arrest of her "joined at the hip" charity-scamming-colleague Sabine McNeill whilst chatting with her friend DS Speer?"

Was this a staged arrest performed to redirect the energy of many the REAL supporters to Collindale police station where Sabine McNeill was taken in the afternoon, off the appeal hearing when the predetermined verdict was announced to cries of "child abusers" from the remaining supporters in the public gallery ??

- AND an attempt to maintain the illusion that they are actually working to help Ella and her children in order for the Mckenzie "friends" to continue fleecing the public, all in the name of "charity" ?

Detective Sergeant 'I Believe Ella Draper' - Hampstead Whistleblower Kids

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBsH5pnngZ4?feature=player_embedded]

Published on Mar 30, 2015

Christ Church Hampstead Sunday 29 March 2015

Watch Belinda McKenzie in the top video and compare her performance to the one at the Christ Church vigils when Belinda McKenzie and FBI stooge "Christine Ann Sands" [bogus name used by the FBI informant CAS], play supporting roles to ex-policeman Ray Savage as he redirects the energy of the Church vigils to the Elections.

These two (McKenzie nor McNeill) obviously haven't heard Ella and Abraham's latest interview with guidance 2222 , OR read Drifloud's latest, exposing the mechanics of their combined effort with others at the RCJ to frame and jail Ella for something that the Mckenzie Friends knew she was innocent of, or were they too busy planning this little theatre. What is with the Cult and theatrics ? After 5 months of no contact with the Mckenzie "Friends" due to their continued treachery and attempted Tavispeak "handling " of the case, Ella has issued a statement publicly disassociating from the Mckenzie "Friends"...
Dear Sirs,
Yesterday Mrs Belinda McKenzie forwarded me an email addressed to both of you. I am stating here that neither Mrs Belinda McKenzie, nor Ms Sabine McNeill, nor any other members of McKenzie Association are part of the proceedings (case No. ZC14c00315 ) and have nothing to do with me, Ella Draper or my children who are the focus of the case. They do not represent us.
Sincerely yours, Ella Draper.
This was sent to the court and supporters yesterday. (Aug 5, 2015)