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Friday, 30 December 2016


WikiLeaks: US Banning Russian Diplomats Likely Violates Vienna Convention
WikiLeaks says that new measures imposed by the US President Barack Obama against 35 Russian diplomats for involvement in alleged cyberattacks ...
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7 Most Dramatic Revelations from Wikileaks in 2016
One of the juiciest scandals related to Wikileaks in 2016 was the publishing of tens of thousands more emails from the Democratic National Committee ...
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The Guardian's Summary of Julian Assange's Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False
This claim was repeated in the first paragraph of the article: “Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has offered guarded praise of Donald Trump…
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Kurdish MP demands investigations on selling oilfields
Wikileaks published secret information on Kurdish attempt to sell some of its oilfields for 5 billion dollars to pay Kurdistan's debts.
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Matt Drudge Speculates The US Government Is Attacking Drudge Report
Prominent whistleblower and transparency website Wikileaks indicated during the election it had experienced such an attack after it released a ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Blames Too Many Twitter Mentions for Hillary Defeat
The top three controversies all involved Clinton: WikiLeaks (33,083,038), e-mail scandal (21,123,778), and her deplorables smear of Trump's ...
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How Trump Made Russia's Hacking More Effective
These Wikileaks emails confirm what those of us here today have known all along: Hillary Clinton is the vessel for a corrupt global establishment that ...
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What The Russian Hacking Report DOESN'T Say
It doesn't mention Wikileaks … not even once. In other words, the report does not allege that the Russians gave any Democratic Party or Podesta ...
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What if Obama dropped Hillary's email bombs?
But who is WikiLeaks? Nobody really knows. It is an anonymous network of hackers who claim to be upset about shady dealings in the government, ...
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UK's Channel 4 Addresses Accusations Of Slanting The News
They also failed to mention that Wikileaks was responsible for the majority of the leaks and that it was not a hacker but an insider from the Democratic ...
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'It's Hard to Show the World I Exist': Chelsea Manning's Final Plea to Be Seen
She then turned to WikiLeaks, which she had previously become aware of after seeing the site publish a collection of pager messages from 9/11 that ...
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Anti-globalist movement faces state-sponsored backlash in 2017
Also very influential is WikiLeaks, a small, tight-knit organization founded by Julian Assange. WikiLeaks' publication of the private documents and ...
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Mark Caserta: What path will the liberals take in 2017?
It began with the charge that the Russian government hacked into the Democratic National Committee and provided WikiLeaks with thousands of ...
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Desert Sun letter: Israel, US is it time for a break?
You cannot mention the Russians without referring to WikiLeaks. But in fairness, all WikiLeaks did was give us a “kiss and tell” of private emails that tell ...
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Letter: Trump and the Russian hackers
According to "the news," the hackers were only Russians and gave the information to WikiLeaks to offer to all the news outlets, such as ABC, CBS, ...