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Saturday, 28 January 2017

EDGAR BROUGHTON IN GERMANY 1970 + 71 UK - BEAT CLUB: LIVE '70 + Atomic Rooster MC5 Jethro Tull etc !!

Edgar Broughton Band - Beat-Club 57 - 15.08.1970

03 Edgar Broughton Band -
Silver Needle

07 Edgar Broughton Band - Apache Drop Out

full show 59 mins:

Beat-Club 57 - 15.08.1970 [59mins.]

01 Atomic Rooster - Save Me
02 Steamhammer - I Wouldn't Have Thought
03 Edgar Broughton Band - Apache Drop Out
04 Dr. John, The Night Tripper - Mardi Gras Day
05 Jethro Tull - With You There To Help Me
06 Jethro Tull - Nothing Is Easy
07 Edgar Broughton Band - Silver Needle

"Rolling Stone" magazine, 1971 --> --->

  BELOW: 1970

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND - "AMERICAN BOY SOLDIER" versions: LIVE '70 + STUDIO 1969 - classic statement from 1969, more than relavent today...

LIVE: EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND - "American Boy Soldier" (Live HQ TV Performance On "Beat-Club") | © 1970 RBTV
What d'you wanna do boy?
Well, I don't really know
D'you wanna go back to school, kid?
Er... not really!
Well, d'you wanna go to work, boy?
D'you wanna dig potatoes, son?
No Siree!
What d'you wanna do, boy?
D'you wanna go to war, boy?
Ooh, yes please sir! (x3)

They're sending me home, shot through to the bone
He had a red cross on his arm, all I got was napalm

The American Army, the American Army,
Wait till the Russians get hold of you!
Not forgetting the Navy, not forgetting the Navy
And the Air force too!

Shot down from my plane, they leave me out cold
Never be the same again, I was just 16yrs old!

The American Army, the American Army,
Wait till the Russians get hold of you!
Not forgetting the Navy, Not forgetting the Navy
And the Air force too!

It'll be so nice to get back home to North Carolina
See my blonde, all-American honey bun
With her transistor radio turned up full!
Do all the things we used to do, back in the old days!
What a thrill it could be!

Hope you enjoy the air raid!
American Boy Soldier lyrics © T.R.O. INC

This, from a good article "EDGAR BROUGHTON: 

"But the single does form a useful trailer for their first album – ‘Wasa Wasa’ (1969, Harvest SHVL757), an archetypal electric-Blues set featuring stand-outs “Crying” and the ‘transparently cynical’ “American Boy Soldier”. “Love In The Rain” uses lascivious Hendrix changes (‘…tell your Mother, I’m no fussy Lover...’) ‘YOU LIKE IT? SO DO I... I’M COMING, I’M COMING, I’M COMING – I’M NEARLY THERE.... THAT WAS SO GOOD…!!!!’ fading out in lustily post-orgasmic panting. And the heavy guitar figures of “Why Can’t Somebody Love Me”, plus both sides of the single – of which ‘Electric Citizen’ had begun as a track spontaneously recorded the year previous in just fifteen minutes at EMI’s No.2 studio. It is clearly a formative album utilising the classic Cream/ Hendrix bass-lead-drums power-trio line-up, with much of its potential yet to be realised. While the sleeve features the protagonists moodily clustered about a candle. Faces, suitably solemn, half-eclipsed by its light, emerging from its Twilight Zone…