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Friday, 13 January 2017


CNN Retracts Fake News Statement As WikiLeaks Prepares Lawsuit
Just hours after Mudd's comments, WikiLeaks tweeted: “We have issued instructions to sue CNN for defamation…Unless within 48h they air a one ...
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Wikileaks' Assange talks about DNC leaks, helping Snowden
In a file photo, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appears outside an embassy in London where he has been granted political asylum. (Source: ...
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What Wikileaks said about Jonathan Moyo
Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo has been a news attraction since he joined the Constitutional Review Commission in 1999. According to ...
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Evidence weak that Russia responsible for hacking
The email “leaks” came through Wikileaks. (Wikileaks has a pristine rating for accuracy over the last 15 years) John Harwood, CNBC took a Twitter poll ...
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The Tedious Russian Hacking Lie Recycled
The claim by John Podesta that my tweets somehow proved that I had advance knowledge of the WikiLeaks hacking of his email account and that I ...
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Assange acepta extradición a EEUU si Obama indulta a soldado que filtró documentos
El fundador de WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, aceptará ser extraditado a Estados Unidos si el presidente saliente Barack Obama concede el indulto a la ...
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Government Watchdog Launches Probe Into FBI, Justice Actions in Clinton Email Case
An email released by Wikileaks on Nov. 2 appeared to show Kadzik giving Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta a “heads up” about the State ...
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Obama Shortlists Traitor Bradley Manning for Commutation
Remember how outraged the Dems were roughly 5 seconds ago about Wikileaks and the Russians? Remember how that was treason? But that's only ...
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Finneran: Putin's Book Of Revelation
Let's quickly stipulate to several matters regarding the thug Putin, the traitor Assange, and the saga of Wikileaks, such stipulations being essential to ...
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Trump's past comments haunt his nominees
Pompeo also said Wikileaks wasn't a reliable source of information. Last year, praising the release of John Podesta's emails, Trump said: “I love ...
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Your Turn: January 12
So what influenced the election more: the WikiLeaks releases, official Democratic National Committee members caught stabbing Bernie Sanders in ...
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FBI Director Says Agency Was Denied Request to Access John Podesta Phone, DNC Servers
However, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange and operative Craig Murray have denied that Russia was behind the email leaks. Murray suggested the ...
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What's the deal with Trump and Russia?
The hacked material that was allowed to surface, mostly through WikiLeaks, contained embarrassing information about the Democratic National ...
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BREMMER: Putin 'certainly would angle for Trump backing off Ukraine,' as explosive document ...
... in Ukraine as a campaign issue" in return for Russia's feeding of hacked documents to WikiLeaks. Those claims could not be independently verified.
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Julian Assange will agree to US extradition if Obama grants Chelsea Manning clemency
Assange could potentially face the death penalty in the United States due to the fact that Wikileaks released massive numbers of classified documents ...
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Donald Trump Agrees Russian Hackers Intervened in Election
Aside its hacking expertise, Russians as well indicated their capability for maintaining profound news media refinement, in particular, giving WikiLeaks ...