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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

From "WeThePeople" - "The Pusher" - ["IS AMERICA DEAD?" Kim Fowley]

Received from wetheepeople@aol.com:

"If this is True???????........

Former Nazi and Democrat Donor George Soros Now Connected to Every Major Protest Since November Election - Tea Party


                    America needs to rid OURSELVES of such an ENTITY............So we have to ask.......WHO IS THE "PUSHER"???
                           The "Pusher" SONG WORDS.... (REFERENCED TO IN THIS ARTICLE), is from a rock song written by Hoyt Axton, made popular by the 1969 movie Easy Rider 
     The message of this song is that the "Pusher" is a Dealer. A Dealer in things that make people weak, makes them remain ignorant, makes them reliant on other to do for them. The "Pusher" makes them co-dependent on others who will make them think that they "Deserve" everything, and everything is "Free", especially in a Socialized America. There are many forms of Drugs, and Socialism, is a Deadly one that controls people. The cost for such an "Addiction" is extremely high, more-so for the innocent majority of America, who become victims of those addicted to the irresponsibility's related to Socialism.
America's streets are in turmoil because the (agenda-driven) "Pusher" and their cohorts are angry that their "Power" is now diminished, and their control of America may be slipping. This is all revealed in their frustrated panic-style reaction, since the Election of Donald Trump. They have orchestrated blind movements, and ignorant resistance, by people who really don't know why they oppose a President who has only been in office a few weeks,.....except for the fact that Hillary Clinton LOST.............When Hillary Lost, so did the "Pusher"
    The "Pusher-Man" Failed in getting their representative in the Highest office-in-the-Land, the White House. Their Minions are NOW in a Panic, for now all they thought that would remain Free, as it was with the last "Benefactor", may (Now), all be Lost......Donald Trump has been in office less then a Month, and throughout America, they are blaming him for all that is Wrong.
    Unlike the the last "Pusher-Mans" aide , Barack Obama, who promised them everything, and gave them Nothing Earned, Nothing Deserved. They rejoiced in his Rhetoric, ignoring his lack-of-substance.
    In the last 8 years The "Pusher" sat throned-like, behind the titled-one as he "injected the Ignorant", with the fabled-tales of expectations that comes with the Lack-of-Responsibility. Where you can get Free education, free Health-care, free social welfare, and where the need to respect others wishes meant little if you were a member of the "Politically Correct" crowd. Their version of Freedom was absolute, with no attached responsibilities..........All the ingredients that can destroy a country, but allows for the control-of-the-Masses. The Progressive's, liberally distorted needs, did indeed rule, and the Majority of America,........Paid.
    It was necessary for America's Innocent to Pay, so as to fill-the-will-of the "Pusher".
NOW.......that may very-well end!!......SO, it is more then coincidental, that within a moments notice so-called "Protestors" are in the streets or blocking Airports, or starting Fires and Destruction, across the country, within hours after they find something President Trump has done or said. It doesn't really matter what he does, for they will, (cause they have to), find Fault with his actions. They have complained about "Women's rights", but what has he done to curtail those rights? They run around America, saying that the country is going to collapse or that "this-is-the-end", yet that have no explanation for such diatribe. They declare that they want to Burn the White House down, or threaten to do-harm to the President, and perform pretend executions of our President on social media. Yet no-one can explain why they wish to do these things???  This is more then a coincidental-Hysteria, this is an Orchestrated performance by the "Pusher". The desperation, and Panic of this magnitude, has not been seen in the last 60 plus years. *I heard  pro-Muslim Radio advertisements / announcements on the Sunday, less then (2) two days after the (Friday) when the President announced this temporary Muslim ban. *That's impossible to prepare, (especially on a weekend)  and buy any Radio-time that quickly unless these Ads were already prepared in anticipation, or the White House already has a "Mole" in their vicinity......*

This type of prepared and quick reaction cost Millions!!.........Examine the Denial of "Free-Speech", to a Brietbart representative from a self-righteous California College Campus, (just last night), where free-speech, is used (daily) for their every excuse for opening their mouth, and sounding Stupid. What are they afraid of or has the "Pusher" decided that no-one should be heard, or their trained Addicts may begin to think for themselves, when they hear a different opinion, other then the Socialistic/ Fascist words that keep them in a perpetual Hallucination?
     The "Pusher-Man" is in High-gear, realizing that his / her minions are beginning to "come-down" from their 8 year HIGH, and the Pusher needs to keep them Hysterical or he / she may lose their trained addicts to propaganda.
The 1969 Pusher song states;......"You know, I've seen a lot of people walkin' 'round,With tombstones in their eyes, But the pusher don't care, Ah, if you live or if you die."

.......We know,......... we seen them. Our memories are still fresh of the vile performance of these so-called "Pink" women right after Inauguration Day. The filth they threw around the American community, consisting of dirty female napkins, along with flurries of curse-words - and vile (no-meaning) poems, and threats on stage, from so-called representatives of a Movement with NO direction. Walking around in Vagina suits, was for what purpose, other then to reflect their border-line Insanity?? Their purpose for this day, made No-sense, while they walked around with signs saying...... "My-legs-are-open-for refugees"..........What???? These are the people that are going around attacking a Man who had just taken office for less the 24 hours.This may not have happened in such a Bizarre manner, had there not been a Financier, a "Pusher" in the background. The Fake-News Media, also claiming to be our "Main-Stream-Media" did NOT report any of these Disturbing performances from some of the "Pusher's" followers.
The "Pusher" does Not work alone, for it has it's dedicated messengers pretending to be Honorable, and un-bias distributors of the News. They are called, but NOT respected individuals, pretending to be Journalist. Their efforts during this last Election was unparalleled in their Bias, Myth-making, unjust fabrication, and just outright lies in their desperate efforts to place another of the "Pushers" workers in the Titled position being vacated by the last "Servant".!! 
   They Failed and are in a perpetual Shock. All this is evident by the constant unfounded attacks on a sitting President, even before his first 100 Days. This barrage of personal and political attacks on one individual, by a definitively Bias and unashamed Media, has never been realized in America's History.
    As a Veteran of War, I am deeply offended by their outright abuse of the Free-speech protections my fellow American Soldiers Died to protect. Some of these Media outlets must and should be disbanded for their abuse of said rights, because Free speech is NOT absolute, and comes with responsibilities they refuse to embrace.
The 1969 Pusher song further states;...... "The dealer for a nickel, Lord, will sell you lots of sweet dreams, Ah, but the pusher ruin your body, Lord, he'll leave your, he'll leave your mind to scream."
..........And screaming is what we are hearing. (**From Paid-to-protest" addicts perhaps??) Not something of substance, but Cries of blind, panic-style screaming from the "Pushers" subordinates in the Media, and from the Addicted "Clones" in the streets. No direction, No purpose, just Blind, Hate and Anger from those who allege to embrace the tools of Diversity, Tolerance and Acceptance, or have the finally exposed their true selves clothed in Hypocrisy? Perhaps those instruments are only for those they wish to Convert?..........the infliction of unwarranted Guilt, on the Innocent, can be a powerful weapon!
The Irony of what we are speaking of, and how much more relevant is this song , as in part of the final verse of this 1969 Pusher song that states;
"Well, now if I were the president of this land, You know, I'd declare total war on The Pusher man, ..............."
*As the songs unintended potential for Prophecy suggest, will this President confront the "Pusher"? Will this President compel the "Pusher" to Cease these actions of Anarchy, Tyranny, and Treason??
             Will the "Pusher", be detained for their Lifetime to Reflect on what they were trying to do,...........To Americans, ..........To Individuality, To Liberty, and To Freedom??
Perhaps time or Reality itself, will tell America, if this comes to past, but one must reflect on the irony of a song from nearly (50) fifty years past. We can only hope that the "Cleaning of the Swamp" .........includes............ "The Pusher" !!
 The "Pusher"..... SONG WORDS.... (REFERENCED TO IN THIS ARTICLE), is a rock song written by Hoyt Axton, made popular by the 1969 movie Easy Rider . *There is no intention to interpret , malign, or reinterpret the intended meaning of this song".



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