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Monday, 6 February 2017

Journalist Exposed CIA Media Manipulation Found Dead

Why did the US invade Iraq, 
where 4,486 US soldiers were 
killed and an additional 2,345 
US soldiers died in Afghanistan, 
with 1 million US soldiers 
wounded in both wars?

Iraqi casualties are unclear 
because of the different kinds 
of types of casualties (Iraq 
military, jihadi insurgents, 
civilians, etc.) and because of 
US policy to studiously avoid 
tallying civilian deaths. 

According to iraqbodycount.org
between 2003-2013, Iraq had 
270,000 documented deaths 
(combined military and civilian), 
however, major casualties there 
continue to this day and there's 
at least one estimate that 
killed since the US invasion - 
and growing.
The public reason given for the 
invasion was that Iraq possessed 
Weapons of Mass Destruction 
(WMDs), which was proven to be 
false by the US military, after 
razing Iraq to the ground and 
finding none. There were also 
false implications made by 
members of the Bush 
Administration that Saddam 
Hussein was responsible for 9/11. 

These lies were successful. In a 
USA Today poll taken in September 
2003, a few months after the 
Invasion of Iraq, 70% of Americans 
believed that Saddam was involved 
in the 9/11 attacks.

The real behind-the-scenes "excuse" 
to invade (which was still not the 
real reason) was because Saddam 
Hussein was threatening to sell Iraqi 
oil in Euros, which would have 
circumvented his OPEC agreement
OPEC is what keeps the US dollar 
strong, despite America's unpayable 
$21 trillion national debt. It also 
forces the US to wage illegal pre-
emptive and proxy wars on 
countries, to protect the debt-based 
US dollar, to which the US does not 
own the right to issue. The right 
to issue the US dollar belongs to the 
private corporation known as the 
Federal Reserve Bank, which is part 
of the Central Banking System, 
headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

When the Dubya Administration 
threatened to invade Iraq, Saddam 
said he'd do "anything the US asked" 
to avoid war. Saddam promised to buy 
next decade and to give favorable 
contracts in pharmaceuticals and 
medical equipment...

Click below to read about who 
benefits from all of this carnage 
and to watch the video about 
German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, 
who admitted to taking CIA bribes 
for 25 years to put the CIA's 
slant on his reporting. He was 
found dead on January 17th.

(11 mins):