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Saturday, 11 March 2017

"Encounter with a Demon Possessed" / N.D.E.'s - ZFirelight Blogspot - C2C AM RADIO 04/03/17

Date Saturday - March 4, 2017
Host Dave Schrader
Guests Bill ScottYvonne Sneeden

President and founder of Free Our Family, Bill Scott, joined Dave Schrader (email), for a discussion on the terrifying experience when he and his wife invited a young lady who was demon possessed and a member of an active Satanic network into their home. What happened were death threats, voices, objects falling and moving, strange visitors and callers, and a church falling into turmoil.
Scott, who worked as a radio host at a Christian station in the 1980s, recounted the first in a series of phone calls he received from a 16-year-old calling herself Lacy. According to Scott, Lacy revealed she was to be sacrificed on Halloween, then began choking and speaking in an inhuman voice. "This was evil, beyond evil... it was a supernatural being that was talking back to me—a demon," he said. The demon spoke about sacrificing Lacy, and would growl and exclaim obscenities when we prayed, Scott added "You can feel the coldness of evil... you could feel it so strong," he remembered.
Scott recalled a bizarre encounter in which he saw what appeared to be Lacy by a building at his church, then watched as she ran across the porch through a solid brick wall and vanished. He later discovered the Lacy personality was a demonic trick and the woman who was actually afflicted was named Roxanne. "She was in danger... and there was supernatural activity surrounding her," he explained, noting he invited Roxanne into his home so he could help her. Scott disclosed she was there only a week but even after she left strange activity continued, including lights switching on and off, doors opening and closing, and a shadow figure moving through the hallway.
The shadow figure claimed to be an invited guest in the home and indicated it had been summoned there by Roxanne with Satanic paraphernalia still underneath her bed, Scott continued. He described how he cast out the entity by calling on the name of Jesus, and warned listeners to never bring a demon-possessed person into their homes. "I feel so fortunate that God kept us safe through this entire event because it could have gone quite badly," he admitted.

Parts 2, 3, 4 - Encounter with the Demon Possessed


Part 1 - Near Death Experiences
First hour guest, Near Death Experience researcher and experiencer, Yvonne Sneeden, discussed her personal NDEs and how they completely changed her life for the better. According to Sneeden, she had premonitions of dying ahead of her NDEs and was being prepared for it. "For some reason I had a supernatural peace in me," she revealed. Sneeden explained how her prescription medication caused sleep apnea and her heart to stop, which led to having her experiences. She described seeing two beings of light at the end of her bed who came to escort her across the universe to heaven, where she was welcomed by her soul group. "There's another world out there beyond this world here," Sneeden said, identifying it as the real world—the one that is our actual home.

Part 1 - NDEs