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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Britain accused of diverting WikiLeaks attention with 'Russian threat' claims
Russia has accused British intelligence agencies of trying to divert attention from the latest WikiLeaks revelations on surveillance by talking up ...
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Microsoft says it has heard from Wikileaks
Microsoft said Monday it has indeed heard from Wikileaks, which had said it would contact the tech firms whose vulnerabilities were disclosed in a ...
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Why Mark Cuban didn't invest in WikiLeaks, and how he changed his mind on Trump
So when WikiLeaks launched about a decade ago, it caught his eye. He later read an article noting how the organization needed $72,000 to stay alive ...
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The CIA secret weapon WikiLeaks DIDN'T reveal: 'A time machine it got from the VATICAN'
Author Alfred Lambremont Webre, who has penned a number of books on time travel, told Daily Star Online: “This leaked WikiLeaks information does ...
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'Whistleblowing opportunity?' WikiLeaks trolls CIA over internship advertisements
WikiLeaks wants you, if you want to join the CIA that is. The whistleblowing organization took a break from leaking documents on Tuesday and instead ...
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WikiLeaks' Release on CIA Hacking Tools Raises Concerns about IoT Security to New Heights
The IoT is changing the world. But the recent WikiLeaks report that the CIA has the ability to access and even control IoT devices raises more ...
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BC-US-TEC--WikiLeaks-CIA-Tech Encryption,3rd Ld-Writethru
NEW YORK – If the tech industry is drawing one lesson from the latest WikiLeaks disclosures, it's that data-scrambling encryption works, and the ...
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Latest WikiLeaks release revives interest in mysterious death of US journalist
There is growing evidence that, prior to his tragic death in June 2013, award-winning investigative journalist Michael Hastings had been looking into ...
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Tenta For Android Is The Browser You Need After The Wikileaks CIA Dump
The massive dump of CIA hacking tools by Wikileaks has everyone talking. Some of that talk has been quite sensational, claiming that the Agency has ...
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Former CIA Director Blames Millennials For WikiLeaks Documents
Speaking to the BBC following the publishing of WikiLeaks Vault 7 documents, former CIA director Michael Hayden stated that he believes millennials ...
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Wikileaks recruiting CIA interns to whistleblow
Wikileaks staff and supporters, including head Julian Assange, describe the site as a journalistic organization. According to the Society of Professional ...
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More Cyber Attacks On The Way Thanks To Wikileaks
He says it's not just government's seeing what's released on Wikileaks, he says the bad guys pay close attention too, and they use the information for ...
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WikiLeaks, the CIA and Trust
Thank you; most interesting. The CIA's record of damage to US interests is really quite extensive. (See "Legacy of Ashes").
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Nigel Farage reveals the reason for his visit with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
Fox News contributor Nigel Farage tried to dispel any rumors of a conspiracy associated with his recent meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian ...
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Trump adviser says gov't has many ways to surveil people
Also this month, WikiLeaks released nearly 8,000 documents that purportedly reveal secrets about the CIA's tools for breaking into targeted computers, ...
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Who and why, twin mysteries behind leak of CIA's cybertools
FILE – This April 13, 2016, file photo shows the seal of the Central Intelligence Agency at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. WikiLeaks' release of ...
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Wikileaks Russia Link Revealed: Site Hosted In Russia, Hacking Suspect Named
The Wikileaks site is at least partly hosted on servers based in Russia — servers that it added just one week before the site released thousands of ...