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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Wikileaks to give Apple, Microsoft and Google 90-day deadline to fix flaws found in Vault7 files
Wikileaks promise to give tech companies access to exploits in their systems before being made public have hit a snag after the organisation added a ...
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The Election Wasn't Stolen by Moscow
When Democrats speak of Russian intervention working to defeat Clinton, they are referring to only one thing: the WikiLeaks documents dump.
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Should Your General Counsel Worry About Wikileaks?
Turning back to Wikileaks, the alleged vulnerabilities pose a unique conundrum for the impacted developers, namely the specifics of the vulnerability ...
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Wikileaks threatens to release unresolved Microsoft exploits after 90 days
Coming after its Vault 7 revelations of American Intelligence agencies exploiting hidden software exploits, Wikileaks has now threatened to release ...
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'WikiLeaks is Trying to Carve Out a Bigger, Broader Role for Itself'
WikiLeaks has set conditions for tech companies that they have to follow in order to get details of hacking exploits from the leak of the Central ...
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Wikileaks To Give Tech Companies 90 Days To Fix Flaws
As you might have heard that not too long ago, Wikileaks released a bunch of documents in which it was discovered that the CIA had kept a list of ...
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After the WikiLeaks revelations should your views on Smart TV's change?
With the recent WikiLeaks revelations regarding your smartphones and smart TV's and how easy they can be used to spy on you, are smart TV's ...
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Roger Stone's alibi falls apart
A little over a month later, Wikileaks published John Podesta's hacked emails. The FBI later confirmed that the hack, and subsequent leaking, was part ...
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Both Parties Agree: Protecting the Fourth Amendment in NOT a Priority
When WikiLeaks published leaked documents from the CIA in early March, for instance, many Republicans immediately called for an investigation into ...
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FLASH ALERT: FBI Investigating Alt-Media for Exposing Hillary Clinton
The McClatchy report continued, “A top priority of investigators is to determine who delivered those hacked emails to WikiLeaks, a London-based ...
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The Guy From Blink-182 Has One Helluva Story About Aliens
After hackers working at the behest of the Russian government accessed Podesta's Gmail account and shared his emails with WikiLeaks, according to ...
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Family of murdered DNC staffer raising money to investigate unsolved crime
A month earlier, WikiLeaks said it would pay $20,000 to anyone who could explain who was behind the attack. The Metropolitan Police Department is ...
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Are your gadgets spying on you?
According to WikiLeaks revelations earlier this month, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hacked computers, phones, even televisions. The CIA ...
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The latest in Trump-Russia news: Manafort's hot seat, Maxine Waters' crystal ball and more
The grammatically awkward tweet, along with Stone's self-professed relationships with both Wikileaks's Julian Assange and the hacker Guccifer 2.0 ...
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Republicans Are Finding it Hard to Play Defense
Russian meddling led to then-candidate Trump's celebration of it during the campaign -- "I love WikiLeaks!" -- which led to illegal partisan leaks, which ...
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The psychology of privacy in the era of the Internet of Things
(CNN) A recent WikiLeaks document dump, purportedly from the CIA, claimed that the agency can hack smart TVs and place them in "fake-off" mode, ...
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DocsBarcelona to screen 'Hacking Justice'
The film tells the story of Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón, who fought to prove the innocence of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. Catalan ...