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Wednesday, 10 May 2017


We call on the Government, Labour Party and Lib Dems to launch investigations into allegations that MPs and peers raped and assaulted children throughout the 1980s and 1990s
by Survivors of child sexual abuse · 538 supporters

Survivors of child sexual abuse
10 May 2017 — PRESS RELEASE



9 May 2017

Child welfare campaigners have thrown down the gauntlet to UK voters ahead of the 8 June General Election, urging every voter to demand their MP answer questions about the 1990s Westminster paedophile ring described by scores of survivors and whistle-blowers.

A contingent of MPs, peers and other elected figures conspired with career paedophiles and child procurers to facilitate multi jurisdictional child sex trafficking, the pimping of children among high-profile politicians, and serial child rape by Members of Parliament and others, personal testimonies allege.

An online petition demanding that the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem leaderships launch internal investigations has attracted more than 500 signatures.

Campaigners predict the petition will go viral on the heels of recent media exposés of the late Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Peter Morrison and others.

The petition, which has been sent to General Election candidates, is here:

Campaigners say that voters should not cast a vote for any candidate in the 8 June General Election until the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem leaderships have pledged to hold internal investigations into the specific allegations.



Four whistle-blowers who have spoken out publicly are Dr Liz Davies (Emeritus Reader in Child Protection at London Metropolitan University), freelance investigative journalist Eileen Fairweather, former newspaper editor and author Don Hale OBE, and Andrea Davison, who researched organised child abuse in Westminster for the defunct news magazine Scallywag.