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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


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 The Future of Deep Space Propulsion -  
UFO Sightings by Pilots Hushed by EU Law -Is West Virginia Part of Bigfoot’s Migration Route? -
AND: Kesha Says New Album Inspired By Her UFO Sightings

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You Have Doubtlessly Seen The Movies Based Upon What We Have All Come to Believe Are Exceptionally Brilliant Science Fiction Novels Written By The Late Philip K. Dick . . .
But what you probably didn’t know is that their creator was living out some of the same incredibly bizarre scenarios that he wrote about. One can easily compare Philip to the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Total Recall,” who found himself in a parallel universe on a faraway planet, despite the fact that he was only supposed to be hooked up in a laboratory to a machine that creates realistic dream-like images. Which reality is the character really living in?
At a sci-fi press conference held in France in 1977, Philip tried to explain some of his bewildering thoughts about the existence of a parallel or self-contained – Matrix-like – universe created by “someone” who has the ability to alter the course of time and our concept of reality:
“People claim to remember past lives,” Philip told the throng of reporters and fans. “I claim to remember a different – very different – present life. I know of nobody who has ever made this claim before but I rather suspect that my experience is not unique. What perhaps is unique is my willingness to talk about it. We are living in a computer-programmed reality and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed and some alteration in our reality occurs . . . and because of this a variable WAS changed – reprogrammed as it were – and an alternative world branched off.”
Drawing on the masterful mind of creative genius Philip K. Dick we offer up dozens of his personal experiences, as well as those of others in the UFO and paranormal fields, where synchronicities seem to abound. This is NOT science fiction. This is a universe that cannot be so easily grasped or explained.
This amazing book has been compiled by Tim Beckley and Sean Casted with an Introduction by Tessa Dick and added contributions by such esteemed researchers as: Philip K. Dick, Tim Swartz, Nick Redfern, Diane Tessman, Hercules Invictus, Brad Steiger, Brent Raynes, Cynthia Cirile, Valarie D. Orazio, and others who have come to conclude we are living in a computerized simulation, and like PKD acknowledge the existence of the Matrix.
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The Future of Deep Space Propulsion
By Nancy Atkinson

There’s a saying among space exploration enthusiasts that human missions to Mars have always been 20 years ahead of available technology. We’ve never quite had the significant research investment and development needed for propulsion, life support, and the ability to land large payloads — to name just a few critical elements — in order to establish human settlements on Mars.

But according to several experts who testified before Congress this week, we may be on the cusp of advances that could radically alter how we fly through space, with breakthroughs that could allow faster travel, larger payloads, and greater efficiency in propulsion. Space industry leaders discussed recent advances in in-space propulsion that were brought about, in part, by the all-but-canceled Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), which may surprise some of the program’s critics.

Participants in the hearing, which was held by the Space Subcommittee of the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology, were part of the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP), a public-private collaborative model that uses commercial development of deep space exploration capabilities to support more extensive human spaceflight missions with NASA.

“The development of our in-space propulsion and power technologies are essential for future exploration,” Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas), the subcommittee chair, told Seeker following the hearing. “The work that NASA is doing to adapt its current work on solar electric propulsion to a Deep Space Gateway architecture and further pursuit of high-power in-space propulsion for a Deep Space Transport are key to ensuring that human exploration of Mars is affordable and sustainable. Future development of these technologies will be essential to unlocking the secrets of our solar system’s ocean worlds, like Europa.”

ARM was originally designed as a Mars precursor mission to develop deep space exploration capabilities. ARM would find, capture, and redirect an asteroid robotically to orbit the moon, and then astronauts would visit it for exploration and study. But the technology involved in realizing the feat would also help prepare for human missions to the Red Planet and other destinations within the solar system. The astronauts would have also tested Mars-capable spacesuits, sample harvesting techniques, and docking capabilities that would be critical for operating independently of Earth during long-duration missions to Mars.

Yet the idea of sending humans to an asteroid never really captured the attention of the public — or Congress. The Trump administration’s proposed 2018 budget completely cuts funding for ARM.

There is more to ARM than meets the eye. NASA wanted to use the project to make advancements in solar electric propulsion (SEP) — sometimes called ion propulsion — which works by electrically charging, or ionizing, a gas using power from solar panels and emitting the ionized gas to create thrust to propel the spacecraft. These engines are different than chemical rockets and thrusters that most spacecraft use.

SEP engines are much more efficient than conventional chemical propulsion because they turn electrical energy from solar panels into thrust, meaning they don’t have to carry large amounts of heavy, chemical propellant.

“High power solar electric propulsion capabilities, scalable to handle power and thrust levels needed for deep space human exploration missions, are considered essential to efficiently and affordably perform human exploration missions to distant destinations such as Mars,” Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Directorate at NASA, remarked at the hearing.

The concept of solar electric propulsion has been around for a long time. Robert Goddard discussed it in the early 1900s, but the first spacecraft to use the technology was Deep Space 1 in 1998. A few other robotic solar system missions (ESA’s SMART-1, Japan’s Hayabusa) have used solar electric propulsion, and Boeing recently launched the first commercial Earth orbiting satellites that rely solely on electric propulsion. The Dawn mission to the asteroid belt, which launched in 2007, uses ion propulsion.

The improved SEP design packs three times the power of previous models, is 50 percent more efficient, and uses much less propellant. Although developed for asteroid exploration, the new and improved thruster could one day be used to send large payloads to Mars in support of human settlement.

“SEP systems under development now by NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne reduce the amount of propellant needed for deep space missions by a factor of 10,” said Joe Cassady, Executive Director for Space, at Aerojet Rocketdyne. “This is important because it costs as much to launch propellant as it does to launch scientific instruments or other mission critical equipment. SEP makes it possible to launch larger, heavier payloads thereby reducing the number of launches needed and the taxpayer cost for the total mission.”

There’s one downside to SEP engines: They lack sufficient powerful over a short amount of time to lift a spacecraft off of Earth’s surface. For that, you need the sudden, swift acceleration to overcome the pull of our planet’s gravity that currently only chemical rockets can provide. To get humans to Mars, the current plan is to use NASA’s large new rocket currently under development, the Space Launch System (SLS).

While a SEP-powered spacecraft provides low acceleration, when it operates in space, it can fire continuously for many years to thrust a large mass to high speed.

“Compared to chemical propulsion, this approach enhances the efficiency of the thruster by more than an order of magnitude and leads to significant mass reductions — a change that allows us to include more payload mass on the same launch vehicle,” said Mitchell Walker, chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’s Electric Propulsion Technical Committee. “Thus, electric propulsion systems enable space missions that could never take place with chemical propulsion alone.”

Franklin Chang-Diaz, CEO of the Ad Astra Rocket Company and a former NASA astronaut, said despite decades of advances in space technology, deep challenges remain.

“Our transportation workhorse, the chemical rocket, has reached an exquisite level of refinement,” he said. “It has also reached its performance limit. That technology will not provide us with a sustainable path to deep space. It does not mean we need to discard it. On the contrary, chemical rockets will continue to provide foundational launch and landing capabilities for the foreseeable future and reducing their cost is a worthy goal.”

Chang-Diaz added that the path to sustainable transportation lies in high-power electric propulsion.

“By high-power, I mean power levels in the hundreds of kilowatts and up,” he said. “These rockets will first be solar-electric and later, as we move outwards from the sun, they will transition to nuclear-electric power.”

The electric ion engine that currently propels the Dawn mission has a nominal operation power of 2.3 kW, and the new Boeing satellites operate at slightly less than 5 kW. Upgraded engines tested for ARM offer electric propulsion devices that could operate at nearly 15 kW. Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Nested Hall Thruster delivers 50-200 kW and the VASMIR VX-200 engine has performed more than 10,000 test firings at power levels of 200 kW.

But none of these engines have yet flown to space.

Cassady put things in perspective. “Today we can land one metric ton on the surface of Mars; for a human mission we need to land 80 metric tons of supplies and equipment,” he said. “Mars missions will also send humans much farther than ever before. This combination of heavier payloads combined with the need to travel over greater distances drives us to seek a solution that takes advantage of strategic logistics planning.”

He added that the best approach might be similar to the way that military deployments are conducted today, where heavy equipment, supplies, and other logistical items are pre-deployed by large cargo ships. Then, once the equipment and habitats are in place, soldiers follow by faster air transport. SEP systems, in other words, could become the cargo ship of deep-space missions.

Gerstenmaier said that NASA is also investing in technologies that will allow for the in-space storage and transfer of cryogenic fuels to meet the needs for future propulsion stages to move crew from Low Earth Orbit to a variety of destinations. “A key goal is to demonstrate these new capabilities in the next few years and infuse them into human missions in the next decade,” he said.

Several committee members and invited speakers echoed Chang-Diaz’s opinion that there is strong public sentiment for continued development for space exploration, and in particular a sustainable human mission to Mars.

“I believe space travel beckons humanity even more today than it did 50 years ago,” said Chang Diaz, “but we need to secure a safe, robust, and fast means of transportation.”

Cassady agreed, saying he thought that we are well on our way to having efficient in-space transportation because of SEP, but for the technology to fully reach its potential, we mustn’t get complacent or distracted.

“We must continue to adequately fund these development efforts to ensure we will have the first human footprints on Mars in the 2030s,” he said. “The primary challenge facing high power SEP development is the risk of losing focus as we go through the critical transition period from development to flight demonstration and subsequently, operational use. This requires a stable budget and a constancy of purpose. Everything we do should be with the goal of landing humans on Mars in the 2030s.”

Source: Seeker


UFO Sightings by Pilots Hushed by EU Law

THE public may never learn of the recent UFO sightings made by pilots in our skies thanks to a piece of EU legislation, it has emerged.

Airline staff report a number of strange sightings to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) every year, it is understood.

Since the MoD closed its UFO desk in 2009, the CAA has become the last British government organisation to retain an interest in UFOs and keep files on incidents involving civilian aircrews.

But it has decided not to release a dossier detailing sightings or incidents between 2011 and 2017.

Government files of this kind are normally available under the Freedom of Information Act, which allows any member of the public to request files from the government.

But the CAA is now using a piece of European legislation from 2014 to block access to its record of “occurences”.

It states: “Occurrence information can only be used for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety, and the release of occurrence information to the general public or the media, including in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, is not permitted.

“However, if you require occurrence information for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety you are able to make an application to the CAA.”

One of the purposes of the legislation is to protect the identity of pilots who come forward to share details of strange sightings in the sky.

However, information obtained using FOIA is typically “redacted” to remove any identifying features like names and addresses.

Dr David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University's department of journalism has previously been granted access to the files, but was shocked when his FOI request was refused earlier this year.

He told The Sun Online: "These have been collected and logged by the CAA since at least 1976.

"For many years the CAA has released this information under Freedom of Information without any evidence that commercial secrets or safety have been harmed or compromised.

"Indeed in 2012 the chief executive of Britain's National Air Traffic Control Services, Richard Deakin, admitted in a BBC Radio 4 interview that his agency received reports of UFOs from civil aircrew somewhere in the world every month.

"But then they seem surprised that curious individuals might want to see details of these incidents using Open Government legislation.

"Now they are using a piece of European Regulation to block public access to these records.

"The only conceivable reason for this change of policy is embarrassment on the part of the aviation industry. It does not want to admit that its pilots do occasionally report things in the sky that are difficult to explain.

"To improve public confidence in air safety, the authorities should be proactively promoting open access to records of this type."

The move to block the release of these records is certain to set conspiracy theorist's tongues wagging.

But when quizzed, the Civil Aviation Authority told the Sun Online that the files WERE available - if you could prove you were going to use the information to further safety in the sky.

It is not available to journalists or the general public.

A spokesman said: "The Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) scheme requires individuals and organisations within the aviation industry to report safety occurrences to the CAA, with the intention that these reports are used to constantly improve safety levels.

“Information held by the CAA under the MOR system may be made available, for the purpose of improving aviation safety, subject to completing this application form."

It's unclear whether Brexit will open up the files to the public again - but there's a two year wait until the divorce is settled.

Source: The Sun
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Zimbabwe Family Plagued By Ghostly Events

For the last two months, family in Zimbabwe has been suffering from frequent 'attacks' by a mysterious force which rains rocks down upon them in their home.

According to the Chiviru family, who live in the town of Chinhoyi, the strange ordeal began back in early May when their 22-year-old daughter, Concila, was struck by a pair of stones which seemingly came from nowhere.

The incidents allegedly continued to occur around the same time each evening and, eerily, the falling rocks began to increase in size.

These weird events were so frequent that the family now possesses two large sacks that are full of these 'mystery stones' which have no known origin.

According to the mother of the family, their nineteen-year-old daughter, Shamiso, is the most frequent victim of the attacks and has been known to lose consciousness when they occur or even enter into a trance.

In at attempt to help his daughter, her father constructed a makeshift shield using thick metal sheets that he placed around and over her.

Alas, the covering could not stop all of the stones from hitting her and a pair of rocks somehow managed to penetrate the metal to strike the young woman.

Strangely, her father reported to the Zimbabwe Herald, "when I looked at the sheet, there were two footprints the size of my little finger."

Based on other odd events occurring in and around the home, such as objects moving on their own, human waste being somehow put in their food, and unexplained physical attacks on their daughter, it would appear that the Chiviru family are dealing with some kind of poltergeist.

Loud pounding on the doors, windows and walls are often heard. Often the strange blows are so strong that they break windows.

The beleaguered family turned to local religious leaders for help, but their visit was apparently rebuffed by the 'entity' as a clay pot that they had buried in the yard during a cleansing ritual was summarily found to be inexplicably dug up and placed on their front step.

Left with no other answers, the family hopes that the attacks can stop or that someone can help them to fight off the 'being' so that they can live in peace once again.

"I do not know what wrong I have done to deserve such pain and mystery occurrences," Mr. Chiviru told the newspaper, "we would like to appeal to anyone who could help but from the manifestations of my daughter and previous experiences, this will need someone strong."

Source: Coast to Coast


Is West Virginia Part of Bigfoot’s Migration Route?

Two brothers hunting for turkeys in the Monongahela National Forest split up and head out in different directions, one of them venturing into a small opening that leads within a few feet inside the woods to a massive ravine.

Suddenly comes the sound of something huge thrashing at the bottom of that deep ravine, too loud for a bear or a fellow hunter, but unmistakably walking on two feet, snapping limbs and crushing branches underfoot.

What follows next almost defies description — a blood-curdling scream that seems to reverberate off the sides of the ravine.

The hunter looks up at his brother, who inquires, “Did you get a shot at Bigfoot?”

To them, it’s a big joke, another hunting story that survives well beyond that season.

But to rock musician Kris Allen, the idea of Bigfoot running around in West Virginia’s rugged terrain is no laughing matter. Rather, it is a serious issue that has thrust him into a major investigation that entails two films.

Once the lead singer for the Marshall Tucker Band, and now the head of his new group, Southern Thunder, the veteran musician says he has seen three of the creatures in the Monongahela National Forest alone.

Actually, his first sighting came at age 8 when Allen, his parents, a sister and some neighbors spotted the curious creature in a tree in Chelyan, not far from his Marmet home, and watched it until darkness set in.

“It was almost as if you went to a zoo and had seen a spider monkey sitting in top of a tree,” he recalled.

“It just stood there. It was a young one, a juvenile, about 6 feet tall. My father suggested someone call a newspaper, but Mom said by the time the newspaper got there, it would be dark. Back then, few people had video cameras. It acted like a monkey would do. I never even thought of it being a Bigfoot at the time.”

To the uninitiated, Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, as he sometimes is known, is an ape-like creature and the object of serious research by man, and of scorn by some in the scientific community.

Years later, Allen would run into another one, this time with a girlfriend in tow at Kanawha State Forest.

“It was just sitting on the ground, on his butt, behind a big tree,” Allen said.

“It was leaning around, looking at me eye to eye. Apparently, it had heard a noise walking up the hollow.”

As soon as he made a move to get a closer look, Bigfoot had vanished.

By his own count, Allen says he has spied half a dozen of the mystical creatures, all of them in West Virginia.

“They have been seen in every state and every foreign country,” he said.

Allen is hooking up with Animal Planet for some filming in Flagstaff, Ariz., and also plays an integral role in a 3-D documentary produced by Goldenleaf and Pixar, this one due for release next spring.

“We’re going across the United States and getting the best of the best in there, the very best footage,” Allen said.

While many in the world of science scoff at the concept of such a creature surviving all these years, Allen is convinced Bigfoot is real.

“I know exactly what it is,” he said. “I have seen two species. The one in the Monongahela National Forest is called ‘gigantopithicus blacky.’ It was the largest of the large primates. Scientists at one point thought they became extinct 10,000 years ago.

“Anyone knows that it is impossible to predict the future of something becoming extinct without actually knowing this, and how can you absolutely know of something that is a nocturnal animal is extinct?”

Bolstering his personal research, Allen has engaged in a number of talks with anthropologist and animal welfare activist Jane Goodall.

Allen conducted more research this fall at Sherwood Lake in the Monongahela National Forest during what some scientists believe was the migration route.

“Some say they try to go down to warmer weather,” Allen said.

“I disagree with that. I have camped up there in two blizzards since 1993. I camped there once when it was 20 below, the other time at 30 below. I won’t ever go through that again.

“That was too much torture on the human body.”

If Bigfoot is real, is he human or animal?

“From all the DNA samples we get back, every time we send something in, it comes back 98 to 99 percent human and 1 to 2 percent unknown primate,” Allen says.

“It’s very human. It’s very intelligent. I’ve heard them speaking. It’s very hard to do. I’m a vocalist and it’s hard for me to do. If you can imagine, it’s like breathing in, then making tunnel sounds. It’s a communications noise.”

Allen recalled a camping trip when he and his family, inside a tent, heard a peculiar noise in the forest.

“We heard something that almost was like it was one talking to another outside my tent,” he said.

“It stood there for a good 10 to 15 minutes.”

Even his loyal Rottweiler and pit bull, which had never displayed a fear of anything, were “totally freaking out.”

“And the time we were up there camping in a blizzard, we heard the beating sound at the trees around us,” he said.

“It was so loud that if you took a drummer in dead silent woods and amplify that drummer with huge amplifiers, it would be the loudest noise you could imagine. An hour before this happened, the dogs jumped in a tool box in the back of the pickup truck. They would not come out. It was the weirdest thing. I’ve never in my life seen a dog do this. I was trying to get them out of the tool box. But they wouldn’t come out.”

An hour later, the beating sound returned, and this time it sounded as if it were originating inside the tent.

“A few minutes later, we heard the same beating signal from across the lake,” Allen said. “We felt like we were being hunted. They are tremendous hunters.”

Allen says he has taken numerous photographs of nests that Bigfoot fashions from twisting sapling trees together, not unlike the way birds do, except on a bigger scale.

“They’re almost like a bird nest, but upside down with a bunch of leaves inside for bedding,” he said.

“And most of these nesting areas are right off a trail. I’ve encountered dozens of them. They’re usually closer to you than what you think they are. There’s a reason for this. Deer will follow a trail. It’s quiet. They’re not going to walk through the woods and make as much noise when they’re on a trail. Usually, those trails follow creeks or river beds. Those are prime drinking and hunting areas for the Bigfoots.”

Another tell-tale sign of Bigfoots are stacks of rocks in bizarre places inside a forest, he says, affording the creatures a good vantage point from which to stage an ambush.

Bigfoot is known to have attacked humans, Allen says.

“I’ve personally had rocks thrown at me. I’ve got a lot of witnesses on this. All of a sudden, a rock will be hurled at you. You’re out in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter, and when they go by your head, it sounds almost like the same velocity as someone slinging a rock with a slingshot right past your head.”

Once, in the company of his son, Allen says, he spotted two of them ripping trees apart, either for the bark or the grubs.

“We stopped behind a rock, stood there for 20 minutes,” he recalled. “We couldn’t move. We just stood there in awe. As soon as they stepped into the darkness of a tree line, they were gone. They had vanished into the darkness of it. You could be looking into the woods directly at one and it almost looks like a shadow standing in the woods. You would never know it until it moves. This large one stepped out, about 12 to 13 feet tall, and as soon as that one came out, I told my son we had better run back to the camper as fast as we could about three quarters of a mile. We ran nonstop.”

Explaining Bigfoot is another matter.

And in this realm, Allen has been given some ideas from Bible readers, citing the passage in Genesis 6:4, “there were giants in the earth in those days ...”

“There are several locations in the Bible where there were large men that once existed that became extinct,” Allen said.

“They were considered to be giants on the earth. I’m not saying David fought one of these Bigfoots or whatever. There are a lot of humans out there that have a gene problem where their face is covered with hair. I’m not saying they’re Bigfoots or descendants of Bigfoot at all. But I’m saying that thousands of DNA samples came back and they were 98 to 99 percent human and 1 percent unknown primate. You’d think that’s too close, but it’s not. That 1 percent makes a huge difference, especially if you look at the genes scale. But they’re close enough to be human. They have a lot of human traits. They walk upright.”

One major distinction is the foot.

“How you can bend your hand is how their feet are,” he explained. “Their feet actually bend in the center. You can tell a fake footprint when you see one.

“People have actually come out and tried to fake people with hoaxes,” he added. “If it doesn’t have the midtarsal break in the foot, it’s a fake.”

Perhaps, he theorized, Bigfoot’s descendants have learned over generations to avoid human contact, explaining his shy ways in the forests until he feels threatened.

A hunter in 1785 captured one with help from Native American friends and promptly named it the “hideous creature,” wrapping it in binds and parading it through the streets of a town.

If he ever catches up with another Bigfoot, the musician says, he would attempt to communicate, but, taking Goodall’s advice, won’t look him directly in the eyes. He tested her on this at a zoo and found that a baboon was perfectly calm as long as he was watched from an angle, but the moment eye contact was made, the animal went ballistic.

“It’s a form of territorial gesture,” he said of eye contact.

“You could be some sort of a threat. I looked at that baboon eye to eye. He was behind a cage. I wiggled my eyes as he looked at me. He stretched his arm as far as he could and flashed his incisors at me.”

And Bigfoot, so all the accounts go, is much, much bigger than a baboon.

Source: The Register-Herald/Beckley, WV


The Kuykendall Family Phone “Hack”
By Carla

In February 2007, three families, including the Kuykendall family, started receiving strange phone calls from an unknown source. It all started when Courtney Kuykendall’s phone started acting weird and sending text messages to her friends and family. It was odd, but didn’t seem too alarming at the time. The family chalked it up to interference or a glitch by the cell phone carrier.

Things took an alarming turn, however, when Courtney’s family received numerous threatening calls. These calls included death threats towards the lives of her family, pets and grandparents. Naturally concerned, the family alerted the authorities. The police listened to the calls and tried to determine where they were originating from.

"They say you're going to die, we hate you, we're going to murder you," said Heather Kuykendall, one of the alleged victims. And the families say no one seems to have an answer as to how or why it happened.

It’s easy to think that this was a dark prank by someone with nothing better to do than to make threatening and harassing phone calls. When the trace came back, the phone calls seemed to originate from Courtney’s phone. Understandably, many people thought the whole situation was a hoax. But why would someone threaten his or her own family?

Even if it wasn’t Courtney, it could have been a simple case of Courtney’s phone data being intercepted, stolen and hacked. It’s possible that the online security of her phone was compromised, even on a home WiFi network. However, the creepy thing was, even after Courtney turned her phone off, the calls to her family kept coming.

It continued to escalate but now the phone calls and messages were also coming from other family members’ phones. These phones would also turn on all by themselves, and the ringtones and phone settings would consistently change.

In addition to threatening calls, the family started to suspect their everyday activities were being monitored through their phones. The mysterious caller would be able to identify the specific clothes they were wearing. They could also identify who was in the house and which family members were away.

The Kuykendalls took numerous security measures such as installing a home security system. Shortly after, they received a voice mail saying, “I know the security code.” They also turned off all the phones in the house. However, the mysterious caller was able to remotely power on the phones that had been turned off.

The police were involved numerous times. On one visit, they received a voice mail of the conversations of the house, including a recorded conversation with police.

You might be wondering why the Kuykendalls didn’t just replace the phones and change providers? They did so three times. Each time they would shortly receive a new message from the caller. The phone calls, messages and strange phone behavior continued every night for four months before it suddenly stopped. No one was ever caught.

Now it might have been some elaborate hoax created by the family; however, they weren’t the only ones. Two other families on the same street had similar stories. These families did know each other, but would all of them choose to make things up as a team? I don’t think so.

Phone companies insisted the stalking couldn’t be possible, while the local police were dumbfounded by the calls. They had no leads and had little idea how the caller could accomplish this. The police even investigated the family themselves. They had taken Courtney’s phone away from her, yet the calls continued.

So what could be a reasonable explanation? There is something called ‘spoofing’ which allows a hacker to manipulate or conceal the phone number when calling. It’s what may have enabled the caller to make the messages appear that they originated from Courtney’s phone.

Disturbingly enough, it is not that difficult to ‘spoof’ a phone. The only way to stop someone from doing this is to have up-to-date phone security software or use a VPN service to hide your IP Address. However, spoofing doesn’t allow someone to change the settings of the phone. To do this, the caller would have to have remotely hacked the phone. This is called ‘cloning’ and creates a virtual copy of the victim’s phone, giving the caller the same access to Courtney’s phone as she had.

But even spoofing and cloning a phone still wouldn’t allow someone to record conversations and turn the phone off. This would involve directly hacking the carrier to gain access to these conversations. Not an easy task! If this was a hack, it was highly elaborate for this to all happen in such a brief period. You must wonder why someone would want to do this to an every-day suburban family.

Source: Bizarre and Grotesque


Kesha Says New Album Inspired By Her UFO Sightings
Kesha's new album features UFOs on the artwork for her comeback album Rainbow and she revealed that she has seen some in real life.

Speaking on the Zach Sang Show, she said: 'I was in Joshua Tree, totally sober, let me preface - completely f***ing sober ... I think people would be like, "She was on acid" or something. I wasn't. I was on nothing. I was a totally sober Sally, just a lady in the desert. I look up in the sky and there's a bunch of spaceships.'

The star added: 'I swear to God, there were like five to seven, and I don't know why I didn't like try to take a picture of it - I just looked at it.

'I was sitting on a rock, and I was like, "What in the hell is that?" I was trying to figure it out, and then they went away. And then they came back.

'They came back in a different formation than the one they were in previously. I was like, "Those are f***ing aliens.' They were spaceships!"'

Kesha's new single Playing is an emotional track, inspired by her feelings of 'severe hopelessness and depression' and she revealed she has grown both as a person and an artist.

She said: 'I just feel like a totally different artist - and not in a good or bad way. I had a great time. The first record was super fun, and that's where I was at. This is where I am now.'

Speaking previously about her new single, Kesha said: 'I have channeled my feelings of severe hopelessness and depression, I've overcome obstacles, and I have found strength in myself even when it felt out of reach.

'I've found what I had thought was an unobtainable place of peace. This song is about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you. It's a song about learning to be proud of the person you are even during low moments when you feel alone. It's also about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.'

This is Kesha's first solo single since she embarked on a court battle with producer Dr Luke in 2013, after accusing him of sexually assaulting her.

Source: Daily Mail

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