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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

OUTRAGEOUS! "Police called after animal rights protestors target Beales make-up counter" - Echo

It's a sad day when people who are only protesting peacefully [and rightly] about the outrageous cruelty imposed on defenceless harmless animals are demonised, lied about, ridiculed and slandered - all so as posers can wear this monstrous cr-p on their bodies that Beales flogs. Big money rules the day - not the cry of suffering animals. A true public scandal - everything weighted in the favour of the big mega-corps who - let's face it - don't give a **** about anything other than making monetary profit. They'ed sell your mother - or experiment on your pet - given half a chance if it meant they could earn a buck or two. Outrageous! And as for the security guard in this farce - that's probably the most work he's had to do for years - these characters get away with murder almost all the time, and the police etc simply turn a blind eye. I complained about a G4S employee taking the role of a DWP employee a short while back, when he acted like a DWP staff member giving orders he shouldn't have as a DWP Jobcentre minder at the Cotlands Rd jobcentre - this lippy individual was clearly out of order impersonating a DWP employee yet my complaint was summararily ignored by the G4S company and everyone else approached. I tried to explain to this individual that he wasn't a public servant in any sense of the word and shouldn't be acting as he was, but this character was so dumb he didn't even understand what a public servant was. Talk about tax money being wasted - this was a prime example.

Will Frampton

 "Police called after animal rights protestors target Beales make-up counter"

ANIMAL rights protestors targeted the cosmetics section of Beales on Sunday afternoon.

A group of nine people carrying signs, a megaphone, and wearing black T-shirts with slogans entered the Bournemouth town centre store at around 1.50pm and approached the counter for make-up giant Mac.

Eyewitnesses reported an altercation with staff before store security ejected the protestors, who were then questioned by police officers a short distance down Old Christchurch Road.
Dorset Police said the protestors were moved on and no further action was taken.

One of the protestors, who gave her name as Carrie, said they were trying to raise awareness about MAC's alleged use of animal testing for its products sold in China, where such testing is a legal requirement.
"It was just a meeting of friends and we decided to do a peaceful protest," she said.
MAC states that it doesn't use animal testing for any of its products, nor does it commission or endorse such testing by other parties.
A statement on its website says: "While some governments conduct animal testing to prove safety before they will allow us to sell our products, we are advocating for change to prove there are alternatives."
Members of the group had earlier held a silent protest in Bournemouth Square.

source:  http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15414664.Police_called_after_animal_rights_protestors_target_Beales_make_up_counter/?action=success#comments-feedback-anchor