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Monday, 10 July 2017

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: Lancs: Compromise agreement falsified, + archive 10 July 17

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: Lancs: Compromise agreement falsified, + archive 10 July 17

      Compromise agreement falsified 10 July 17

from Carol Woods 

to: to ben.ando, burnhama, secofstate, privateoffice.., policing.minis., enquiries, look.north, andy.cooke, ministers, homeaffcom, tom.winsor, info, info, contact, telegraphedito., editor, cat_smith, privateoffice, haveyoursay, chiefexecutive, contact, hq1-profession., hammondp

Please feel free to quote me: Dear Sirs, I am aware that my data is often complex and thus puzzling as not all know the FULL history of the matters so, to try and simplify it, I take the separate issues and explain them so that their pieces of the jigsaw start to make the overall picture.

One issue is that I, Ms Carol Woods have SUPPOSEDLY signed a COMPROMISE AGREEMENT with Lancashire never to tell of events, to destroy all documents and computer data and equipment (USB’s etc), not to testify in any case of attempted murder (of me), fraud, ID theft etc, and basically to say nothing at all. One motive is pretending that is FACT and to have others pose as me who know nothing about my case. Thus they can explain their place in saying they have signed an agreement not to say anything (which they can’t anyway as they know nothing). That is part of the ID THEFT ISSUE which will be sent out in as few words as possible. The MOTIVE in that is to claim I am not me, but someone else so that others (plural) can be me.

In MY house, the house theft issue will be sent out sometime as a single email, which was stolen, wrecked and looted, obviously the Gestapo stealing every single thing (except my files which were and are kept safe) went through all my family photos to enable others to try and sound to be me with what they were told to buy after seeing what I wore on photos etc: my photos went back to my childhood. And any paperwork they found. ONE sheet of A4 was a COMPROMISE AGREEMENT I had signed with a former employment to stay silent about what had been going on in that place of work. I have stuck to that agreement and have never disclosed anything that was going on. Why deal with that employer like that but not LCC? Because that earlier employment staff behaved like gentlemen; righted the wrongs they saw I was right about, NEVER LIED about anything to cover anything up, sacked those who needed to be sacked for gross misconduct and worse, and thus, that was a good outcome as far as I was concerned and the staff then staying in their jobs.


How do they fool others into thinking that is what they want it to be?

They PRETEND I am not me, that others are me, they who know nothing and pretend, as above that they are not now allowed by law to say anything which is a good reason for them saying nothing to hide the fact they know nothing but can get away with posing as me! 

To do that as well, the Gestapo constantly have fraudsters PRETEND to have met with me where I signed a “compromise agreement”. They do that by hiding in their cars by lying across the front seats mostly, outside me in 28 Fell View, LA2 9RP, or hiding where the Gestapo tell them my car is parked when, for example, in Lancaster. I have scores of photos and add a few here: all these identify the fraudsters who hid to PRETEND. They always drive off, fast, when they see me out with my camera. And this is what HARASSMENT is. It is how ID THEFT “works”, how FRAUD operates and so on.(The photo of the male walking away, I had found him stalking me to pretend he behind me was “with me”: I stepped to one side and waited for him to be a distance from me; he was nothing to do with me.

I wait to testify. Yours etc.


carol woods 
to info, anne.owers, privateoffice.., policing.minis., enquiries, andy.cooke, contact, me, bae146, andy.cooke, clive.grunshaw, tom.winsor, homeaffcom, privateoffice, chiefexecutive, haveyoursay, contact, cat_smith, hq1-profession., amber.rudd.mp
Please feel free to quote me: I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP, I have no phone. This email address is 1 of 2 of use as routine. Neither is shared, no one else should have my passwords or even know my email addresses unless I am in contact with them BECAUSE I WISH TO BE. I have caught red-handed others using MY email addresses with MY details supplied by Lancs. Gestapo to aid and abet serious criminals to make them seem to be linked to me. They PRETEND they have my permission and knowledge to share my email addresses when they have not. I have caught total strangers in libraries and public facilities, red-handed using MY email addresses, reported, ignored over years. That then leads to harassment with the Gestapo trying to have persons, who sound to be the same as those caught red-handed, seen where I am thus proof somehow they are likely to be sharing my email addresses as linked to me. The persons, some I can name, are all protected by the Gestapo, cars identify others; I have dozens of photos of those computer criminals and cogent evidence of E-Crime and computer misuse. The main motive is ID THEFT; to make me seem to be someone I am not so that a.n.other can then be said to be me in my place with the MOTIVE overall to PRETEND a.n.other is me who will not testify, or expose any corruption, name names and so on as they, IN MY NAME, have signed a compromise agreement. A.n. other of course knows nothing about my case and could not testify or expose anything which is why it is to be said a compromise agreement has been signed. Thus the whole case, including the FRAUD and ID THEFT, would not be found out; agencies would accept that “I” have been paid to stay silent. They are not to know that the “I” is not me but someone used to pose as me.
This is an example of such interference: I have been alerted to the puzzlement of my blogs, added in 2006 and those relatively early years, seemingly to be being altered. I have not entered or added to anything at all on my blogs; after adding them, the first one in regard to LGO corruption. I have them all printed off and keep the hard copies safe. From 2008 I found, when checking to see if they were still on the Internet, (I knew nothing about computers when all this started and have had to learn as I have gone along as best I could), and found every time that “someone” had removed the content of some blogs and keeping my title, the blogs read ludicrous religious nonsense, some content was sexually offensive so I knew who was behind that: the Dark Farces. Keeping my titles was to suggest that “new” content was added originally by me.
My 2nd blog, in regard to the corruption and more of Manchester Employment Tribunals and my claim 2406569/01, was removed 3 times, and 3 times I had to add it again. In 2016 I found that all my blogs were intact and had been added together on one web site by one who knows more about computers than I do but then it seems that others, recently noticed “alterations/additions”. All I can say is that I have the original hard copies of all my blogs printed off YEARS ago, so anyone altering NOW will be seen to have been doing so. If anyone reads the blogs and watches them to see if they are altered as time moves on, please alert me. I will print off the hard copies and they can be used as direct comparators in E-CRIME and computer misuse. Ask yourselves, who watched me ILLEGALLY when I added my data? Who had then, ILLEGALLY, my passwords etc to access, delete the content and add their own drivel?Who then had, ILLEGALLY, the equipment and knowledge to remove my blogs when they felt so inclined? The Gestapo. There is no freedom of speech in Lancashire; “they” see to that. The next data sent out will be as brief as I can make it be in regard to ID theft which matter is complex but which is part of the E-Crime and computer misuse in having others pretend to be linked to me if not claiming to actually be me.
On 9/7/17 I saw 2 of my blogs had been added to in recent weeks BUT NOT BY ME. The data was added from emails I had sent out and which information is posted by others in THEIR blogs. This is MORE E-CRIME and ID THEFT – PLANNED.

Lancs Police; MORE RIPA   10 July 17

carol woods 
to andy.cooke, hq1-profession., policing.minis., privateoffice.., enquiries, look.north, info, info, me, public.enquiri.
This is a record of SOME harassment of 9/7/17 and IS NOT ADDED TO ANY BLOG. I have noticed that at least 2 TWO of MY blogs have been added to in recent weeks but I have not added the data. The data is taken from EMAILS of mine and added to MY blogs to make it look as if lowlife YOU recruit are me sending my emails and adding then to blogs. I have never once added to a blog I have secured. Thus I report E-CRIME again and expect a crime number by return.
I also record this: approx. 3 35pm on Sunday, 9/7/17 you had the lowlife male used who you have sent to PRESTON on the bus for YEARS to be seen to be as MR CAROL WOODS. That lowlife YOU had in Morecambe recently as recorded with the car driving him to be “seen” to be ME in Morecambe was then sent to lowlife in 38 Fell View to PRETEND he had a link to Fell View when he was not in that car then. The male is almost bald like many women you use and has facial hair and is supposed to be a MARTIN BRANKIN who YOU cover for in serious FRAUD. This lowlife was to walk onto Lancaster train station and be on CCTV and PRETEND he had been ME as Mr Carol Woods with a campaigner from early morning. He left the station while I went to the ladies’ room so I was on CCTV as well. That lowlife was then to walk to where he lives in the Marsh area of Lancaster where ILLEGALLY you knew my car was parked. A WPCSO was sent to confirm she saw him (she did, I spoke to her) and I took 2 photos of the Gestapo helicopter above sent to confirm YOU saw him thus he was me! I confirm I saw him and he was not me nor did he drive my car anywhere. I expect you thought you could rewrite 9 September 2008 and me at MY house.
I now require the names, ranks and badge numbers of all Gestapo involved in organising and using that helicopter at cost to the electorate in wasted monies just so you can aid and abet stalkers, harassers and serious, organised criminals.
I also require the names, ranks and badge numbers of those involved in the same hovering along the back roads to Caton on 5/7/17 at 7 20pm while I sat parked in my car typing my book Vol. 3.
I require all names, ranks and badge numbers of the following:
Those who instructed the deranged Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View LA2 9RP to ring Cumbria for a taxi which was to PRETEND I rang and the taxi was for me; that lunatic starting at 6 10am on 6/7/17.                                                                                                               
Those who instructed the yobs to race off in PJ65 WLL and PF08 WDJ at approx. 10 55am on 9/7/17 which yobs were neither WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View nor Lamb in 32 yet raced off without collecting keys for the cars. ARE THEY INSURED TO HIDE THOSE CARS AND PRETEND, AS THE CARS ARE NOT SEEN,THAT THE DERANGED WHO LAY CLAIM TO THEM ARE OUT WHEN THEY ARE NOT?                                                                                                                         
Those who instructed the fraudsters and lunatics in 30 Fell View to hide, pretend to be out then sneak out and open a shed door to either hope I sneaked to steal something or was unnerved at ghostly actions as if I am as stupid as they are. (Williams hid today PJ65 WLL was not parked.)                                                                                                                        
Instructions to ELY in 12 to pretend in farce on 8/7/17 trying to make it MY photos of the lunacy there of Oct 2014 PLUS the old doxy with FV06 FDA told to park it at 21 Fell View and pretend NOW is 2014 again and I have just moved to 28. The FRAUD using 33 today was filmed and the use of HUNTER in 22 again.                                                                             
In 2014 I remind you that ELY had L20 ELY on a red saloon NOT a huge 4 wheel drive black Kia which plate was changed only recently from the personalised one to one similar (all on photos which would be odd if I had just arrived at 28). With ELY and the small Ka, CV05 CVR and sending to the care home to borrow an old lady as they have done ONCE previously to PRETEND (with only the driver in the car on 8/7/17) anything of their delusions.                    
Those who FOUND (in wasted police time) and arranged the silver Vauxhall YD54 ZSD at approx. 4 05pm on 9/7/17 (a pair of halfwits) sent to PRETEND and to be YD54 VYR the BLUE HYUNDAI of Hunter in 22 Fell View who did, as per filmed fraud, pretend to drive ME as HIS mother to 22 Fell View just after I had moved to 28 in 2012.                 
Those who instruct WOODRUFF fraudster, serious E-CRIME and COMPUTER MISUSE criminal of 2 Fell View and 45 Fell View to use DG51 WGL to park and pretend she collects “someone” (invisible) from the train station Lancaster to rewrite the auburn haired troll with KS54 YBD who also used 45 Fell View AND 39 Copy Lane who did the same and all on camera.
Those involved on 8/7/17 using Woodruff and the DG51 car (red saloon, Peugeot) to “escort” that thief and fraudster and PRETEND she drove “someone” (invisible) to Fell View (me again) approx. 7 46pm to rewrite the white Vauxhall FE02 VDK used by more thieves and fraudsters MILLS and entourage at 20 Fell View where “I” also apparently live being “escorted” May Bank Holiday 2016 BUT as if I travelled from Cumbria.
The blue Ka hidden at 31 on 9/7/17 which was to drive off when they thought I had gone out, after the yobs raced off in PJ65 WLL and PF08 WDJ but I had not driven off: I stood watching the events and waited until all had gone, and then I went out. Jackson had been instructed to cavort about in the grey hoodie again, NOT the green garment of the 8th as apparently, if she wears 2 different garments on 2 different days; it makes her 2 people.
I still report DK51 HVL for FRAUD and accessory to the “disappearance” under suspicious circumstances of the lady who SHOULD be in 33 Fell View; Mrs Margaret Peck with council and DK51 HVL driver pretending for over 2 years that I was Mrs peck being driven about by unemployed lowlife who lives in 8 Beck Side off Copy Lane. At 4 37pm on 9/7/17 the noise from 30 was remarkable given they are ‘out’. (I saw later that they had been hiding again and PRETENDING to have been out)
About an hour after I returned to Fell View, WOODRUFF illegally parked in Lancaster and seen again, arrived at no. 2. She then went to 45 Fell View DALTON E-CRIME yob and worse, but I took a photo of my garden which photo showed her car at 45 in the background: both she and T. Dalton had been spying on me from the upper window in 45 to see if I was in my garden working or, they hoped I was indoors where they WAITED TO ACCESS THE INTERNET as if she was me or one my daughters. The unemployed WOODRUFF is told to park in the area where MY HOUSE IS to pretend she is linked to me or, is me commuting between MY house and Fell View with the lunatic INTENTION of claiming that is PROOF the thief and worse TRACEY KENNEDY IN MY HOUSE IS ME with Dalton “seen” near-by (the WPCSO not only confirmed the lowlife male MR Carol Woods, she was to rewrite the WPCSO of months ago confirming a red car parked near mine on the railway bridge was WOODRUFF’s when it was merely a similar plate (all on photos and already recorded months ago) but the INTENTION IN FRAUD had been clear then). Woodruff raced away from 45 when they saw I was still in my front garden thus I had not switched on any power and they could not claim they were me but this I guarantee is linked to MY BLOGS BEING INTERFERED WITH. I also record that the lunatics pretending at 37 drove off after Woodruff raced away, they were to pretend “someone” was moved into 37 by more lunatics. I expect a crime number in relation to the E-CRIME taking place in 45 Fell View and the baby abuse in using a stranger’s new born baby as an alibi.
Despite PC perjurer Massingham, being told to tell me (INTENTION of “brainwashing” with sleazy NHS “plan” of Nov 2015 to Feb 2016), I was not given the rank and badge number of Kennedy, I will have that now, this the 154th time of asking.
At approx. 8 50am on 10/7/17 I switched on my mains power which had been “off” from about 10am on the 9th so that Williams in 30 Fell View and Jackson in 26 cannot use MY power from source which 28 Fell View was set up to offer those thieves, fraudsters, deranged and deluded in lunacy that it was proof 28 did not exist and either old thief was really me. I did not receive the names, ranks and badge numbers of those ORGANISING that ready for my move to 28 on 24/3/14. Thus I still require those.                                                                                                                                     
On that theme, Hunter from 22 and Jarvis both deranged were driving about on 9th pretending to drive “someone” about (me), using KW54 XDO and GN07 AHO resp. Instead of the thugs/trolls hiding to late at night usually behind 31 or 34 Fell View to then drive away when they see I have retired for the night to PRETEND they drive me from 28 to ANOTHER address, I see that when I added my power earlier a.m. on 10th (after spoiling all the INTENTIONS for Dalton et al on 9th), approx. 15 minutes later, a car was sent to drive slowly by and in masonic lunacy of inversion PRETEND to have dropped me off at 28 instead of using the nights to say collected me. Thus I require the names, ranks and badge numbers of all involved in that harassment and lunacy. To combat the thugs and make sure they wasted their hundreds of manpower hours over YEARS, I would rise again and switch back on so that it was obvious I had not left 28 for anywhere else. Thus on 10th, I REVERSED that taking my lead from the INVERSION lunacy of yours and switched off my power again. Every 5 or so minutes more were to drive past IN CASE I ADDED MY POWER AGAIN. I did not for an hour. Thus I require the names, ranks and badge numbers of those organising those would-be-fraudsters.
For those CC this who will wonder about this “2 addresses” FRAUD and ID THEFT it is to aid and abet such as JACKSON in 26 Fell View sending in formal forms etc as if she is me where she adds an address and where the Gestapo send other lowlife to collect it and PRETEND they do that for me. In the boring, childish masonic inversion lunacy they REVERSE events of 2012 into 2013 from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ (miles from Fell View) where they had lowlife PRETEND to live at 298 in DWP FRAUDS using permutations of their own names to invent another person which is what the Gestapo has done now to PRETEND I do that. In 2012 and 2013 I watched, filmed and reported the fraudsters being dropped off by the Gestapo onlyyards from 298 where the fraudsters then PRETENDED that my seeing them at 298 was “proof” they lived there when they did not. The Gestapo had collected them from where they really lived to aid and abet serious, organised crime.                                                          
The fraudsters would sneak off after an hour or so at 298 but that is what the Gestapo think they are “rewriting in reverse” NOW but have gullible halfwits (who will be council employees) sent to drive about and ON CUE pretend to have dropped me off after collecting me from somewhere else. (The CUE is from the Gestapo ILLEGALLY monitoring ALL I do in 28.) That “somewhere else” will be what Jackson added FORGING MY SIGNATURE and adding MY details supplied by the Gestapo thugs so she could complete a form for example sent by the LONDON MET thugs who aid and abet Lancashire to PRETEND I use 2 names and 2 addresses. The MOTIVE is because my Section 7 Subject Access Request made cannot be met because the thugs ALWAYS pretended I was someone else. The ICO is asking questions. The INTENTION in having MY blogs added to when I was not in a position to do that (mainly because I have no notebooks from 2007 easily available so have no idea as to passwords used etc from entering my original blogs then) was to PRETEND that Dalton and Woodruff for example were ME and using the Internet when I had no power and, may not have even been in the country. A 2nd blog which has been added to from emailed data, one added this year with 1 entry, was also not accessed by me as I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the note book used them, in simple terms, it is misplaced. In 2007 for my blogs I used the computer at psycho cop Woodall’s not knowing until late 2009 that she was a false friend and had been bought her top of the range equipment with the INTENTION of stealing whatever I added as she posed as me from end 2005 and esp. on 19/4/06 in the EAT which FACTS I was ignorant of at the time. I look forward to receiving all as requested above. Yours etc. Carol Woods Ms.

Archive continues:


UPDATE 5 JULY 17: I recently made an official complaint to the IPCC regarding Lancs. police’s behaviour / Carol Woods. They quaintly replied  that they would be referring the matters I raised back to Lancashire police!! Exactly the same as when I tried to report serious crimes to my local police force – they stated they would be contacting Lancs. police with a view to them contacting Ms. Woods.  Aren’t the  IPCC supposed to investigate complaints of police misbehaviour, instead of just passing things back to the police force one has complained about? How inept and ineffectual is that, seeing as Lancs. police are, it is alleged, at the root of so many OVERLOOKED crimes and irregularities going back years committed against Carol Woods, and very much ongoing to this present day? See below for the IPCC response to my complaint, but first, a note from Carol regarding the IPCC’s lack of action:

Corruption and discrimination in IPCC M Todd’s murder  5 July 17

from: carol woods 
to northcaseworker, anne.owers, privateoffice.., policing.minis., look.north, enquiries, letters, letters, letters, observer.lette., letters, editor, amber.rudd.mp, me, bae146, sajid.javid.mp, johnsonb, john.howarth, tom.winsor, patrick.wintour, patrick.mcloug., ben.ando, dominic.kavakeb, rachel.davies, farront
 Please feel free to quote me:
Dear Sirs re xxxxxxxxx and zzzzzzzzzzz (2). Refs for Lancashire police corporate manslaughter, perjury, wrongful arrests, false imprisonments, aiding others to pose as officials IN COURTS, NHS, and pose as me with one officer TRACEY KENNEDY claiming to be me, land theft, house theft, witness intimidation, demand money with menaces, extortion and MURDER OF GMP MIKE TODD CHIEF CONSTABLE and more and what does the IPCC do (after ignoring me for YEARS) but when a campaigner gets a response? They send it all to Lancashire to deal with. Do not laugh: this is not funny. In 2004 this is what I found: IPCC staff Joe Rouncefield and various others (all files intact, anyone can ask bona fide questions) claimed that 2 files I sent, one on Lancs and one on GMP (bribery and corruption added to the above, minus MT’s murder obviously) had not arrived at Holborn offices. A friend paid a bike messenger service to send them again.They could not say they had not received them.
They did NOTHING: they had BRIBED liar EWAN McGREGOR claim he had spoken to me but without telling me and then colluding and conspiring with GMP thugs to cease the matters. MCGregor then ran away taking his PAYOLA.
Unless he was corrupt for free? MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE all over my files.
I made my Sec 7 Subject Access Request later and dealt with 2 decent staff members and they sent me what they had which is how I found out about McGREGOR (he wrote to me to an address he could never have known from me so, who told him to write there?) but they also sent me everything which is GMP thugs altering files incl. BUT they also sent me the 2 files that I was told they had not received. They had received them so not only was EWAN McGREGOR corrupt but others as well, right from the start of their service.
HILLSBOROUGH and I have altered witness statements, and corporate manslaughter premeditated attempts to murder, and the rest and the lunatics in the asylum expect Lancashire to deal with their own PERJURY and more. One law for one, one for ME. Discrimination is a gross violation of my rights. Yours etc cc widely please feel free to quote me (PS for IPCC it is no use waiting for the Gestapo to have an entrapment bear fruit, they’re as good at their jobs as you are.) Carol Woods Ms. And no, I have no phone whatever they pretend.
The response from the IPCC to myself + my complaint to the IPCC [omitted so as not to interfere with any [unlikely] progress to it:
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: enquiries <enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk>
Date: 4 July 2017 at 16:39
Subject: IPCC reference nos.: xxxxxxxxxxx and zzzzzzzzzzz
To:  J. Graham
Dear Mr Graham
Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). We acknowledge receipt of your emails regarding your complaints against Lancashire Police. The case reference numbers are xxxxxxxxx (complaint against the Chief Constable of Lancashire Police) and zzzzzzzzz  (complaint against the Professional Standards Department (PSD) of Lancashire police. You should quote the relevant reference in all future correspondence.
We are completely independent of the police service and are responsible for making sure that the police complaints system in England and Wales works effectively and fairly.  However, each police force is responsible for considering complaints made against that force and recording your complaint. 
Our role at this stage is to forward your complaint to the relevant police force.  If you are not happy with the police’s decision on recording your complaint, you may have the right to appeal to us.
I have passed your complaint regarding the Chief Constable to the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) of Lancashire Police. I have also sent your other complaint to the PSD of Lancashire Police for them to consider.
The police will be contacting you soon, however if you have not heard from the relevant police force within 15 working days you may wish to contact them directly via the following details:
The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire
County Hall
Tel: 017————–
Lancashire Constabulary
Professional Standards
PO Box 77
Hutton nr. Preston
Tel:  01772 413777
If you have any further information you wish to pass on, please forward it directly to the PCC or PSD at the above address.
Yours sincerely 
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
PO Box 473
M33 0BW 

UPDATE 10 JULY 17:  My appeal denied!!

On Jul 10, 2017 12:12 PM, “Susan B—–” wrote:
Dear Mr Graham
Your complaint about the IPCC has been recorded under the following reference number. Your complaint is that the IPCC passed a direct complaint onto Lancashire Constabulary for handling.
I have reviewed your complaint and decided that it is an abuse of process and should be dispensed with. This is because the correct process for the IPCC to follow in this instance was to pass your complaint on to the police force and this is what was done.  This is laid down in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act which dictates that it is for the force to decide how a complaint is dealt with. For this reason the IPCC passes all direct complaints on to the police force to enable them to make this decision.
The IIU will take no further action regarding this complaint. The IIU’s decision is final and there is no right of appeal against it. Further correspondence, barring legal proceedings, will be placed on file and not responded to.
Yours sincerely 
Susan B—–
Internal Investigations Officer
Independent Police Complaints Commission
PO Box 473
M33 0BW

Some background = 

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/ you will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. Carol Woods Ms.”
In the latest 3 July update below, now Carol has returned to the UK from a few days in Portugal [where the stalking continued] and in the posts in the archive linked, Carol  goes into greater detail regarding what she is having to experience from those around her, all with, it seems, the full cooperation and assistance of the local authorities who command the numerous crimes and the actions of the numerous lowlife stalkers she is surrounded by.  Not only do these nightmare neighbours she is surrounded by steal her landline telephone and internet delivery lines running into her house, and misuse it on an almost daily basis by the lines being previously diverted to their more than likely ramshackle homes, they also steal her electricity too when they can [when Carol switches it on], and much more. Carol can hear her neighbours testing their electricity sockets after she has turned her power on from the main switch in her home. For this very reason her electricity supply is having to be almost permanently switched off for fear of it being hacked by these criminal neighbours, she lives by candlelight and she has had to live electricity free in her home for years because of these lowlives’ thieving alongside her home – many of them doting and ageing pensioners who steal her services because they can and do not get criminally charged with anything – courtesy of the fake authoritarian figures in place who should be in prison rather than be sitting pretty in a government office somewhere, local or otherwise. Fake IDs used by so many – if not all – of Carol’s criminal neighbours pay for many things through fake bank accounts, the money all ultimately coming from the UK taxpayer – the general public, as are the new cars given as rewards to certain neighbours paid for the same way – the road tax etc for these cars also paid for by the UK public, as are the numerous “Blue Badge” schemes many of these cars are concessioned with – all registered via false details but paid for out of the public purse. Authorities do nothing when told about these scams – how much longer can these outright crimes continue? 
Regarding the internet and phone lines running into her abode: Carol even witnessed the rewiring of such to cater for her neighbours criminal thieving when she came back home from being out one day – the lines being rearranged and diverted into her loft where the neighbour’s connections take place, and thus the ability for these thieves to steal her services. A bit of  detail about this stealing of Carol’s services – when Carol came back from being out one day, she noticed an ironing board, of all things, leaning against a wall in one of her rooms which wasn’t there before she’d gone out. On moving the ironing board, there on the wall was – crudely written in biro or whatever – the electrician or whoever’s drawing for the rewiring of the phone + internet lines being diverted into her loft – for the use of the thieving neighbours as already described. This is why, when out on later outings to wherever, tell-tale ironing boards would be left deliberately en route – leaning against walls or whatever – for Carol not to miss. Such is the cruelty of the minds involved in this entire gangstalking scenario CW is having and has had to put up with for so many years. Does any authority  do anything about any of this stealing of her phone or internet services when they’re notified? No they don’t – the same way as the CEO of Royal Mail ignores all notifications to him regarding misdeliveries of CW’s mail to assorted neighbours [see earlier posts on this]. Other authorities also contemptuously ignore other notifications of gross irregularities / crimes sent to them. Why? Go figure. Semantic battles with the R. Mail’s current CEO proved pointless when trying to report the numerous and longstanding deliberate misdeliveries of mail to the neighbours who give CW such a hard time. As for these loutish neighbours and their hostilities, it’s hard to argue, for example, when someone wearing a police officer’s uniform making out they’re a police officer is intimidating one and breathing down one’s neck giving one preposterous orders to harass and hurt a fellow citizen – but harass and hurt they do, putting aside any semblance of conscience or, dare I say it – guilt. Perhaps the gift of a new car – or two – paid for by the UK taxpayers – eases their conscience and helps these sad characters turn the other cheek and commit serious crime and also stalk so inhumanly someone who devoted her entire working life in service to others – as Carol has – trying to help children especially. These lowlives – and the lowlives controlling all the conspiracies against Carol Woods – have much to answer for, and let’s hope that day comes soon when they get their comeuppance – noone likes a corrupt traitor, especially those who are in the positions they’re in, whose sky-high wages are paid by the UK taxpayer, and its funny how things turn around and come back ten times worse for those perpetrating these obscenities. But that’s noone’s problem but theirs.
It is completely unjust and as outrageous and unfair that I am refused reporting – by 3 separate police forces – serious crimes, as correspondence, or rather ignored correspondences to these 3 police forces, would show [UPDATE 24 JUNE 17 – a few days ago – at 20.53BST on the evening of Saturday 17 June, to be exact, 2 Dorset officers knocked on my door without any forewarning [after my now numerous messages to the Chief Constable]and although unprepared, I duly gave them such info as I could regarding the huge number of crimes listed so far as detailed by and committed against CW. After 50 minutes, one of the officers promised me that “Lancs. police would be got in touch with, with a view for them to contact CW”. Of course I immediately protested that, allegedly, the Lancs. police were one of the very parties behind this series of numerous ongoing crimes, and to do such would be a waste of time. Note that this has been tried before when Lancs. police have been told of certain crimes pertaining to CW by CW, and nothing has been done at all. Nevertheless, this was all I could expect, apparently. Who knows if anything was passed on to Lancs. police, and even if it was, will anything be done about anything? It is now weeks since Dorset police were informed that night of 17 June, and Ms. Woods harassment continues unabated – so the evidence points to the fact that nothing has been done regarding what was reported to those 2 Dorset police officers]. If one complains to higher authorities about this completely unacceptable situation, I would guess that the targeting I am experiencing almost on a daily basis – whenever I go out – would escalate to an unacceptable level, causing me to fear for my very own life. That is why also the updates from CW have been drastically curtailed here. So be it. William Burroughs, the great author, once said that if a person didn’t want to catch malaria, one shouldn’t go to an area where malaria is rife. I seemed to have stumbled into something similar. So be that also…

The question has been asked: “why would the “Powers That Be” target someone such as Carol Woods for so long [since 2006], involving so many perpetrators, committing so many serious crimes, funded by the public and local council taxpayers?”. Carol Woods is a 63 years old former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other things. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with 24/7 is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by Lancashire county council, as described in the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” at the foot of this post, and also because of what Carol has reported, especially here, from Feb. 2007:   “York LGO Blog and Lancashire CC”  http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/ [see below also]. More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” http://criticalreader17.blogspot.ae/2017/02/harassment-as-punishment-for-whistle.html.

When one realises that the very controllers of the targeting and stalking Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, very closely connected to the same departments and personnel who are described in the links above and the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, which detail what was discovered when Carol worked as a Child Protection officer in Lancashire, then it should not be hard to understand these hostilities enacted against her. Put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time – look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn’t have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too – quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown…well, almost unknown.

And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters with no response it’s quite remarkable. Another 2 chief constables have been written to asking can serious crime be reported to their forces also with no response whatsoever, and I have tried on more than one occasion to notify my local police about serious crime at my local central police station to be totally ignored every visit, which is just another public scandal!

Many more serious crimes and misdemeanours committed against Ms. Woods are all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, including: 

many murder attempts,

impersonation, ID frauds,

person[s] impersonating police officers in official government hearings, [or hearing[s]  purporting to be official],

Royal Mail frauds,

monetary frauds involving: dubious bank accounts at numerous high street banks, the DWP, town council[s] and other agencies,

illegal tracking of motor vehicle via GPS device [or similar],

a high number of motor vehicle “Blue Badge” [UK HM Government concession] frauds,
regular physical harassment / mental torture upon a person [aka “gangstalking”],

telephone / Internet Broadband  / electricity supply fraud,

wrongful arrest,

wrongful kidnapping[s] / incarceration[s] in UK HM Government units, police station[s], HM Prison[s] etc.,
home burglaries, 

– many other instances of serious crime and illegal activity exist, and many acts contravening not only the Data Protection Act 1998, but also the contravention of articles pertaining to the European Commission of Human Rights [particularly Article 8].

What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times complicated, but that is surely deliberate and part of this outrageous targeting of a law-abiding citizen  – a lone female – who dared to report serious irregularities she found during her employment as a Level 3 social worker and Child Protection Officer. As a result, apart from the crimes committed against her as described, her house and contents with a value of £400,000+ was stolen from her, and her employment tribunal award of £50,000 found its way to someone who conspired against her who fraudulently took Carol Wood’s ID. Other serious crimes exist and continue to  this very day…




2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016


3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016



 SriLankerC 24 April 2016 


6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag  https://youtu.be/-sMukHhkl4o   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker

FRAUD in Lancs with GMP aiding  3 July 17
from carol woods 
 to me, policing.minis., enquiries, privateoffice.., andy.cooke, look.north, info, ben.ando, john.humphrys, homeaffcom, ministers, tom.winsor, privateoffice, bae146, chiefexecutive, clive.grunshaw, haveyoursay, amber.rudd.mp
 Dear Sirs, This is my record after I, Ms Carol Woods returned to UK; I will not go into too much detail as I am sure you’re all bored with it but maybe if someone had listened to me and then done what they are paid to do YEARS ago then I wouldn’t need to spend my time sending yet more detail of harassment with INTENT TO DEFRAUD. If anyone needs fuller details of anything I record in this, please ask.

My return and it is confirmed with COGENT EVIDENCE, that GMP and Lancs Gestapo were working together as they had done when they decided to murder Mike Todd. I will also confirm that the loud mouth, unemployed troll who was sent to threaten and intimidate me on 5 Nov 2014, pose as someone she was not (all linked to the Shipman police of Lancs which is yet something else I found out) then pose as yet someone else from Nov 2016 with the Gestapo FUNDING her to live close to me and PRETEND that the house she rented (her benefits did not cover the rent so we can ask how the rent was paid) was actually 34 Fell View as well as being 34 Quernmore Rd near Fell View LA2 9RP and she claimed to be my daughter. Apparently, I also live with Blenkinship pair in 34 Fell View as well as at least 24 others. The Gestapo called on her at night when apparently on duty e.g. 18 Nov 2016. From April this year, after she was sent to intimidate, scream at me, threaten and so on, (which all failed) they STILL try to cover for her using an older version, exactly the same but older. The loud mouth they sent to be at the airport when I was, was to be proof she, who ended up by being moved from 34 Quernmore Rd, was really my daughter and apparently, I had been away with such as her!

At service areas en-route to Lancaster/Caton they had the usual bloated old males in their “office attire” of “shirts” with their old doxies in the oft used FRAUD and having such pretend they were where I was thus they met with me. The lunatics try to suggest I have just moved from Manchester as someone else and as tomorrow is the 4th and I moved on 4/3/12 back to my home area NOT FROM MANCHESTER, they want to pretend that tomorrow is when I first moved to a tatty council bungalow and as someone from the Manchester area!
But my car was pre-paid and parked at the airport so, how would they manufacture as fact that I only just moved and had not returned from being away? The gated facility did not read my licence plate to allow me exit: I was not surprised: I had to ring their intercom to have the barrier raised. I said to the disembodied voice, as the barrier recognised my car entering then we seemed to have a problem with their facility. I was asked for my car plate; why when they could see it? I said X165 YUB, he said YUV no, I said, X165 YUB and B for Bertie so he raised the barrier. Meanwhile GMP thugs had had a black VW following me, old doxy, dyed almost orange hair and she was me, as the loud mouth was with “me” and thus, I was not there as I am apparently someone else. In all that, I had caught red handed a troll hiding in the hotel, not a guest, and she was using her phone as if it was my use. She was chosen as a type of fraudster used from 2011 DANNI DEVAL (anyone can ask) thus DEVAL is an issue their going to all that trouble to cover for her and pretend she is me after all. DEVAL ran Facebook as if she was me and much else. She is my sister’s grand-daughter about 24 now and used from being 16 when she thought she was 36.

On the perimeter of the airport I saw at least 2 more Deval types wandering, no bags just phones and they were to be seen and presumably it was proof Deval had been me away; what happened to her travel tickets and luggage is anyone’s guess. Someone paid for those lookalikes to be all that way from anywhere to walk about and be seen using phones.
I called into Sainsbury’s before going on to Caton, after noting the Gestapo following in squad van PO13 CXY and a dark grey 2 seater BMW M7 OHB, it was the Gestapo to say he saw my car, he saw that car and thus that apparently it was proof I had met with someone else about MY HOUSE. They knew the male and his doxy fraud had failed because they can monitor what photos I take with my digital camera: involved in that was a woman with browny/sandy hair and she was also to be “me”, she with the black VW found waiting to stalk me from the airport car park: that had been PK66 WCN. Black VW’s are used in fraud and the “PK” part was to be PK62 NXJ especially which car was registered to ME but as if JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View was me when she had that car. As soon as I take photos, they know and act out events when possible which was why I had the dark grey BMW fraud to PRETEND especially after MAZ 7675 the 2 seater dark grey Mazda used by WILLIAMS on 20/4/14 when they posed as me with the driver of the Mazda and tried to sell MY house claiming they were me but “too disabled” to live in it.

I called in to Sainsbury’s and the issue of me having to read out my car plate was acted out in among at least 4 frauds: 1) the usual dullard woman was sent in the KIA PICANTO and try to copy what I did to be me as the fraudster from SANTANDER in her Kia Picanto had done in 2012 into 2013 she posing as me. The Kia Picanto today was PJ66 TUV and the Santander fraudster’s was PK07 EDX. (All this is from memory.) The Santander fraudster was, as I found out ELIZABETH MASON of Morecambe branch. 2) A loud mouth was to shout into her phone and pretend a car bump had taken place, she reading out her licence plate but not until I drew level. It is always amusing to watch these idiots waiting in the wings to leap into action when I appear or my car does. (Driving into Lancaster they had had a scruffy old male stood next to a post box and I stuck in traffic, watched the old fool stand about and wait for my car as only then could he post. It was another to be proof MR was linked to me in lunacy. The pair with the loud mouth (who was a dead ringer for the Mills thief on Fell View) was an old pair and they were supposed to be Williams from 30 Fell View: the nonsense was to make me think I had not read out my car plate to the pre-arranged thuggery at Manchester airport and the “bump” was to be the serious FRAUD of the bogus RTA that CURWEN in 24 Fell View claim they had BUT AS IF THEY WERE ME in May 2014 and on camera with Gestapo aiding and abetting that £50.000.00 (yes, you read it right, £50k) FRAUD. I can just hear sleazy NHS say to me, “But luvvie, you saw the accident and it was Williams who are you and they made up the 3 some with a fat woman shouting into her phone”. Those I send to know that Curwen, thieves and fraudsters are a 3 some, old Mr and Mrs Parasite and his sister, Ms Parasite. MILLS in 20 Fell View is apparently the daughter of Williams in 30 Fell View who also claim to be me making Mills a niece of mine. Anyone reaching this point will wonder how I can then be Deval, my sister’s grand- daughter of OL2 5EX if I am all those others. The rest at Sainsbury’s I ignored but exited, waited and was not disappointed: a yob in his RED Hyundai PJ59 FRD had been parked hiding and was to leave after I had and he was to rush to Uni, I guarantee and use the WiFi as if he was me as MR Carol Woods pretending he had been there getting MY shopping! (I ate some of it before driving back to Uni so he’s going to be mad as hell.) Regular readers know that is a common FRAUD in E-CRIME now.
I will add that the old woman in the bogus bump, (I have an excellent photo which shows there could not possibly have been a bump at all) wore PINKY RED TRAINER type footwear and we all know that anyone in RED footwear is me, any age, both sexes, all races and the DEVAL type fraudster hiding in the hotel wore RED footwear as well but was about 40 years younger than the one on Sainsbury car park supposed to be June Williams from 30 Fell View (me) with MR looking on.
Finally back at Hell View and Mr O’Conner was waiting to rush off as I drove on as he is married to me apparently and I am his wife, Mrs O’Conner and they have a 2nd address to prove it! (The tax payer finds that 2nd address used in planned fraud.) His car DG04 UXR and he is a stalker of over a year; in fact probably longer than that. O’Conner sometimes live in 39 Fell View. Then the insane JARVIS who I am sure is going out evenings as MR Carol Woods, drove off; it is almost as if they think my entering 28 Fell View and their leaving at the same time is proof of something. Then the lowlife collected at 45 Fell View with DALTON. Williams sat with no TV sound; they waited to be alerted by the Gestapo that I had switched on my power: I had not but Woodruff from 2 Fell View who is also me and she a Deval type who uses Facebook and such like with DALTON and the various yobs who collect, had sneaked round the back of Fell View as she was alerted that I entered 28 and thus somehow that makes her me entering 45 to use the Internet as if I use it. I drove to Uni and left them to it.
This is now on the record of PLANNED HARASSMENT WITH INTENT TO DEFRAUD and ID THEFT. The motive is to say I am someone from the Manchester only now moving to my area to make tomorrow 4th July 2017 be 4 March 2012 again! The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Yours etc Carol Woods Ms. PS the Gestapo wait for me here. They want to say they found me living in the library now. I have my photos; they were here prior to me given the GPS on my car so they would know where I drove to and got her before me thus I think I can say I found one from the Gestapo living in the library. He won’t be reading books; that’s for sure.
It is now not term time so this library closes at 10pm: I will not have time to deal with much else this evening.

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The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: Chronic Gangstalking Continues When Abroad! + Police Misuse Funds To Harrass, Lancs. 28 June 17 + archive

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Monday, 5 February 2007
York LGO Blog and Lancashire CC
On 15th Dec 2000 when I was employed as a social worker for Lancashire County Council (LCC) I attended a meeting of staff, clients, their families etc, subject: home closures on a site known as Fylde Comunity School near Blackpool, Lancs.
Hilton Dawson, then MP for Lancaster, Fylde and Wyre attended as did the LCC Consultant, Ed Nixon. The staff union involved, UNISON, declined to send a rep.
The meeting was well attended but astonishingly I was the only field social worker in attendance.
Some in LCC planned to seize 134 acres of land, evict families from their homes on that site telling them they had no tenants' rights, close a working farm, a full time school, dismiss 46 staff members illegally and close 4 homes for disturbed adolescent boys.
I said in that meeting, "You can't do that" and I was taken to one side and told, "You're right, keep quiet, or else".
That was later sent to me via senior managers in a letter.
Hilton Dawson as my MP ignored my pleas for help.
I followed all the proper procedures and policies for complaining within LCC (I had 4 clients on that site who had nowhere else to live if it closed as it was doing, ad hoc and illegally. Then boys were all in care to the Local Authority as were all other boys on site, approx. 100). LCC had no foster carers or field support workers and on 21 April 01 I wrote to the Social Services Committee warning that something would happen if the boys were evicted into the community unmonitored.
LCC whistle blowing contact, Clive Giddings, had told me I would be disciplined and sacked for gross misconduct if I continued to complain about the Fylde closure.
My protected disclosure was not protected.
I finally surrendered my post at the end of Aug 01 after being bullied etc for 8 months by management intent on forcing me out on instruction from HQ Preston. Tony Bradhsaw, Pat Allen and Gillian Armstrong were the worst offenders then acting on instruction from David Fairclough, then Head of Human Resources for LCC.
On 30th June 01 my predictaion as to a serious evenmt happened. 2 of the boys from Fylde discharged into the community where no one knew where they were, had recruited a teenaged gang and murdered a pensioner, Sheila Bridge. (see Internet)
I ha dtaken my complaint to the LGO, York office and was assigned an investigator, Roger Barham. We got on well and sometimes just chatted on the phone. LCC had told him that they would not submit documents if he was to send them to me. R Barham said that the Sec of State would ensure their compliance. I eventually got the documents.
I was to analyse the evidence in the documents and compile a report which I did.
By then I had discovered that Ed Nixon had lied to all staff, clients and their families in the "Consultation". He had said in a letter to all, "I am Director of Atlantic Children's Trust. I am independent and impartial".
E Nixon was a friend of senior manager, Sue Mitchell and Tony Morrissey (both child care) and was unemployed which is why they recruited him.
Also, I checked with Companies House. His company did not exist; he had bought the name from the Exchange and Mart. (False CV at least, criminal offence.)
D Fairclough as Head of Human Resources had compiled the letter with Bob Gower, another senior child care manager in HQ for Ed Nixon to send out. They knew what they were doing. Naturally I have all that in writing as I ahve every last document referred to in this.
I concentrated my report on points of law, Local Government Law and human rights etc and noted Case Law.
R Barham was encouraging, he rang saying he couldn't help me write my report but could say whether I was on the right track or not.
I told him what I was concentrating on and he said we'd get LCC for maladministration at least.
I was pleased with my report. It was 12 pages handwritten then, since typed for clarity, and I submitted it early Sept 01 but heard nothing.
At the end on Oct 01 I received a card from R Barham saying that pressure of work prevented him dealing with the case.
On Christmas Eve of 2001 I received a letter from R Barham, no report, and it was nothing like he'd ever written to me previously. It was almost 5 years later that I learned he had not written that letter (report, call it what you will), Ian Young of LCC legal dept had written it for him, Barham had simply signed it.
In May 2002 I discovered that the March 01 Committee Meeting Minutes for LCC had been altered in that month of May 02. They then included the legal recommendations I had said they should have made re Fylde. They were rewritten to allow senior managers to distance themsleves from the corporate manslaughter of Mrs Bridge.
(My letter to Ian Fisher Head of Legal dept LCC saying they should be charged with corporate manslaughter started a whole new aspect to this, anyone can aske what that was.)
In July 2002 I discovered, after a court ordered release of files to me, some children's files had been altered by P Allen, T Bradshaw and G Armstrong to try and discredit my work as a social worker (child protection.) The altered files were detrimental to the familes and children as well as me.
The LGO investigator, Colin Oxley, chum of R Barham did nothing although I reported the Minutes and the files issues.
The children were all minors and had no one to speak for them.
In 2002 I had learned of Judicial Reviews and applied to the High Court. Judge Hooper gave me permission for an oral hearing which would have been heard July 2002.
He said he couldn't order the re-opening but he could order a proper investigation into the closures, sackings, evictions etc.
I was actively prevented from attending that oral hearing.
 And that's when the corruption was further compunded and continues to be so today. Feb 5th 2007.
Readers can know what I didn't know until the end of 2002 and that was , "Who was legal advisor for LCC on those closures leading to corporate manslaughter? Cherie Blair.
In 2003 I also had cogent evidence that Pat Allen for LCC worked with a false CV and swore in Family Courts High Division that she had qualifications that did not exist. Perjury to pervert the course of justice for vulnerable families.
P Allen had been a cleaner in a children's home and had sexual relations with senior manager, including D Fairclough hence her rapid rise through to management when she could scarcely write her name and address.
The LGO in York ignored all that cogent evidence.
But the Ombudsman at the time until Sept 05) was Pauline Thomas.
 I traced Mrs Thomas in June 06 (she retired in Sept 05) and she agreed to see me. (I was suitably vague in my letters).
Mrs Thomas knew nothing about Fylde or the children's files or the Committee Meeting Minutes.
R Barham had conspired to pervert the course of justice with Fishger and Young at least from LCC. Was he paid to do that? He will not deny it. PAYOLA. Usual for LCC.
The Director of the time, Pauline Oliver was advised to take early retirement in 2002 which she did to protect her pension.
Anne Seex succeeded Mrs Thomas and much is known about Mrs Seex.
But I know something else. Our paths crossed on a personal matter in 1998. She did not win.
Hilton Dawson resigned as MP for Lancaster and Anne Sacks quietly slipped into his place. She lost in the election.
Judy Deering, solicitor for LCC working on the perjury with P Allen was advised to take early retirement in 2003 when it became known that I knew that she was also woprking as a bar manager in a night club in Bolton, (Temple Bar) in breach of her contract for LCC.
P Allen is well protected. She would undoubtedly seek revenge if 'allowed to go'.
The land was seized illegally, all 134 acres of it. The Freemasons were involved: greed, money, land grabbing, corrupt police and murder. Traits of those in that silly boys' club.
Every last statement of fact as above can be proven via documentary evidence. It is still safe despite collective attempts to take it from me. All public interest.
Carol Woods Lancaster.

Posted by  Carol Woods