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Tuesday, 4 July 2017


WikiLeaks reveals CIA malware for hacking Linux computers
The existence of the malware, known as OutlawCountry, was revealed by WikiLeaks. It demonstrates the CIA is intent on accessing all kinds of ...
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Following Clinton email leaks, 'Assange feels threatened by both Republican & Democrats'
The 'tolerant liberals' of the Democratic Party believe the WikiLeaks founder damaged the electoral chances of Hillary Clinton last year and now are ...
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Risk's Laura Poitras on her new Julian Assange documentary, Chelsea Manning and being under ...
Poitras started filming Assange and WikiLeaks in 2011, two years before she ... Last year, WikiLeaks published emails from the Democratic National ...
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Fliers touting 'pizzagate' theory that Hillary Clinton abused children in a basement appear in the ...
The theory emerged after Podesta's emails were released in a WikiLeaks hack. The pizza shops owner James Alefantis was mentioned in the emails ...
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Weekly Roundup – June 26-July 2
Wikileaks published details on CherryBlossom, a CIA project to hack wireless routers. Girl Scouts of the USA announced that it will be awarding 18 ...
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Film review - Baby Driver: Foxx stands out amongst the cast
We meet Jacob Appelbaum, WikiLeaks's tech expert. She shows him in Egypt confronting the tech companies who colluded with Mubarak before he ...
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The world in brief
Firefighters extinguish the wreckage of a bus Monday after an accident on the motorway A9 near Muenchberg, Germany. AddThis Sharing Buttons.
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Strangulating Al-Jazeera
The recent WikiLeaks revelations that some regional powers lobbied the US political and military authorities to bomb the network offices on at least ...
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WikiLeaks told us that the state of Pakistan was aware of drone strikes and even tacitly approved of them. Even now we cannot be sure if we had any ...
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Cartoon: Your reliable news source
Fox News published an article linking his death to sharing emails with Wikileaks. As it turns out, there was no evidence of that. Fox News retracted and ...
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How Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sach Speeches Showed Elitism—and Cost Her the 2016 Election
The book draws on the WikiLeaks releases of Clinton's talks at Goldman Sachs and the emails of her campaign chief, John Podesta, as well as key ...
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Day in History: IBM to shut down the week of July 4
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is 46. Actor Patrick Wilson is 44. Country singer Trent Tomlinson is 42. Actress Andrea Barber is 41. Singer Shane ...
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Hillary's Emails, The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Ever the narcissist, Clinton blamed Russia, fake news, wikileaks, Comey, anyone but herself for her humiliating defeat. The bare truth is that Clinton ...
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Election meddling and Syria conflict loom over Putin and Trump's G20 meeting
... in ransacking servers belonging to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the dissemination of the purloined documents to Wikileaks.
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Nirupam Sen: A Diplomat from NAM to Neo-Global Order
He was figured in Wikileaks which revealed that his deputy in the Permanent Mission told a U.S. diplomat that South Block had given him the power to ...