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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Linux malware: Leak exposes CIA's OutlawCountry hacking toolkit
WikiLeaks' latest Vault7 release of leaked CIA documents detailing its hacking tools reveals malware called OutlawCountry that targets Linux systems.
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RISK - unsatisfactory and uncomfortable, much like its subject (QFT until 6 July)
Laura Poitras had already been filming behind the scenes with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange when Edward Snowden's release of NSA information ...
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WikiLeaks Hits Miami Democratic Operative for Saying He'd Kill Snowden, Assange
But Ross has now gone from backroom lobbyist to the target of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the activist called him out by name on Twitter ...
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The Home Office just dropped a bombshell about Theresa May, leaving the PM out on a limb
As WikiLeaks revealed in a leaked cable, the US government privately admitted that “donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of ...
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Report: Hawaii Five-0 Actors Quit After Unsuccessfully Seeking Equal Pay With White Co-Stars
The Sony email leaks distributed by Wikileaks revealed huge disparities between the salaries of men and women. Last year, Variety published a ...
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#CNNBlackmail: Network blasted for 'threatening' Trump meme creator
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accused the network of “blackmailing a private citizen,” saying “it is not journalism.” Assange also pointed to a ...
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The Saudi connection
In 2008, among the personalities the US Department of Treasury designated as LeT leaders in a cable revealed by Wikileaks, were two men with a ...
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Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy Is Being Used to Sell Face Cream
... D.C., last year due to his involvement in the hacking of the DNC and the release of thousands of internal emails by the group WikiLeaks.
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Chomsky, Assange, Rousseff Among 200 Prominent People Calling For Release of Milagro Sala
... linguist Noam Chomsky, and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, called on Argentina's government, headed by right-wing president Mauricio Macri, ...
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Davenport: Bloody murder, election hacked to death!
The take in media was all Russian hackers. It's not a case of who shot John or Hillary, it's not even about Assange or Wikileaks. Who did it? It's the net!
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Reddit User Apologizes for Trump Wrestling Video
BuzzFeed reports that critics accuse CNN of "blackmailing the man." WikiLeaks said "Trump was bad," but CNN is worse for threatening to unmask an ...
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Redditor Apologizes For Trump CNN Wrestling Video
That statement drew sharp rebukes from many on Twitter, including WikiLeaks, who accused CNN of blackmailing the user into good behavior.
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'CNNBlackMail' #1 Twitter Trend As Network Threatens to Reveal Reddit User's Identity
CNN's public image sank further into the mud last evening as public anger over the network's recent actions exploded on social media.
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According to emails released by WikiLeaks, Soros lobbied the U.S to disassociate itself from Najib even as Washington engaged with Malaysia to ...
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Who Leaked to Wikileaks, did the man speak Russian, and Why is the US Media ignoring this Story to Focus on their far less-significant Agenda?